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Excellent mood is now the norm.

Sep 26, 2009 - 0 comments










Since being on this site my mood's been 'Excellent'. Have had some manic phases that left me drained, but overall I have maintained the mood very well. It's so good to be able to be free of Anx/Dep. Have accepted that I need the prescribed drugs & have no intention of quitting them. A friend stopped taking his meds & is now back in the rotten state he was in before he quit. I've persuaded him to see Doc. & he's back on his meds.Although there are issues that I have failed to deal with I'm very happy overall. It's such a relief. Every day's a good one now, the support/friends I've made on here have helped a great deal. Seems we all have to find our own ways of coping & I'm satisfied with mine now. At my age there are lots of people dying that I've been close to, some quite young & unexpected ie Heart attacks. Never put off anything you really want to do, if you do then it probably won't get done, or you'll lose the will to bring it about. Seems a waste of time thinking about the hereafter etc. better to concentrate on what your options are now. Rotten things can & do happen to the nicest of people through no fault of their own. The trick's to dig out what's positive in whatever situation you may be in. Not easy, but this is the only shot at life we are going to get ~ that's my firm opinion. Wish you all luck with whatever you're struggling with. Positive's the only way to go.

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