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FIred and car accident

Oct 24, 2014 - 0 comments

Was fired last week.  Somewhat relieved.   My only problem is I have no one my age to talk to other than my brother and sister.  All my 'friends' are really faint aquaintances.  The kind who rarely answer a text or phone call, but are quick to excuse themselves for any fault.  I don't go around accusing everyone anymore, but sometimes I really wish I could.  I am not going to wait around to be the puzzle-piece friend in someone's life-- only allowed around when it's a good fit.

I got in a car accident almost two weeks ago.  Today I saw a lawyer, as I'm not planning on going along with the low-ball settlement their insurance will try to give me.  I t-boned someone who should have given me the right of way on a busy road.

I continue to go to my Faithful Recovery meetings.  I feel so connected with those people the hour or so I am there.  It seems so different than AA.  I wish I could just find someone in the world for me.  I rarely find anyone around me I feel like I can connect with.  Being alone in my apartment is driving me insane.

That's all, folks.

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