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Doont judge me

Jun 03, 2008 - 12 comments

Don't Judge Me, what about you?
I'm not the only one who has problems, boo!
Just like you, I'm trying to survive
trying to pay my bills off a 9 to 5.
Just because I need a little help
doesn't mean I'm smooching
I just need someone to help me bring this food in.
Watch what you say and be careful what you do
because the very same thing can happen to you
Never judge a book by it's cover
take a look at you
and get the dirt out of your eye first.
I'm just a person trying to survive
and this is just a season in my life.
Don't judge me because one day you might need me
I might be a piece of your destiny.
You build me up and I build you
Let's not judge but celebrate what each other do.
I need you and you need me
so let's get together and be in unity.
I support you and you support me
and help each other achieve our purpose and enter our destiny

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by Irishgal2, Jun 06, 2008
I am not really interested in being your friend.  This is not a socialising forum like Bebo etc, this is a serious medical website where people get advise from fellow sufferors, survivors and doctors.  At 15 you could not possiblly understand a significant number of the problems on this website.  I suggest that if it is new friends and socialising that you want, try another website such as Bebo etc.

Also, try to write in proper English, the text speak is hard to read and a bit childish.  

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by Whatawoman, Jun 07, 2008
Love this poem - did you write it yourself?

feeling lonly and judged is a horrible feeling, reaching out is okay but rememebr rejetion is everywhere in life... and soe people have so many problems themselves they don't currently have the strengh to build you up while trying to stay a float.
We only know as much about people as they let us see -  we are all icebergs with most of the real us submerged under deep waters.


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by HyperGurl15, Jun 07, 2008
Yes i rite it myself its for peolpe on ere that feel unwanted and judge !
So 2 irishgal2
i dnt care what u say !
And i do understand peeps feelins and this poem is for peolpe s they might feel judge and wanted too hear about it!
Look if u dnt want to chat 2 me dont bother its not childish i jus like to help peolpe x

whatwoman  thanks very much hun
ur sweet

and i also feel this verse  
Don't Judge Me, what about you?
I'm not the only one who has problems
See it shows every 1 has probz so there thanksss

Avatar universal
by Irishgal2, Jun 08, 2008
You misunderstood me.  I think the poem is lovely, full of meaning.  I had ment to send you a note and not a comment on the journal entry, so my apologies. You were the one who sent me an invitation to be a friends, not me.  I read your profile and based on that sent my reply.  I am sure you are a lovely girl, but you wanted to socialise etc.  That is fine, good for you, but I just dont think the breast cancer form is the place to pick up new socialising friends.  Breast Cancer is very serious and there are many women on this forum that are waiting to have biopsies, waiting on results, just heard they have breast cancer and some going through horrendous treatment and others are breast cancer survivors who keep in touch to encourage newly diagnoised people, because we have been there and unfortunately understand what they are going through.  

Of course by all means use the went site, I am just suggesting that you go to suitable forums like the teen one you are on, with people your own age, experiences and problems and like minded people who may just want to socialise.

My comment on text speak was unkind and not called for, so I apologise.  What I was trying to get across, although very badly, is that many people my age i.e. 41 cannot read text speak very well, so if you are socialising with people my age, it might be an idea to not use this language so you can be understood

513504 tn?1214171994
by sinster, Jun 10, 2008
no matter what some lunkheads say .. from what i can read and from what i can see in your pro .. you do have some probs.. and its not socialising you need. you need someone to just listen and understand. the poem was very good. i know this as i write poetry aswell have been for many many years since 14 and now im 37. ive had two published and a few even stolen and put under someone elses names. shows you what lunkheads some people are really. lol and i can also see that your asking older people for advice because you probably want an older persons experience and help yes? there is nothing wrong with that. and if you need any help or advice please feel free to ask for any language you choose .. im 38 as i said i have two girls .. one a teen 14 other on her way to being one. and im use to that so called language. :) hehehe its not so hard to figure out. as for the poem.. your right people shouldnt judge. .. ive said it a million times before and im sure ill say it a million times again.  they make pills and cures for everything now in days. but noone has come up with a cure for the way people are or act.  and unfortunately the way people are or act is sometimes jerks.  hope this makes you feel better :)

your friend .. sinsterxx

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by lonewolf07, Jun 11, 2008
Well, I'm a genuine old biddy (not going to tell you my age but I knew Fred Flintstone when he was a baby).  I thought your poem was - excellent.  Particularly liked the line "Don't judge me because one day you might need me".  You wrote that?  Impressive.

Our lexicon - vocabulary, language (I'm a bit of a nerd too) is always changing and always will.  I think it's called "growing".  Write on ....    =  )

Avatar universal
by HyperGurl15, Jun 11, 2008
Thanks for the comments i really do like that thank u

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by Panchal100, Jun 12, 2008
also, i would like 2 appercate  of this
which is  unreach  4 a simple  human being .

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by Denya, Jun 12, 2008
Great poem.  Don't listen to the negativity!!! Keep writing.

Avatar universal
by HyperGurl15, Jun 12, 2008
Thank Denya ur so special

669730 tn?1240226491
by misparkle, Nov 02, 2008
HyperGurl15 hmmm you sure do sound like a vmk peep. Yes I do think socializing is a big part of getting healthy. It even cures some health problems, That can be very serious. Hug to you. Thank You for seeing the big picture.

517872 tn?1613422715
by real_jimmy, Jul 04, 2014
U r cute

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