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We Can Change Things, Its Within Us..

Sep 27, 2009 - 2 comments

Coping Solutions

I would like people to think about this quote. I politely avoided a religious or controversial work. But this is from a book by the famed Greek philosopher Plato that later defined our civilization as we know it. Much of it is still valuable to our society. But not all. Such as:
Lunatics must not be allowed to appear in public; their relations must keep them in private houses by whatever means they can improvise".
Everyone here (and almost anywhere else) would disagree. But that attitude towards people with psychiatric disabilities pervaded our society up until very recent times. Much was done to change it. But if no one had spoken out people might still feel that way. Think about it. What you see in front of you as insolvable may very well be within your power (especially united with other people with like minds) to stop. Food for thought...

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808144 tn?1332724340
by iwouldbdanielle, Sep 27, 2009
Thanks for rattling my brain right before bed. :P That definitely IS something to think about though... my exhausted mind just can't seem to get a close grasp on it at the moment.

--Will ponder this later.

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by freebird227, Sep 27, 2009
I can remember s a child having someone in our neighbor hood with mental dis-abilities. The kids would make up horrible songs and when she came out in her yard the children would taunt her with with harsh words.
I never did.......My parents would have beat my **** if I was to EVER behave so poorly.
     I am going to get back to this because my meds have kicked in and I only have a window of oppt. to get to bed LOL

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