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Sunday, morning.

Well yesterdays panic and sore knees were just PMS! lol I bet a lot of women have out of whack charts once a month.
I have been up for 8 hours and have only smoked 3 cigarettes so far and they were in a row. I picture the constant cravings as a monster (he is dark purple up close and black while trying to trick my subconscious), I told him he can have whatever he wants but no cigarettes. He has asked so many times in these 4 completely smoke free hours that I yelled at him out loud. He asked for cheese once, felt exactly the same but for cheese. That was weird lol but I gave it to him.. Cramps aren't helping help.

With the cigarettes I am getting into the all important mind frame. The most important part of quitting. It may seem uneventful to you but I have made loads of progress with this so far.
I used to (last week) secretly not want to quit anything. Right now I am just coping, practicing and learning ways to keep my sanity.
And the pills have been weened from 7 at a time to 2 at a time, which is awesome.

I will write more before bed. And add the remainder of my daily consumption.

I made it to 6 hours without a cigarette. I am testing the waters and listening to the nicotine monster. If I get to know his tricks, I will be able to cope more effectively.

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