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A not so traditional father/daughter dance...

Sep 28, 2009 - 7 comments

so since my dad is ill... he is only going to attend the actual wedding ceremony .. he won't be making it to the actual reception.. so for the father /daughter dance i was thinking of doing my hubby to be and our daughter, Aubree.. Aubree is only 16 mths old but i thought it would cute if we had Matt and her do their own little dance... what do you ladies think?

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by SueGre, Sep 28, 2009
I think that sounds wonderful. So sorry about your dad :0(

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by MJIthewriter, Sep 28, 2009
Sounds like a good plan. Sorry to hear about your dad.

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by AnnieBrooke, Sep 28, 2009
A twist on it -- a friend whose dad had passed away (and so she did not have anyone to do the father-daughter dance with) had the DJ announce that in honor of her father, there would be a father-daughter dance now for every father and daughter in the room.  All the dads and daughters (big and little) got up (some of the dads were being prodded by their daughters, and some of the little daughters were being teased into it by their daddies) and they all danced.  There was not a dry eye in the house.

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by adgal, Oct 01, 2009
I think it's a beautiful idea!  I'm so sorry your dad can't come to the reception honey, but am so happy he will be at the wedding to give you away and see your special day!

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by babyprayers, Oct 01, 2009
ya know what ang, sometimes its the NOT SO traditional things that make it special, I think its a wonderful Idea and I also think others ideas are great as well, another thought, whatver you do be sure to video tape it and be sure your dad sees the extra special part dedicated just for him, my best wishes to you now,, for a happy life, I cannot wait to see the pictures



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by wanting4#1, Oct 01, 2009
My Dad, due to physical limitations, was just not comfortable dancing with everyone watching us (although I found it later that he had planned to dance with me at some point in the evening, but things got away...I told him it would have been too emotional for me, anyway ;)

But we did have a 'song'....when I was growing up, he would play it on his accordion and I would sing along. It was a school song, nothing sentimental about it except to us.  So, when it would have been time for us to dance, the DJ brought me to the floor and gave me the microphone. I had prepared a speech to my Dad and in it, I used the song as all these examples of the characteristics of my Dad. (For example, there was one part of the song that he would always stumble over, but he would just do it again and again each time. I described how that taught me my Dad's lesson of patience and persistence....)

Anyway, then they played the first verse of the song.  I'm not sure that there was a dry eye in the room.

I think that having your husband and daughter dance is wonderful, but I would also include some sort of tribute for your Dad, too! :)  (I really like the idea of ALL the fathers and daughters dance, because then you could say just a little something about your Dad before inviting everyone to come join in!)

Good Luck!

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by pooket825, Oct 21, 2009
that sounds really good. I am really sorry to hear about your dad passing and he is in a better place watching over u to make sure u have a healthy and happy nine months

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