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Not sure how I feel...

Sep 29, 2009 - 2 comments










My symptoms are gone, except for the occasional heartburn and fatigue. I do not really 'feel' pregnant anymore. I don't remember feeling this way with my son, probably because I had all day sickness with him up to the day I delivered. I'm only 13w2d so I haven't felt any movement yet. I am getting bigger, had to buy my first maternity clothes last week. I guess I am just kind of sad today. Hormones, I guess. :)

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by nickieb85, Sep 29, 2009
Hey usually when symptoms disappear it is a good thing! I bet you are having a girl! The testosterone that is created by our little boys (I have had 2 with all day sickness til I delievered) and was told it was because of the testosterone. Pregnancy is a funny thing and I hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!

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by Victoria01, Sep 29, 2009
Thank you so much! I guess it's just because of the m/c I had last year where I had no symptoms at all. I never heard about the testosterone, but that makes sense, LOL maybe this time it will be my little girl. :)

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