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Dream Journal

Sep 30, 2009 - 0 comments

I had two nightmares a few days ago where the first  dream was set in a school (even though i've been homeschooled for the past six years) and in the dream me,my sister,and this girl I used to go to school with were trapped inside the school there were no doors and the windows were locked and we were like six stories up and the dream ended with me opening up the window.In the second dream me,my sister,two of my cousins (one's eight the other is eighteen)and my aunt were at my house and my sister and two cousins were in the pool swimming and me and my aunt were just standing there getting ready to get into the pool and all of a sudden we noticed this man up on the road standing by a van and we just assumed that he was the water checker person.But he is still there like ten minutes later so my older cousin yells at him from the pool"What the **** are you looking at?" But he just stands there a few more minutes and then he opens the van door and we think he's leaving except he grabs out a chainsaw and turns it on and starts walking down the hill towards us with it so I run into the house (If this happened in real life I would still probably run and leave them to die I have to admit) and I close the front door without locking it for some reason and I go into m sisters room where the back door is because if he's coming in the front i'm going out the back and I close my sisters door and open the back door a bit just to have it ready and I stand by her bedroom door and I hear him enter the house and I just keep standing there for some reason and then I open her bedroom door just a crack and there he is looking in at me.So I run and jump out the back door and I start running towards the pool and my cousins are swimming in it like nothing ever happened.

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