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Another crazy dream

Sep 30, 2009 - 0 comments

So yesterday I have this nightmare and in it there is a van parked in my backyard by our barn and we don't know what or who is in it so my dad before he goes to work tells me that later on in the day I need to go out there and look into the van and I say no and he tells me I have to but that I can take my mom and a gun with me if I need to.So a few hours later me,my mom,and the gun make our way into the backyard and I tell my mom to just peek in the van and she does but as she does she knocks into the van and then the door opens and this guy comes out with a gun (he looks to be about sixteen or seventeen and he starts pointing the gun at me and then my mom and back at me and all of a sudden he shoots and I see the bullet go right into my beloved cat Bernard.So I shoot my gun at him only I miss and he starts walking towards me only he veers and walks around me and then two guys about the same age as him get out of the van also carrying guns and they stand sort of by me and my mom is standing facing the first guys back.I go to **** my gun only I forget how to and the gun falls apart so I try to put it back together and all the while none of these guys are moving or making any sound and then I look up and my mom has a big piece of plywood in her hands and she sneaks up behind guy #1 with it like she's going to him and the other guys aren't making a sound about it(almost like they don't want us to get hurt)and she hits the guy on the back of the head and at that moment I get my gun back together and **** it aim and shoot and I can see the bullet flying in slow motion go right into his eyeball and just as it hits I see the world go black like I am in his body.

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