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Exercise continues to benefit

Sep 30, 2009 - 2 comments






Routine of 3 X running weekly + 3 X cycling weekly keeps my mood stable, along with the drugs. Being out in all weathers seems to make me tolerant of cold. Have not lost weight since I set my last weight loss target, in fact I've gained all the time. But am unconcerned about that. My mood goes from excellent with manic ~ I only registered the excellent, as I've not had any depression/anxiety for a long (relative) time. My routine suits me, but may not work for others ~ understandable. Endurance has always been trained for, the effort's been very well repaid. No way can I do without the meds/support I receive. This site's been very good for me. Best wishes to all that have suffered mental distress. George

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by ginger899, Nov 16, 2009
There is nothing quite like being out there in the elements to make us feel a whole lot better in many ways. I agree. We may feel cold, we may feel tired, we may have to push ourselves through a bit, but it's a lot better and healthier than being indoors. Humans are animals. They are not meant to live indoors all the time. Doing that (which seems to be the norm for most people) makes us sick as a species.
Good luck to you, and I wish you all the best.
By the way....I suppose you have tried everything, but have you tried Herbal Medicine? St John's Wort has an excellent reputation for treating Depression and anxiety states. Also Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Can react negatively with prescription meds, so check....also can cause photosensitivity of the skin, so again, check this. Generally safe, and good with few or no general side effects except the ones mentioned, unless there is any specific sensitivity to this herb)

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by gofio, Nov 17, 2009
Arsenic/Cyanide/Henbane/Hemlock/Deadly Nightshade,are all natural. For light/moderate depression St.J's wort may be OK. But I steer clear of anything that's not been validated by NHS or whatever. Even they get it wrong, Homeopathy's available on it!
Not an atom of evidence that it's got any scientifically tested basis. Simon Singh exposed it when he challenged the Homeopaths advocating it for Anti-Malaria ~ death would be the possible penalty. Quinine's natural, along with lots of other drugs, plants do form the basis of much of the Pharmacopoeia. Thanks for your interest. I know you mean well. To say someone behaves 'like an animal's  flattering to those it's said about. D.Attenborough's programmes on TV recently have shown what a fantastic thing animal/insects & all other life forms are. You must have a streak of Gypsy in your makeup to appreciate the outdoors as you do ~ I share that feeling.

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