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just took my 1st pill this morning..of synthroid...88mg

Sep 30, 2009 - 0 comments


I just took my 1st pill this morning..of synthroid...88mg...I was still sleeping and my hubby fed it to me at 6am.  AT around 9 am..I SWEAR to GOD I felt my thyroid woke me up!  I thought it was my heart at 1st, then paid close attn to it.  I fell back to sleep wondering how could it have kicked in so fast?  Then I woke up again at 11am (yes, I have that luxury thank GOD)  and could actually feel my's like it's been asleep for years...I can't compare it to the dentist asleep feeling, but...I just felt alive for the first time in YEARS!!
All day I could breath easier and felt happier.  I wasn't exhausted, but wasn't full of energy either.  Then by about 5pm...I started to crash again.  So I guess that it will take some time to really kick in.

Does it feel like you are being punished for something by God and don't know what you did?  That's the way I feel sometimes.  What did I do to deserve this??!!  I feel like it's the cancer of life.

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