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5 days to go

Oct 01, 2009 - 2 comments

Only 5 days to go before the dreaded surgery, I am starting to feel a little better now but half an amful tickly cough and I cannot move it. So fingers crossed it goes in time. Getting very nervous now but will have to pull myself together as I have to get my house in order as the hubby isn't very helpful in that respect he tries but god help me theses next few weeks lol...

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by ginger899, Oct 01, 2009
Good luck for your surgery. The tickly cough might be just nerves? If you have a cold they might postpone the surgery.

Get those patches for post-op hormone replacement. It will take the edge off sudden menopause.
(Actually, I was glad to have the menopause, even though I did have some difficult symptoms. They have eased up now. ANYTHING was better than the really painful periods I used to get. I could write off about 1 week every month because I felt so bad!! Menopause was like a dream-come-true! lol!) Even with the hot flashes, and slightly disturbed sleep
If you get the hormone patches, you shouldn't be so bad. And eventually all those symptoms go away anyway.

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by jenq1973, Oct 01, 2009
Thankyou for your advice I will definetly see about the patches. And I too suffered terrible with bad cramps every month and these lasted 2 weeks really got me down so know what you mean when you say the menopause is a breeze compared to the pain we went through I am so looking forward to getting everything out and not having anymore monthly cramps although my surgeon is not convinced this will deal with my problem but i am as this is the only time I suffer and if getting rid of what causes the pain helps then I'm all for it. I've spent to many years in pain I want my life back.

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