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ow ow ow. i woke up this morning and i couldn't move my neck at all. i couldn't roll over or get up or do anything. i cried a little bit and decided to go back to sleep. i woke up a little bit later and the pain was just as bad. i very carefully rolled onto my side and sat up very awkwardly and got a muscle patch on my neck because i didn't know what else to do... then i went back to sleep. the phone ran a lot but i couldn't get up to answer it. i cried but every time i cried it hurt so much that i just had to stop crying. i tried to sleep but even when i was sleeping it hurt. i couldn't feel my left arm at all, it was completely numb. i'd somehow thrown my neck out in my sleep and it was BAD.

when my brother got home, he'd brought me food and it was already the afternoon and i hadn't taken any of my medication yet and i was starving. i rolled out of bed and cried a bit but had to stop crying because it hurt. i walked down stairs very carefully. i ate lunch but eating hurt, every single bite hurt.

then i lay down again on the couch in the living room and watched tv but laughing hurt and talking hurt and crying hurt so i tried to stay as still as possible. moving my arm hurt. my mom finally came home around 4pm and she was able to open my bottle of medication for muscle relaxers and she gave me one and we waited and i kept hurting and crying and then not crying because crying hurt. then she gave me another one half an hour later and.... well, i can sort of walk around but crying still hurts and i can't move my neck at all. and my left arm is still numb but i can type with it now... but it hurts a lot. i'm going to get off the computer, this is probably no good for me at all.

i know it's nothing serious because this happened to me a few days ago but on the other side... so, i know it's not like, serious or an infection or something i have to worry about. still, mom said if she gets home tonight and i'm still screaming or crying and then not even really able to finish screaming or crying because it hurts too much then she is taking me to the hospital. but, i feel like maybe 4% better since taking those pills and who knows by the time she gets home maybe i'll feel 12% better or something. ugh. i can't believe i missed school today. i was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO CLASS. WE WERE WATCHING A REALLY COOL MOVIE. NOW I AM GOING TO HAVE TO GO RENT THE MOVIE BY MYSELF AND WATCH IT BY MYSELF AND NOT GET TO TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT IT. that makes me angry and sad. uggh. oh no. getting upset there actually made me hurt a bit more. i have to relax. i am going to go upstairs and try to drink some water and rest some more. oh. i am also going to book some appointments for trigger point injections with my GP... they trigger migraine attacks... but... it's not worth this sort of pain to not get them done. because, if i don't get them done regularly... then this happens. ugh ugh ugh. i should have got them yesterday when i was at his office but i just didn't want to hurt or get a migraine... but, i got a migraine anyway and look at how much i hurt now. ugh. so not fair.


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