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COPD Attack

Jun 04, 2008 - 3 comments

Oxygen Levels

I recently had an attack of COPD that resulted in using oxygen. Two hours later I was no better so I increased
the oxygen level. Ten minutes later I instructed my wife to call an ambulance. Fortunitly I was revived via  IV with
steriods. At the hospital a nurse said that someone with COPD should not have a level of oxygen much over 95%
because there is a danger the body can not expel the excess carbon dioxide. In her openion I had "carbon
dioxide poisings"
When the oxygen mechime was delivered, I was not instructed on how or when to use it. -Only given a basic
Could my hospital experience be from carbon dixiode posioning?


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by JCalgary, Oct 09, 2008
When COPD attacks it is because of trapped air. This happens because most COPD people are not able to expel their air intake completely. You need to get rid of the trapped air by doing proper breathing exercises. Find a comfortable sitting position and breathe in deepely through your nose and then slowly expel that air through your mouth and blow it out as far as you. That will get rid of the trapped air and is very effective.

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by JCalgary, Oct 09, 2008
As a follow up it seems to me that you want to have your oxygen level over the 95% range. The people I have met and talked to all are on oxygen because their level is too low and they have a great deal of congestion that they cannot get rid of. You need to get rid of the congestion and practise the breathing exercise and that will raise your oxygen level. The nurse you encountered did not give you proper counselling.    

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by tree74, Jan 26, 2013
My partner is 52 got chronic copd and chronic emphasemia he's getting worse daily and I'm scared I'm losing him don't no what to do the docs just keep giving him inhalers and nebs but they don't seem to help. Any suggestions please

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