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How did i get here again and so fast this time

Oct 02, 2009 - 4 comments


Today is the first day of my detox from heroin.  Its such a powerful drug and hate myself for being here again,  but i dont have to work until Monday so i need to be strong and get through these withdrawls.  Wish me luck

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by merrymaria, Oct 02, 2009
i wish you lots of won t be easy but you can do it...stay strong and don t look back.....many people here have beat this can search heroin wds under med help and please read the health corner right.   it s a tough battle but you will win...let me know if i can help any....good luck to you...maria

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by bunski, Oct 02, 2009
Have faith and courage . Dont let the past stop you from living in the future. REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!                       good luck

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by trevbev, Nov 25, 2011
Best wishes to. You
You can do this good luck
Take care    Trev

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by kikianderson, Nov 26, 2011
i am 35 and i am tired all the time now what can i do

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