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Most Horrifying Day of My Life

Jun 04, 2008 - 2 comments





excruciating pain


worst experience


surgery nightmare



My name is Michelle.  I'm 33 years old and was finally able to have work done on my teeth that I had been in need of for years.  My surgery date was May 27, 2008 at 9:00 a.m.  My mom and my aunt went with me.  My mom insisted on driving, which I knew wasn't a good idea.  That didn't help the level of stress as far as being cussed at because of not understanding directions or which lane to be in on an exit ramp. Anyway, on the way there, my mom, who is known for bringing up things from the past and fussing about stuff that is out of my control, had me in tears, crying like a baby before we even got there.  My aunt tried to comfort me before she went inside but I wanted to stay outside to try to calm down because I didn't want everybody in the office to think I was a total chicken.  Which I was nervous and emotional about having all of my top teeth and all but my front bottom six cut out- and my mother just had to add to my state of mental anguish with one of her psychotic episodes.

I was taken back to the "Surgery Room" and the nurse could tell that I was upset and had been crying.  I explained to her what was wrong and she said I just needed to calm down, I had enough to go thru without worrying about family issues.  I was placed on nitrous oxide first.  Then, the nurse started my IV, after repeated painful attemps at the same site.  I should have had a clue that things weren't going to go smoothly if the nurse couldn't start an IV without causing extreme pain.  She then asked me if I smoked-I said as of today-I guess I'm definitely quitting, do I drink- I said no, and if I did drugs- I said no- because I do not.  The surgeon came in and had to make an adjustment on my chart as to which additional teeth were to be removed.  I was taken off the nitrous oxide briefly so that I could have a clear head enough to initial where three more teeth were to be removed.  I was then given three different injections into my IV by the nurse.  The dr saw a tear rolling down my face and said I just needed to relax.  The nurse told me that I would soon fall asleep and when I woke up, it would be all over with.  

Well, that is not at all what happened.  I remember seeing the dr and a nurse in a small viewing area of my eyes.  I suppose there was a blindfold of some sort placed over my eyes which evidently kept sliding off.  I would "come to" feeling excruciating pain in my mouth, grabbing and clinching the arms of the chair, feeling someone grabbing my feet and legs holding them down, and even someone grabbing underneath my chin at my throat and pulling down.  Another time I heard the nurse and dr both fussing at me telling me to keep my mouth wide open and to be still.  At one time the nurse and dr both looked me straight in the eyes.  I remember seeing the dr's face, which seems more odd to me now, because I shouldn't have been able to see his face if he were wearing a surgical mask-right?  The dr even had the nerve to say, "I have no more compassion for you".  During one of the episodes, I remember being asked if I did crystal meth or cocaine or crack. I guess when the last atttempt to sedate me failed, the dr decided to ask me if was going to cooperate enough for him to finish the bottom, I just wanted it all to be over with, so even though the novacaine shots(which I can remember seeing the big silver syringe plain as day), the nitrous oxide, and the IV meds didn't work, I was put through the unbearable ordeal of having my bottom wisdom teeth twisted, broken, and removed. I can still
hear the sounds and feel the pain and pressure.  He was supposed to remove some bone along my bottom gums but decided that he wasn't equipped to do that after my bottom molars were removed. I guess him saying that I had just wore him and his team out said it all.  

He then left the room and went to talk to my mom.  When he walked back in the room, he said" Her mom is wonderful".  He told her he did have to commend me about the end of the surgery, I guess going through the ordeal of having the rest of the bottom out and stitched up with no sedation or pain relief was really something.  Evidently, he went and had a nice conversation with her about me saying that I was untruthful with him about past drug use.  Now on the information sheets that I filled out over a month before when I first met with him, the only question about drugs was_"Do you use illegal drugs?"  The answer to that was "NO".  It did not ask about PAST references.  I even admitted to past drug use--the last of which was over a year and a half ago.  I DID NOT LIE!!!!!! I do not use drugs.  I have in the past, but that is in the PAST!!!!  
He said that I came out from under sedation THREE different times and I was not cooperating at all.  I really wore them out.  Well, pardon me for not being able to accept and indure complete and inhumane torture of oral surgery without sedation. He told her that my body kept absorbing all the meds because of my drug use. HE EVEN TOLD MY MOM THAT HE GAVE ME ENOUGH TO TAKE OUT A 300 LB MAN AND HE WAS SCARED TO GIVE ME ANYMORE BECAUSE HE WAS SCARED IT WOULD KILL ME.  AND ALSO THAT IF THE STATE BOARD KNEW HOW MUCH HE HAD GIVEN ME THAT HE WOULD LOSE HIS LICENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT REGARDLESS OF WHAT I DID IN THE PAST, if my inability to stay sedated was that big of a question-why did he keep on giving me more meds, especially if I came out of it already?  I just don't understand how someone can do that to another human being and think they are helping them or providing them with some type of medical service??????

He didm't give me any type of antibiotics prescription, only pain meds prescriptions.  I've been rinsing with warm salt water but am still in extreme pain.  My family thinks I just need to take it easy.  No one seems to understand that what I have been through is not something to be taken lightly.  I feel like I have been raped.  My GOD, I was held down and tortured by a medical professional.  What other kind of mental and emotional anguish can this be compared to????? I can't sleep more than an hour or two at a time when I am able to doze off, between the pain and the flashbacks, how am I supposed to rest???  

I've contacted an attorney who handles medical malpractice cases including surgical and anesthesia suits.  I sent and email and also spoke with her legal assistant and I should be hearing back from her by Monday afternoon.  

I will most likely end up going to the ER because don't think I can handle any more pain plus I have no idea what shape he left my mouth in since he was in such a hurry and I was so uncooperative.  I know I've got several blisters to appear in the last couple of days and I don't think anybody in my family is taking my pain and insomnia seriously.  I may just get my daughter to drive me after I pick her up from my sister's.

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522336 tn?1215880809
by FeralKitten, Jun 27, 2008
WOW...I'm speechless...and that's saying something.  I wish you the best.  

Sounds like you're going to need a lot of counseling behind the entire experience.  I'm guessing they should be a lot more specific on those medical questionaire's and INFORM the patients of the REASONS the questions are being asked and the IMPORTANCE of providing ALL the information (past and present).  True enough, the drug use may have been over a year ago but, had he told you that you anethesia might possibly have no effect on you dependent upon any PRIOR drug usage I bet you would have mentioned using and been specific as to the amount and duration of time.  He then would have been better able to let you know if you had to worry about waking up and feeling the pain.

I am soooo sorry you (or anyone else) has ever had to endure the pain of waking up during a procedure due to resistance to anethesia.  But, truth does happen if the body has become used to drugs....past or present.  Just one more reason to never use them again...and watch those pain meds.  They're addictive!

460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Jun 27, 2008
Our dogs get better treatment than you did.  Are you going to get legal help or mention it to the governing body that handles "complaints" - like what was done to you.  If he hurt you, chances are he's done it to others and might keep on doing it.

Glad you're back  = )

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