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good news...

Jun 04, 2008 - 7 comments

Yes...all kinds of good news today...I finally found out my 12 week vl, and it is still UND (Not surprised, but still happy to hear it!), and my HGB has risen a full point!  I'm now at 10.8!  And my Neuts are up to 1300 (from 700 2 weeks ago) Much better!
Next Wed is the radioactive thyroid test (get to glow a bit more!) to see what's up with this pesky hyperthyroid thing...
I feel so much better...Not quite ready for a marathon, but, hey! I mowed 1/2 my lawn (1.25 acres) with only 3 stops for water! I feel near-human again!                                                                      ~Melinda

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by eureka254, Jun 04, 2008
Hey Mom!
Look at you! :)

"She's radioactive..."  but I think it's really the glow of SVR shining through!  Glad to see that you're feeling better along with being UND!  Best wishes for continued success!

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by pKinCA, Jun 05, 2008
Geez, I'm really impressed you mowed half your lawn!!  The neighbors are gonna wonder why only half is mowed -- if they only knew!!  :-)  You must be feeling A LOT better!!  

Excellent news too about your continued UND status!!  You're almost there -- SVR is right around the corner!!

PS  Please post about your thyroid testing -- I'm hoping everything just fades back to normal once you've stopped taking the meds... Fingers crossed... In the meantime, you may have to treat it, right?  Are you taking anything for thyroid now?

I've actually just last week started back on my treadmill -- oh my... 5 months of no activity has caught up to me :-)  Feels good though, even though I pretend to hate exercising :-)

Have a great weekend my friend!!


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by IAmTheWalrus, Jun 10, 2008
If you can mow the lawn, you're WonderWoman in my books! Great news on the UND. Hang in there to the end.


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by medicmommy, Jun 10, 2008
8 more weeks to go! Hee hee hee!

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by jdwithhcv, Jun 10, 2008
OMG its true - only 8 weeks!!!

I'm about to order my final month of tx drugs.  My last shot is 8/1, when is yours?


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by medicmommy, Jun 10, 2008! My anniversary! :)  Now, to survive the pesky insomnia that keeps visiting...sigh...I'm right behind ya! Whoo hoo!

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by child24angel, Jun 11, 2008

Congratulations to you !!  and you're almost done !!!

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