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Tiring eyes

Oct 03, 2009 - 1 comments










I'm beginning to recognize that the eye trouble is, in some aspects, worse when I spend a lot of time reading, typing, etc..  The pain and the hazy patch seem to increase under such circumstances.  Earlier tonight, though, I noticed difficulty with distance vision, trying to read the price of gas on a sign at a station.  When I saw the red LED numbers doubled, it bothered me.  I'm used to noticing double vision up close.  I struggled to get the images to align, but I couldn't.  It seemed easier, or at least didn't stand out so sharply, when viewing the landscape ahead on the highway coming home, but I am certain that my visual acuity wasn't as sharp as I am accustomed to experiencing.

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by Kitten808, Nov 12, 2009
Your comment makes me realize how important my vision is and I wish you luck as you pursue the cause of the difficulty.  

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