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random passing out

Jun 05, 2008 - 1 comments





Heart Health

Lately I have been experiencing random moments where I "pass out". Before losing control and passing out I shake violently. Also sometimes when I pass out, according to my husband, my heart rate slows down and my breathing gets very shallow. We thought that because I have a history of diabetes on both sides of my family and due to the fact that I am hypoglycemic these were just attacks caused by low blood sugar. My husband and I tested the sugar levels in my blood and came to find that the results range between 50-65 (numbers refer to the reading from the One Touch machine I used to test my sugar). We also noticed that if I am engaged in some sort of activity these attacks don't happen. They tend to occur only at night when I am relaxed and about to go to sleep.

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by jmbirds, Jul 06, 2008
J5908  you  sound epilepic butttttttttt  , i would look on that list . seizure epileptic some people who were on birth control sometimes get weird symptoms as your body adjust alot of people have body twitching when we are falling into sleep you can call it a seizure disorder they hook you up to an EEG  electro encephelogram  wires on your head and you have to sleep during the test and it reads if indeed your having them. some seizures people lose bowel and bladder control , some drewl and froth at the mouth some stop breathing some walk around during a seizure , and you make weird noises and noone can stop you from convulsing , now 2 of my brother s had brain cancer  both colorado  never had any symptoms 10 yrs apart  1 was doing odd things putting OJ in his coffee bad headaches backaches  he was dx at 30 died 33yrs  the other  43 was working alone all day  drove home and walked in the house and BOOM   he had a grandmal and wife did CPR and the EMT already thought he was dead  and was walking and joking with his buddy and she YELLED hes still ALIVE then they RAN can you imagine if this happened when he was ALONE he would of died and noone would of known where to look what a nightmare  not sure if they put a complaint in but i would of had them FIRED ,TG he was home ,so he's now 53 and in total remission  with sx chemo and radiation so you might want to rule out brain disorders. i'm giving you reality as i had a buddy male 45 he died in his bathroom , he had bad headaches back aches etc  doubled over vomiting blood called his Parents  and when his parents got there he was GONE brain aneurysm soo dont' mess around  get some answers .had one other friend she was 23 talking to me on the phone and she said i have a bad headach and i said i will watch the baby for you and she started garbling gargling on the phone her hubby said  hang up shes having a seizure sooo everyone is different   keep me posted sorry if i scared you ,but been there done that

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