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Energy Returns!

Nov 16, 2014 - 3 comments

Okay, it might be a coincidence but somehow I don't think so. About 10-12 weeks ago I made a little change to my dietary supplements. I added Alpha-Lipoic Acid. About a week after adding this I noticed that I was losing some of the excessive fatigue I've had to live with for years. It kept on getting more noticeable over that first month and I ended up having as much energy as I used to have way back about fifteen years ago. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I sure don't intend to quit that ALA anytime soon!

There's more too! When I reached SVR about 18 months ago my hepatologist told me that my liver would "remodel" itself but it would not be able to actually regenerate, not after having been cirrhotic for 9 years before finally reaching SVR. So imagine my surprise (and my doctor's too) when the elastography test done just last month came back negative for cirrhosis. Neither my doctor nor I fully trust those results - he is not dropping the regular six month exams that go along with having a dx of cirrhosis, and I am not dropping any of my own vigilance in taking care of my liver, but I gotta say, I feel absolutely GREAT about that test result. Even if it isn't truly accurate it still seems to indicate that things must finally be going in the right direction, and that I'm doing something right here. Maybe the turmeric supplement I started right after finishing triple tx has helped heal my liver? Whatever it is, I'm just going to keep on doing all the things that might be helping.

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317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Nov 16, 2014
Hey there! I am so very very happy to see you on here and to hear your great news
I think it is just wonderful.  Funny I was telling someone about taking probiotics the other day and I thought of you, wondered how you were doing.
I appreciate you sharing what has worked for you.  I take the ALA as well.
About two months ago I had a sonogram at the same place I have been going.  Where before it would say I had echotexture that indicated cirrhosis, now there is no sign of it.
It has been a little over two years since I finished tx and I am happy about my liver looking better.
If I think about it, it has been 3 years since I heard the word UND
Gosh I need to be more vigilent about taking the ALA :)

4670047 tn?1375730401
by mzkity, Nov 16, 2014
Oh this is just great news. So happy for you. Its so encouraging to read this. I bought some, didn't take it all the time. Ended up giving it to the dog. I'm starting over after reading this Ceanothus! I've done a little better with diet. Another member on here has ESLD. He's come along way with his diet. That's encouraging also. Thanks for posting this good news. I'm really happy for you!

2059648 tn?1439766665
by dontworry_behappy1, Jan 07, 2015
mzkity's dogs liver must be doing great!!!  Glad your doing better.  Best to you.

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