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It has hit the fan

Jun 05, 2008 - 2 comments



Low back pain






Mental Health

Okay, so I go to another Neurosurgeon. Last one said can't help ya, quit your job if you can't work.  Now I have been on this 600 mgs of Lyrica, which has made me gain some weight.  The doc today told me all I need to do was lose some weight and do some tummy exercises.  Hello, did he not read any of my test stuff. And now I'm due for another bone density test. Just got the letter in the mail.

I am convinced that I will either find someone to help me or I will lose my mind due to constant hurting that seems to be imaginary!

Wonder which will happen first????    I am placing my money on the second part!   Guess we'll see!

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by Satori1952, Jun 05, 2008
Please hang in there!!!! It has taken me 18 years to find a good neurologist and still in limbo land, but progress is being made for me--finally. Don't give up!!! You aren't crazy!!! Know there are people here who care and understand what it is like to go through what is happening to you!!!


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by cora001, Jun 08, 2008
hi there don't give up, I had surgery 2001 suffered chronic pain since I found lycria to be of no benefit to me except to put me in a world of nowhere.  Go back and ask him or her to place you on another medication but if you feel that they that great. I too was told that it was in my head but if I had listened to that doctor I would be paralized today.  Keep trying to get a good doctor and maybe you will finally get the results and medication that will suit you.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.  Keep in touch if you ever need to chat leave a message.


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