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Hep C Complete

Nov 30, 2007 - 4 comments


I am currently taking a supplement from All In One Nutrition called Hep C Complete, which contains Selenium, Milk Thistle and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Im feeling slightly better, will need to see blood tests to get a better picture, May 2008.
Would like to hear from anyone on what their regime is on supplements and how they work for them.

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by George_D, Nov 12, 2008
I use Hep C Complete or the 3 antioxidants seperately - with
a high-B iron-free multi
vitamin E 400-800 iu
vitamin C 4-8 grams
Grape seed extract (OPCs) 100-200mg with meals (this is very good for blocking iron absorption and binding iron and copper in vivo, preventing generation of hydroxy radical)
Magnesium 600mg (Mg malate is best)
Omega 3 fish oil 3-6 g
l-methionine 1-1.5 g (precursor of cysteine, glutathione, Co-Q10, carnitine, choline etc)
folic acid 800mcg-3mg, pyridoxine 200mg at night, B12 50mcg sublingual (methylcobalamin)

This is enough - but immunity may be suppressed, in which case Del-immune V (4-8), ginseng, astragalus, cordyceps are good. (HCV core protein inhibits the C1q complement receptor in T cells; these supplements, esp Del Immune V and cordyceps, stimulate the alternative complement pathway, which skips the C1q step)

My LFTs are now normal, I have enough energy to be athletic (tramping, kayaking); I used to have ALL the extra-hepatic, autoimmune symptoms; be depressed, fatigued, sore, insomniac, addicted. I usually feel normal now, I can work, love, parent etc. better at 50 than I could at 30.
If using Hep C Complete you should really follow Berkson's protocol -
ALA competes with biotin and thiamine for uptake into cells, so you should supplement these Bs -
Berkson had his triple antioxidantHep C patients take ALA, selenium and silymarin with -
B100 2xdaily
iron-free multimineral supplement
800 iu vitamin E
4 grams vitamin C
5+ servings of fruit and veges (the more polyphenols and flavonoids, the less iron is absorbed)
diet low in calories (rich in protein and essential fats - cut out sugar and cooked fats, esp. deep fried)
daily moderate excercise (and I would say,sunlight or vitamin D 2,000 iu is very important too)

Recovering from Hep C is a whole diet, lifestyle thing; the disordered immune system affects more than just infections;
iron level should be 30-80 ferretin units; if higher, cut back on meat, have OPCs, coffee, green tea with meals.
I know 3 people who cleared chronic Hep C naturally - 2 were anorexic women with ferretin at 19, 1 was a near-anorexic guy who drank coffee with every snack. None of them are actually healthy, but they are all PCR-clear.

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by hippygem, Nov 13, 2008
Thanks for posting in here George, also that the 3 people who you know that cleared naturally more than likely had cleared in the Acute Stage of Hepatitis C as they didnt do any follow up PCR tests in the years following their diagnosis.
Thought you might like to add that to your posts, cos you will probably get some 'flack' from others when they read it.

Hows things with you, I finally put your other 'pics' in the forums, had to learn how to run the 'back end' of AHCS so that I didnt have to rely on Shane as much, he is too busy now and I like things done straight away......oh well, another thing to learn and to add to the


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by IMstacie, Nov 25, 2008

This regimen you are referring to - can or should you take it with the Peg & Co-Peg?  i feel so tired, my platelets & WBC are low.

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by hippygem, Nov 26, 2008

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YuK, you can add everything but the immune-stimulating herbs. Antioxidant nutrients decrease side effects of Interferon and in some cases increase response - for example, Look et al. found that selenium, NAC (1,800mg) and Vitamin E (about 600 iu) increased response significantly. It is the combination of antioxidants that gives results. And it is what happens after TX that matters - the immune response has to take up the slack. Vitamin E, with selenium, also helps elevate Co-enzyme Q10, and Co-enzyme Q10 definitely improves immunity. Folic acid and B12 should raise your WBC and platelets again. Look at the Life Extension Hep C site for more info. Don't take the silymarin and OPCs with ribavirin (if you're on it?). Take ribavirin with fatty foods, not with tea or coffee.

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