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Oct 05, 2009 - 1 comments






hello, i am pretty scared and concerned about a bump that i found in my genital area this past weekend It hurts when i touch it but it doesn't seem to bother me any other time. It isn't on my skin either, it is inside my body and i don't think it's normal to have that. I really need some feedback of what to do because i don't want to go to my doctor, it's pretty embarrassing.

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by turkee23, Oct 06, 2009
you need to go to the doctor.... could just be some fluid that collected there..... how big is it?... i bet its a cyst..... they are no big deal people get them all the time.... the doctor might just give you some meds or they might want to drain it.... dont be embarrassed they are doctors and im sure they have seen WAY WAY worse then just a little bump

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