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ProgonB Natural Progesterone Tablets

Oct 06, 2009 - 0 comments

Started:  Tues. Oct 6th, 2009:  (Day 1) of Progesterone cycle and (Day 12) of cycle.  Take 4 tablets/twice a day/morning and night, for 14 days and let completely dissolve under tongue to receive best absorption.  Stop taking them:  (Day 14) of progesterone cycle and (Day 25) of cycle:  Mon. Oct. 19th, 2009.

Update for Mon. Oct 5th(4DPO), Tues. Oct. 6th(5DPO) & Wed. Oct. 7th, 2009(6DPO):  My cervical mucus is normally dry, but has increased to white and creamy.  Since Wed. my cm is still visibly present and a little more clear, but hasn't increased anymore.  Also, have been having some mild stomach cramping off and on through this last week.

Update for Fri. Oct. 9th(8DPO):  Breast tenderness

Update for Sun. Oct. 11th(9DPO):  Had a massive headache and felt really tired for most of the day and this is not a normal me.  Went to bed at 8:30pm.

Update for Mon. Oct. 12th(10DPO):  Breast tenderness and headache are still there, but not nearly as bad.  I feel refreshed from a good nights sleep.  Also, I did notice some old blood when I wiped.

Update for Tues. Oct. 13th(11DPO):  Breast tenderness is ceasing and headache is gone.  Old blood has started to turn red when I wipe.  The bleeding appears to have ceased back to very little old blood.  I've decided to try and stop it all together by increasing my ProgonB back to the higher dose.  I took 6 tablets this afternoon and will take 6 more tonight.

Update for Wed. Oct14th(12DPO):  Took 6 tablets 2 times today to try and stop bleed, but by mid-afternoon the old bleed turned to full blown red AF.  I will stop ProgonB for this cycle.  Started taking Vitex tincture on day 12 (Sun. Nov. 1st, 2009) @ 30 drops/3 times/day till next AF.

AF started:  (Day 20) Wed. Oct. 14, 2009.
AF Ended: (Day 6) Mon. Oct.19, 2009.    
Total Number of AF Days:  6
'O':  (Day 17) Fri. Oct. 30th, 2009.


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