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U/S Oct 6

Oct 06, 2009 - 0 comments




We had our ultrasound. She measured 4lb 9oz. Tech said I was a little further along. My EDD was 11/27 but I think it got changed to 11/24 in july but they didn't change it in my charts. Anyway, I think now it's 11/19, with average edd as 11/16. My hubby says he saw 11/15 but I saw 11/16, so idk.
I have been taking iron supplements for the past 2 weeks. I don't know how it got low just that I have been tired this entire pregnancy.
The baby is head down and she has been moving a lot off and on. We already have a name picked out.

Oh, September 29 our local hospital posted some WONDERFUL news (not)! Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed in the hospital!! Are you kidding me?! They are worried about the H1N1 being spread around. So both of my daughters, 4 and 2, will not be allowed to visit me or the baby! I mean my in-laws are going to be taking them for 2 weeks or so after the baby is born but when they come (from GA to NC) they are going to have to take shifts to come see the baby. Insane! It's not just our hospital though... it's at least 5 others.

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