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6 June -  dragging feeling

Jun 06, 2008 - 2 comments






Although most of the tenderness has gone from my breast I can feel a dragging coming from my armpit area accross my breast it is most obvious when I am reversing the car and twisted round.

The original mass they found in the left breast has no pain, no tenderness and I wouldn't know it was there if they had not found it on the scan....but the lump under my right armpit is tender and sometimes jsut having my arm down causes it to hurt.... I feel a little like a michilin man that side.

I wonder what the dragging feeling is..... I also get cramping in that breast... not like leg muscle cramp but like the dull aching of menstrual/uterus cramping.

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by mond, Jun 06, 2008
hi its mandy jus read this post i had draging pain in breast and my arm pit was sore and it was jus a cyst which as iv said it took 2mins to drain and its gone im fine now  i had abit ov cramping to x hope this makes u feel abit better x

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by healingwell62, Jun 06, 2008
Hi Whatawoman!

I would like to recommend a book to you that I've been recommending to others.  A friend of mine gave this book to me when I was in your boat just waiting and wondering.  I found it tremendously helpful.  It is:  "Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting: Patience, Loss of Control, Living in the Present, Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, Trust in God"
by Holly W. Whitcomb.  I am not a real "religiouosy" person, and this is not a heavy-hitting religious book, it is more spritiual.  It really helped me shift my focus from worrying and fear to other perspectives of "the wait".  Meantime, do wonderful relaxing pampering things for yourself, whatever that may be.  You deserve it.



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