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Jun 06, 2008 - 5 comments

Dear Jesus,
im sorry 4 my sins please forgive me but im coming to u for everything in my life evemn when i misplace somethin i say jesus where is it and u always help me i cannot make it without u jesus i love u so much for all u do every second ! I want to worship u all the time i love ur music about u n what u did 4 us  and i feel the same about Jada cause i love her so much ! But u come first jesus u saved me in ur perfect timing im so happy it was best day of my life ! jesus u make everything perfect 4 me i know we dont always get things our way but u handle so much 4 us all n its not really hard letting u handle it but sometimes i get so angery n im sorry im a sinner ! forgive me i want to go to heaven in ur timing ! Jesus u gave me the knowledge to know what to do with this situation but ur with me every step ! Jesus u r my rock i would not stand without u at all im so exhausted n u give me enough sleep , im scared n u comfort me, im alone but ur with me , u have been so good to me ! im happy all day even though im sad ! I want my baby to live u saved her jesus please dear lord be with the others that cook it 4 her n use it w her Jesus n help them to get away from this evil drug ! its an epidemic here ! n all places ! I beg Jesus for all those people to get off this i have faith it will happen in ur timing i want them to ;live 2 ! Jesus please bless all my friends what would i do without them ! thanks for sending them 2 me jesus it was my prayer ! love u Jesus so much xoxoxooooxxooooooooooooxoxo

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by BOLD FOR JESUS, Jun 06, 2008
P.S. Jesus i love the cross ! love ya  thanku God!

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by lostdreams, Jun 06, 2008
Nice post! AMEN to it all!
God bless you and your family.

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by yowah, Jun 06, 2008
I dont know you but my name is Mal. I hope all works out for you and your family. If you want to talk anytime please feel free to write

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by boldsojah4christ, Jun 06, 2008
Amen sis God hears ur cry! I know it looks blurry right now & things dont seem 2 be going the way you planned it 4ur daughter. But always remember the story of the prodicals son you know it! Just keep that close 2 ur heart seek n search christ daily & you will find him & he will answer you God bless!!

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by cathy5841, Jun 06, 2008
i feel your pain, hun.  you know i am living the same night mare right now.  but God is sufficient.  when we dont feel it we have to faith it.  so keep the will i.  if you need me girl you know where i am. I LOVE YA.

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