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Over 4 Months

Oct 07, 2009 - 2 comments

120 days came and went.  Things have been going well and I am feeling great.  Can't believe how quickly the anxiety dissappeared after the Naltrexone Implant dissolved.  Have been on 3 business trips since August and am going on another today - being around people drinking has not bothered me - although they are not going crazy either.  I have met so many great people on Medhelp - glad I found it.

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1059368 tn?1255024436
by regretfullyyours, Oct 11, 2009
What is this implant I keep hearing you mention???
And does Naltrexone cause anxiety you think? Please let me know.

990521 tn?1311909908
by salsinator, Oct 12, 2009
The medical literature does indicate that Naltrexone causes anxiety and even depression in as much as 15% of people who take it.  Naltrexone implants are not FDA approved and are used under a waiver for investigational purposes only  They are used overseas much more than in the US.  In the US, Naltrexone is prescribed for alcohol abuse - or to help people stop drinking.  It is not as effective as some would like it to be, but with opiates it will completely block opaites if they are taken, so it is a "security blanket" to help opiate abusers stay clean.  With me, I started to get sever anxiety about 3 days after the implant was put in.  It was horrible and it lasted the entire time the implant was in my body.  It slowly dissolved and the anxiety dissappeared the day the implant was gone.  I don't know for sure if the implant was the cause because many people who detox from opiates will frequently get some anxiety - but I am fairly certain it was the Naltrexone because I eliminated any of the other potential causes from my diet, etc.  

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