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Jun 06, 2008 - 4 comments

how long does the earting part take to get back to normal. Im currently in day 3..even though Im eating some, no where close to what I should. HELP!
Day 3 off Norco 10s --- fighting

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by Decisions, Jun 06, 2008
I try to remember everyone is different, but I can tell you, I am on day 7 today.  I am getting my appetite back, but still dealing with gut pain, the runs, and lower back pain along with a good dose of TIRED.  I hear this is normal, but many said after day 4 much better.  For me, I am better for sure, but still not MUCH better.  I keep hoping the day I am in, is the HUMP day, and that I can start to see real improvement.
If I can't start getting some energy, and feel better I am NOT going to deal with this very well.

But again you are in the throws of day 3, and are probably now experiencing the worst it will be.  So that is a positive thing!  It should start to  get better from here.....  good luck! keep fighting...

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by Decisions, Jun 06, 2008
Keep in mind that in your "Journals" only those who visit your profile will see the comments you write.
If you want a wider audience, you need to post a question or PM someone who has been through your particular situation.  Get the support you need, that is what this forum is here for.

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by corey411, Jun 06, 2008
Hey congratulations on day 3. Day 2 and 3 were my worst. You should start getting your appitite back in a couple days. Try to eat what you can for now even if it is just bland and light stuff like bananas and jello, toast and tea ect. I'm on week 10 and wish my appitite would go away again. Try to drink alot of fluids.esp to replenish your electrolytes. A milkshake would be good too. Keep it up your almost through the physical part. Corey

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by Crispy, Jun 06, 2008
I found steaks were easy to eat didnt make me wanna throw up. Bananas rocked, protien shakes were cool, dairy helped with the poopies since they act as a natural imodium. Just try to stay away from sodium (salty) foods they always seemed to make me wanna throw up. White rice was cool too with some butter. But the steak was awesome i actually craved it when everything else made me sick. Cold water is good like ice cold water with steak and some white rice :D omg im so hungry right now. But seriously hang in there try to eat diffrent stuff see what works for you. But eat whole foods dont eat frozen or processed foods cause you will pay for it the next day in the bathroom. You are what you eat so eat good and your body will feel better.

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