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Nov 30, 2007 - 1 comments

I hope I'm doing this right.  I thought someone out there could help clarify my situation.  My grandmother is 82 yrs old, had a massive heart attack the other night, had emergency stenting and is now in the ICU with an EF of 20%.  She is visibly exhausted and frequently is short of breath, although she tries to say she is OK (I imagine for us--the family).  This is the first time she has been in the hospital in more than 10 yrs.  She is the most wonderful lady.  She plays bingo 4 nights/week, is socialble, and loves her family.  Being in the ICU, and hearing pieces of information is confusing.  What is her prognosis?  Will she come home from the hosptial?  We love my grandmother so much; my family is pretty big and not really medically-inclined to handle all of this.  I just don't want to waste anymore time talking about defibrilators, trying to get another Cardiologist's opinion, etc if it's futile.  I just want my grandmom to be comfortable.  Can anyone help?

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by Sunny602, Dec 02, 2007
She is elderly, but if she is as spunky as you say then her quality of life can be most certainly improved. Right now she is pretty fragile and yes, her heart has taken a beating from the heart attack. No doubt, it will take time for her to get some of her spring back. As far as her exhaustion, with a heart function like that, she is going to be. Hopefully with the right meds, possibly a pacemaker (if the docs suggest it due to irritability of her heart rhythm if she has this...some docs put them in if the person has a low functioning heart) or defibrillator (to help prevent death from a dangerous heart rhythm by delivering shocks to "reset" the rhythm back to normal) she will gain back some of her heart function making her feel a bit better and have more energy. It will take time, that is certain. After a heart attack, many people go through rehabilitation..this is what your grandma might be offered. As far as her prognosis, I can't tell you exactly...every person is different. She sounds like she is one tough bird and active, that is in her favor. I would talk with the docs and see what they have to offer as far as treatment. Also, talk to your grandmother and see how far she would like to go as far as her treatment...if she wants comfort measures, then so be it..but if she wants to be treated aggressively, support her as you are now. I will keep your entire family in my thoughts and prayers, Sunny
PS...I am not a doc,   I was a critical care answer is mostly out of observation I have seen with patients.

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