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First Journal!

Nov 22, 2014 - 0 comments








Kind of like a "getting to know me" post, so this might be kind of long. Either read it or don't, I don't mind either way.  I think since this is a medical site, I might stick to the issues I've had/currently have in terms of medical things.

Let's see.... Well, let's start with the biggest problem in my life: loose joints AND tight muscles at the same time. So my joints start hurting after everything I do and then when I see the doctor for it, all they do is send me to physical therapy where that doctor tells me I have knots all over in whatever muscle is closest to that joint and then I get a ton of exercises for both my muscles and joints. So. Clearly I'm over that whole routine.

Next thing, well right now I'll say it's the second biggest problem but when it happens it is FOR SURE top priority. Migraines. Those little suckers are the worst. And by little I mean huge, honkin', painful mother-effers. Sometimes I won't get them for about a month and then bam, I get one each day for a week straight. And even if I get it early in the morning, like 8 AM, the main headache will probably be over by one or two but then there's like this dizzy-after headache haze that stays for the rest of the day that just is kind of there like it's about to bring another migraine. I haven't even found my triggers so like, what the heck, right?

The next thing is still kind of tied to the second. Just headaches in general. I get 'em all the flippin' time. There's headaches when I'm stressed, headaches when I haven't eaten in the last four or five hours (makes waiting for food pretty hard), headaches just because the world hates me, and then there's the migraines on top of it all. Those happen just behind my eyes but they have happened on the side of my head only once or twice, tops.

Anything else? Uh... Well I'm always dehydrated, kind of, if that counts. I never drink enough water and I can't force myself to even try that hard. Seriously water just tastes bad and even if it didn't, I just don't get thirsty like, at all. The only reason I drink water is to wash something down or get a nasty taste out of my mouth otherwise I just drink milk or juice if we have it. I know it's not healthy but water is just so gross. The thing is, also, my sister drinks more water than I do and she's been to the hospital for dehydration at least once, maybe twice, already and I've never had an issue just running on bare minimum. Literally there are days when I don't drink any water, and most days I drink maybe 3/4 of a cup? Like, the measurement, not just a cup because everyone's glass sizes are different in their houses.

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