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i need some one to tell me whats wrong

Oct 07, 2009 - 3 comments

whats wrong?


Diabetes Type 1

AGHHHH. i feel like **** all the time and i can't help it sooo i really need some one to help me understand why i am feeling like this :|

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by Cathygirl, Dec 01, 2009
explain your symptoms, then maybe i can help

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by NeedsHelpBAD, Dec 10, 2009
i feel tired all the time, i get nausea after eating and light headed sick to my stomach. when im doing physical activity i get nausea and light headed and i feel like im going to through up :\  im also really thirsty all the time . my nails are like bumby ( i think the name is brittle) and also when im skating ( im a figure skater) my hands get really cold and they turn blue purple and redish green.    so please help :\

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by thetruth09, Nov 18, 2010
well you may need to take a trip to the er and let them know your symptoms  some of what u naming are sign of being pregnant and some are sighs of diabetes

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