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lymphoma or virius

Oct 08, 2009 - 1 comments

Hello I am a 27 yr old female. For several months almost a yr I have had enlarged lymph nodes on both sides on groin mainly left side two under my left underarm, three on my left side of neck and 1 under jaw on right side. my symptoms are very fatigue,night sweats,and weight loss. I went to see a surgeon he ordered a valley fever test I do not have that a tb test I do not have that blood ok and today i got the results on my ct on chest abdomen and pelvic looking for any enlarged lymph nodes it was neg every thing looks good. I told me he does not believe its lymphoma he says it propably a viruis still doing biopsy in groin. What viruis can last a year with no abnormal blood work? what could it be?

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by NeedsHelpBAD, Mar 20, 2010
i have the exact same symptoms as you except for the night sweats, i just get really hot not sweating though. I am a 15 year old female. i only have 2 lumps that are pea sized and ones on the right side of my neck and the other under my right armpit. it has a rubbery texture. I have had a blood test like 3 months ago saying that i was borderline anemic. i tould the doctor about the lump on my neck (cause it showed up 1st) and he told me that if in a month nothing changes or if it gets bigger to tell him right away and he will order a biopsy. The reason why im sooo scared is because when my aunt was my age she had lymphoma, the doctors told her that if she wasn't diagnosed when she was she would have been dead in a month. So i am very very nervous :S

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