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Nov 25, 2014 - 0 comments





Early HPTs

Well, my period was late this last cycle - supposed to start Nov 9, AF didn't show til Nov 12. Usually lasts at least 7 days, and this time, period AND spotting were done by Nov 16.
Started trying Nov. 14th and pretty much everyday minus maybe 3 days in total (at least every other day) until my next AF is supposed to show - Dec. 7th (although last cycle was 30 days, normally they're 28 - 7 day period and 21 days without before next one starts)

I've been bloaty, irritable and having mild cramps the last 2 days (yesterday and today), but no chance in CM aside from very watery last night.
Last cycle I ovulated about a week after my period (based on discharge), but the 9 OPK's I did every other day, never even had a faint line. But your vag doesn't lie. lol.

Let's hope for the best this time around. I'd really like a nice early Christmas gift :)

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