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Bye Bye Bottles

Jun 06, 2008 - 0 comments

It's a bittersweet milestone.  I'm getting rid of all these baby bottles.  We've graduated to sippy cups!

We haven't switched to milk yet, but the reflux seems like it is finally improving.  Some say that just happens as they get older, but in my opinion, it's getting them off the bottle that made the difference. I still carry a burp cloth wherever we go, but it beats packing that separate diaper bag with the dozen burps and bibs that we used to tote around.

I wont miss washing 12 or more bottles a day.  I wont miss the bottle rack taking up all the counter space in my kitchen.  I wont miss that sucking air sound that always leads to a bigger spit up.  I wont miss the constant worry about BPA chemicals.

I will miss the quiet moments of holding an infant and feeding them.  I will miss the peaceful 'satisfied tummy' baby gaze.  

I'm sad that I wont have young babies anymore.  I'm bummed that breastfeeding didn't work out well as I'd hoped this time.  I have mixed feelings that this is our last journey through babyhood.

I'm thrilled with the progress my little preemies have made.  I'm happy that they are now big and strong.  I'm happy that we all sleep more at night now.  I'm happy the hard part is over.

I'm ready for toddlerhood.  I'm ready for the next phase.  Bye bye bottles--good riddance!!  

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