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Severe Hypoglycemia

Oct 09, 2009 - 1 comments

I'm not sure what caused it but I barely remember waking up and ending up on the living room couch. I don't even think I had the self-awareness to eat breakfast when I woke up. Luckily I don't live alone so my mom was on the move as far as testing my blood sugar (which turned out to be 67, which in the past I've never had sever hypoglycemia at that level, but then again I had trouble remembering if I even ate breakfast). I ended up eating a fig, some normal redpop and half a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger (it was hard enough trying to stay up to eat it) and it rose my sugars up to about 83. Because of the hypoglycemia I am surpassing my evening lantus shot for tonight for fear that it will get back low, but since this is the 2nd case of mild hypoglycemia for me I think I am going to cut my lantus back to 13 before bed and 14 in the evening time and see how that works out.

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by Caj123, Oct 14, 2009
You don't mention if you check your blood sugar before you go to bed for the night, or if you take a rapid-acting insulin to supplement the lantus. Personally, over the past two months, I have had 4 episodes of severe hypoglycemia where I was unconscious for a period of time before getting help. I think it may be related to taking Novolog Flex-pen insulin - the nasty part of it is that a dosage that I usually don't have any difficulty with can all of a sudden drop me so rapidly that I miss the signs and end up on the floor. Anyone else have this problem with the Novolog pen? I am under tight control (A1C 6.2) now, but don't want to keep experiencing the dangerous lows. Last night it happened and my husband found me and forced me to drink OJ. It took me over an hour to come out of it and by that time he called 911 - even after drinking almost a quart of OJ, my BS was 44. I have had diabetes for over 40 years and haven't had this problem until using the flex-pen. Is this typical?

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