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Baby sick

Oct 10, 2009 - 2 comments

Michaela was supposed to have 8 1/2 mo check up on last Friday (we're off scedule now 'cause i missed a few weeks while travelling).

Anyway, Thurs night she was a bit off colour: slight cough and maybe very mild fever. Power outtage so hot and we had restless night. Power came on about 2 am. She had higher fever, got the a/c on and got her comfortable and we both went back to sleep. 5.30 she woke me crying. Picked her up and she had higher fever and severe barking cough and very labored breathing with loud stridor. Scarey!  Thought sounds like croup. got dressed and headed to ER. we got admitted - poor baby had to have iv line and nebuliser. Had to stay at the hospital with her. 36 hrs we are discharged and home. Poor baby still very sick, but breathing better with the meds.

Scarey thing though - on the discharge instructions was written to give her nebulized steroids every 3 hours. What? Asked the nurse twice if it was correct. She said yes correct. Even though she'd been on the same med 3 times a day while in hospital. Then checked with drug store - no every 3 hours not usual dosing. so i just bought enough for 3 x a day. back to the hospital to check out. Asked the nurse again. She told me it was correct. Asked her to call my consultant dr. Sure enough - the resident had made a mistake. Hope they learnt something! Aside from cost - drug is expensive if i hadn't queried my baby may have had 2.5x normal dose of strong steroid med!

Also at checkout I saw my allergy dr who had a patient in the same floor. She asked about my baby and what was wrong. told her. Then she asked if my baby had allergies yet. Told her about the egg and milk reactions and she said they sounded like allergic reactions. Then in front of the two residents, who had just the night before given me a hard time about not vaccinating my baby, told me i should be very very careful about vaccinating M. Told her I wasn't vaccinating M and then she told me she agreed that approach was best given the circumstances and family and M's history.  And congratulated me for and emphasised the benefit of continued breastfeeding - those two residents had also expressed surprise that i was still exclusively breastfeeding an 8 1/2 mo baby.  I felt so vindicated!

Tired and glad to be home - my poor sick baby sleeping in my arms now.

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448723 tn?1301458558
by Atlantisea, Oct 10, 2009
I'm glad it all turned out ok. Scary to think how close to disaster you were. Most people have unquestioning faith in their medical system (Aussies anyway) and I am impressed that you not only questioned at the hospital, but kept checking even after the nurse said the dose was fine. I think that I would have felt relieved at first, and then angry.

Will anything be done about the mistake that was made?

231441 tn?1333896366
by Super_sally888, Oct 10, 2009
Doubt anything official would be done. But i made a big enough fuss (appropriately) that the consultant Dr (my pediatrician), the other residents and all the nurses on the floor knew.  Just doesn't make sense, if one has any medical knowledge) to give steroids at that frequency, or any drug actually...... resident didn't think, neither did the questioned nurses...

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