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A Thief Among Friends ..

Oct 10, 2009 - 11 comments




















This past week I found out my brother's siding brake had been stolen from my garage ... funny thing ... I locked the garage with a witness.  My keys were borrowed to open another garage and somehow .. the one I locked got opened with a key on the same ring.  While his brake was expensive, and I needed it to finish siding my house, it was the last possession of his besides an old tattered yellow checkered flannel shirt.

Now .. tonight, I have found my gold ring missing from my windowsill in the kitchen .. was there earlier ... and a bag of jewelry I thought of selling to make ends meet ... along with Michael's necklace and watch that I had bought him 7-8 years ago .. (he died in March ... and I kept those as they were his prized possessions .. he never took the necklace off until he went to Minnesota and died).  They are all gone!

Finally, the little green satin bag that held a black pearl with a tiny diamond necklace .. and the gold cross with a small diamond in the center .. a gift from my grandmother's brother to her when he was in the war and diagnosed with stomach cancer ... which she and grandpa passed on to me (the eldest granddaughter) when I was around 18 years old .. is also gone.  I was going to give it to Kalista, my youngest, after all she has been through with the leukemia.

There is a common factor amongst these disappearances, one person, who is new to the "clan" ... and while I do not like to point fingers ... one must question this.  I am sick because of the betrayal and sick to my tummy because of the sentiment behind those things of Michael and Grandma ... those can not be replaced.

I could sit and cry, but I must remember these are only things ... the fact they were stolen does not take away the sentiment or the memories and the manner they were given.  It is sad to me that my Grandmother's cross can not be passed down to my granddaughter, or Michael's necklace and watch cannot be given to my grandsons or the pearl necklace to my other granddaughter.  

I've survived all of the trials of this past year and a half ... and am going to counseling (group and individual) on an intensive basis.  I am learning and growing and finding out more about me and how to be a better person.  I CHOOSE to find happiness and live life to it's fullest and be grateful for each day of life G-d grants me.  I am truly blessed beyond belief with the love of my MedHelp family and a few tenured friends .. and a few new ones that care for me and uphold me when my strength fails.  

From the bottom of my heart .. I thank each of you and want you to know YOU make a difference in my life .. and those of others.  Be YOU and be the individual you were meant to be .. and keep striving to always grow and understand ... your life will be blessed; G-d always loves you.

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649848 tn?1534633700
by Barb135, Oct 11, 2009
Ranae, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of those prized possessions.  When we have something that was passed down from someone who is no longer with us, it's so hard to take when something happens to those things, especially if they are stolen.  Who can call themselves a "friend", then turn around and steal from you?  That's one of the worst kinds of betrayal.  

You are right though -- the loss of those possessions, as hard as that is to take, can never take away the memories of the person(s) that gave them to you.  Those memories will live on in your heart forever.

I'm happy to hear that your are getting the counseling you were seeking.  Will continue to pray for you.  

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Oct 11, 2009
Oh, Ranae.  That is so sad.  Can the police do anything to help?  

I am glad you are continuing with your treatment and pray that this doesn't set you back.  Keep the good memories alive.

Much love, Trudie

306455 tn?1288862071
by flmagi, Oct 11, 2009
Yes, these things were only "things", but they were your things with memories and value. If your instinct tells you a particular person stole these things from you,you're probably right and this person should be confronted. This person is probably stealing from others in your clan too. At least you should ban this person from your home and warn others.

334400 tn?1276894313
by Crochetya, Oct 11, 2009
Hi Ranae!

I am new here. I am very sorry about all the jewelry. Just reading everything,...from looking outside the box. It seems the new person in the clan has a problem.This person loves a drug or chemical more than his family. I am sure there are other signs. The main thing, you need to make sure you are not enabling the problem (making it convenient) to get the stuff. What ever you do, buy what he needs(food,gas) yourself. Do not give him money. I would definitely confront him about the jewelry and demand an explanation. I would also demand respect in my own home. I would check around at the pawn shops to see if you can get the jewelry.

Good Luck to you and this too shall pass.


621085 tn?1614300231
by tigerlilly5909, Oct 11, 2009
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench - "What do you do when all your enemies are friends?" This is the song lyric that came to mind when I read your journal entry. I'm sorry for what has happened but you have a good attitude and that will help you get through this more than anything. I had jewelry that my grandmother gave me before she died stolen. I know how much this must hurt. Your doing it! Keep it up!

Avatar universal
by Dazon50, Oct 11, 2009

It is very sad to face that a friend has done something like this but I want to say you have such a wonderful attitude to look past this to what is most important.  You truly are a gem and I mean that!!!  You become an inspiration to all of us who are blessed to be a small or larger part of you life.


329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Oct 11, 2009
I just happened on this post and am very sorry to hear what has happened. I know you must be very sad. Did you call the police and report it? They will check all the pawn shops around you but you can do that too. I hate to see you lose the items you wanted to pass on especially.  Try doing that and hopefully, you and/or the police will find some things, if not all. I hope and pray so. So sorry!

172023 tn?1334672284
by peekawho, Oct 11, 2009
Simply horrible.

I would call the police, even if the person was a "friend" or a family member.  Anyone who does this, ESPECIALLY to someone he or she knows, has a problem, and needs a wake up call to get help and stop what they are doing.

It may be hard, but its the right thing to do.  If not to get your own things prevent this from happening to someone else.

I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you.  I hope you can recover some of the items.


168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Oct 11, 2009

As hard as it is, stop by some pawn shops local to you ... you just never know.  I feel your hurt.  We were robbed over 25yrs ago .... it isn't an easy thing to recover from.  However, you have the mental memories of what these pieces look like in your mind -- try to find comfort knowing nobody can ever take that away from you.


Avatar universal
by PlateletGal, Oct 11, 2009

I was just going to give you the same advice as ChitChatNine. There is a chance that you can find some of these items at a local pawn shop or on Ebay.

It is painful when someone we trust (friend or relative) betrays us. I remember  years ago when my ex-boyfriend & I allowed his brother to stay with us for awhile. One day I was in the closet and realized that some coins that my beloved grandfather (who had passed away)... were missing ! I had asked my boyfriend's brother about the missing coins and he said that one of his friends had been over and could have stolen them. Well only days later, I accidentally knocked over my boyfriend's brothers backpack and guess what fell out ? Not the coins, but the plastic wrapping that they were in !  That same day it was my boyfriend's brothers birthday. You know what he got for his birthday ? A birthday cake and for his gift.... he had a huge box with the plastic wrapping in it !  ; ^)   Interestingly enough... he moved out that very evening !  When I had confronted him, he denied everything of course. One thing I've learned is to confront these people because that is their only hope.... if you let it go... this guy will probably continue on. At least if you confront him, he might confess and seek the help that he needs.

365714 tn?1292199108
by MJIthewriter, Oct 11, 2009
I hope you call the police. Do you have any pictures of your stuff? If you do, then you may be able to send those to the police as well. This is really low of whoever took those valuables from  you. I hope they get caught before they take more stuff.

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