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so agitated and iritated.....but why?

Oct 11, 2009 - 1 comments

yesterday and today are not so hot mood is good , I have plans of what i want to do but they dont materilise....I am very irritable and agitated which is not going down in the family very well...I feel inside i want to argue and shout at everyone for no reason...I am  being very unreasonable..I want to be on my own but i dont want to be......i dont want to be touched it drives me crazy , like it hurts...I physically hit out ...i want and need my own space Dont know where this is going I am very mixed up and thats whats worrying me.I get like this often and it can be my mood changing....theres a lot going on around me which I;m finding hard to deal with  but I  have good support outside the family at the centre which is helping me thru this,i think i am stronger than i realise of i'd have folded by now but still its so hard....i dont think i;m writing much sense...just trying to straiten out some thoughts.

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by JennyDots, Oct 15, 2009
Hi! Thanks for the comment you left me - wow, you totally know what this is like. And I read the above post, about being high and having all sorts of plans, but nothing seems to get done - this is EXACTLY what I've been going through 2 out of 3 days lately. So many thoughts that they crowd each other out and coming into your mind so fast you can't really grab onto any one of them, in fact with me, I forget things - then they flash back into my mind, and it's like, "Oh yeah!!!! I need to do that/write about that/remember that," but then they're gone! Then I get so frustrated and irritated. It takes all the fun out of manic... if that's what's going on... because, like you said, how can you actually SEE that you're manic? It doesn't make sense! Sorry for rambling, but I just wanted to thank you for understanding. I just feel a lot better, and it was so nice of you to write. So... have a really great day!!!!

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