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Day 1

Oct 10, 2009 - 0 comments

Started the sleeping journey with an Ativan at 930pm.  Precisely 1/2 hour before I intended to go to bed.  At 1000, I lay in bed for a while, drowsy, though the tension in my legs keep me up for a significant portion of the night.  Got out of bed at 11:00 to jump on the computer and research potential clinicians that can help develop a treatment plan with me.  At 3:30 am, called Stevens Hospital if it was okay to take a sleep medication w/ the Ativan in my system.  Was told that it was 6 hours ago so it was okay.  Popped to sleeping pills and laid down again, only to have the leg tremors torture me yet again.  I ignored it as much as I could and got in about 20 minutes of intermittent sleep.  This was at approximately 600.  From 6-9, dinked around on the computer and did more research. At 9, turned on the tv to catch the NFL pregame, by 910, I was out like a light.  Oh the irony.  Woke up at 1130.  Still tired, but more refreshed.

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