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scalp condition

Jun 07, 2008 - 310 comments

There is a sandy-grainy like build up on my scalp
This is also accompanied by an itch. Even after I wash my hair, the grainy like build up is still there. It is NOT flaky what so ever. My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out.

I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help.

Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this. (not to mention, that when I did, the dermatologist I saw was less then caring)

Thank you so much  

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by PGhelpme, Jun 08, 2008
Now don't get grossed...I'm an RN....but did the Dr. check your head for lice? They can cause itching and the eggs (nits) look like grains of sand and sometimes are hard to remove. May need a nit comb. Is your hair long? The treatment is a specific shampoo, RID Lice...and there are others. which can be purchased in  any drug store. Just using the shampoo is not enough though...You will have to wash and bleach all linens, or get new ones, clean the whole room with a bleach solution, use a strong vaccum and whoever you are with (like in a dorm) needs to do the same...use the shampoo and change their bed linens. They may be in the mattress or pillow and you will be reinfected if you don't change everything. If you cannot change the mattress, I would use a bleach spray and then buy a rubber mattress cover and totally enclose the thing.

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by AjaJoy, Oct 21, 2008
Oh my gosh! I have the same thing and I've tried everything to get rid of it. It is definately not lice. It's like your scalp is tingly more than itchy and when you scratch there is this sand like build up under your nails. I have never met a doctor or anyone that could tell me what it is. What it seems like to me is my hair folicles are expelling some kind of oil or waste that is hardening. Because no matter how many times I wash or how hard I scrub, there are still grains on my scalp. It has become a nuscance and a tactile past time, scratching my head. If any one has any info on this I would also appreciate it very much!

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by happygolfer, Nov 13, 2008
i have the same thing and i am going to musc university dermatology.  they have not fixed it yet either.  i am taking accutane and the back and sides of my head feel more normal, but the whole crown of my head is like grainy sand when i move them , they seem to flake off and then come right back.  they determined acne neurotica miliaris which is a bad acne infection. i am using t/gel and some coal tar shampoos , dont use anything with sodium layerl in it , it is like a degreaser and i think i got all this build up from bad shampoos.

also using dermasmooth fs, which i dont think helps and finally found some p and s solution at an old time drugstore which removes scales - it is like mineral oil and phenol. it helps some.  if you have any suggestions you have found please reply.  i have had biposies also and it is determined folliculitis  = like bacterial infection. i think i got it from the sun, wearing visiors at work on the golf course and touching my hair too much.

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by ericaalice, Nov 13, 2008
hi, i had the grainy like things on my scalp too... with terrible acne... I know it is not lice (as a hairdresser i know what it looks like... even had a second opinion)
you might want to look into something called the ***demodex mite***... they live on the face/head... come out at night...and thrive in people that have weakened immune systems...(i was on antibiotics for months for lyme wreaked havoc on mine) it seems tea tree oil helps... my doctor seems to think i'm crazy... so i'm looking for a new one... I hope this helps...  

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by realgenius13, Feb 07, 2009
I've been having the same condition. I can't really remember how long ago it started probably over a year or more. I'm mid 20's with somewhat oily skin and mild to moderate acne. For me there is pretty much no itching and I i often have some hairs that fall out and have one of the waxy "sand grains" on the end. I am worried that my hair is thinning a bit and that this might be a cause/symptom of it.

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by newpost123, Mar 04, 2009
Hi everyone, this isnt going to help but i have the same thing :( would love to know how to get rid of the "sand" i am the same as realgenius no itch just sand and mild acne,

My hair has thinned also :( but i assumed that was genetic.

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by keturahsw, Mar 04, 2009
I definitely have the exact same thing. Another thing i have noticed however, is that even after half a day, my hair smells musky, like i haven't washed it in a day or two (evem when i washed it not 8 hours earlier).

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by Oliaree, Mar 14, 2009
Weird hey, I have it too, I have a weak immune system as I'm pretty much always sick and run-down...also getting those weird looks from doctors.  It can be hard to find a good one.  I don't have any answers but the body is so friggen clomplex and everythings so intricatley linked I have a feeling theres a cause unrelated....maybe its gluten.  I'm sitting here scratching my head and flicking them out from underneath my fingernails...gross habit but I can't seem to let it be.  I really wish Medical professionals would all come together instead of just knowing their own field because it seems like a wild goose chase trying to find out whats wrong with you when no-one really seems to know anything.  Ask your doctor about fingernails, its quite funny the reaction you might get, something quite different to that of say...a naturopath.

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by Jamesmonty20, Jun 18, 2009
Is there actually an indefinite way to stop this or are we all doomed?

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by Karmadot, Jun 22, 2009
I have it too, M;y head itches with patches of sand, then it gets blistery.  I try to forget about it and not dig or itch but it is impossible. Help

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by bev881, Jun 22, 2009
yes i suffered all my life with this grainy thing and when i was in my teens i started to have this small tiny white balls size of little than sugar grain. never disappeared i am in my forties. i started loosing hair and i am hundred percent sure its because of this hair condition (scalp) i am almost bold. if anyone knows what is this condition called and waht is treatment for this condition  i would be most greatful.

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by hootinana3, Jun 22, 2009
Wow!  I don't know whether to feel relief because others suffer or despair because no one seems to be finding a good or true solution to this maddening problem.  Sometimes I think I will go totally off my rocker or that others will wonder if I have some
sort of problem with "bugs" and they should avoid me.  I have nice thick hair which has always been on the dry side, but never
a problem with dandruff.  It has been well over a year and the problem seems to prefer the back and right side of my head.  I
also have a couple of actual sores and a thicker-skinned area that hurts (burns) when I bend my neck back and it's affected -
sort of like a crease.  It does start to itch during the night, after seeming quite comfortable when I go to bed.  I do lose tons of the gritty mess when I scratch at night. ( I had blamed it on the two cats I took in awhile back, but am now thinking more along the line of need for non-allergenic pillows, etc..)
I did recently hit a site for "Zincplex" Shampoo, Conditioner, and a skin cream for a healthy scalp.  The claim on this site was
that germs or bacteria are clogging hair follicles and that these three things will help clear the problem. It sounded reasonable
so I ordered it.  Many testimonials claim it to be helping them.  I haven't used it that long and can't see any tremendous
difference, but I'll get back.  I've only used it for two weeks or so and some say it helps after two months?????Who knows?
Anything is worth a try.

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by Hester111, Jul 16, 2009
Do you think it could be WHITE PIEDRA?

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by Gadadhar, Aug 21, 2009
I have the same condition, and I plan to try out Neutrogena products.  Will update you guys, and would love to hear if anyone else had experience with the products.

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by uurden, Aug 28, 2009
so i guess i am wondering if there is anything that can be done for this condition?  i have been to numerous doctors/dermatologists and yet no change.  i really struggling dealing the hair loss.  it seems the doctors i see all say the same thing, yet no results???  if anyone has any further suggestions please help.

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by yeahhitslindsay, Sep 01, 2009
So terrible, I have it too! When I itch my head, I have little sand-like grainy things under my nails, EVEN RIGHT AFTER SCRUBBING MY HEAD IN THE SHOWER! It *****! Sometimes, too, my fingernails will look like I haven't cleaned under them in a few days (grayish/black stuff, you know, dirty fingernails?) but this too can happen if I itch my head enough, even if I have just scrubbed down in the shower. What is this ****? My mom told me to just check for lice or something, or that it could be psoriasis of the scalp and to buy Head And Shoulders in the blue bottle. I don't have dandruff though, NO FLAKES just grains!! My scalp gets oily really fast after being washed (I make sure to use very little to no conditioner so I don't make matters worse) but since I live in southern cali, it's all hot so it dries it up fast, hence what I think could be causing these little grains of sand. Still ***** that my head itches though. Let me know if you guys find anything that works and i'll try to see if Head and Shoulders, does, too. (I'm getting a box of live treatment anyway...)

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by yeahhitslindsay, Sep 01, 2009
I didn't swear where the stars are, by the way. That's really weird. Anyway fill in the words by taking out the stars.

It s*u*c*k*s! was the first one

and c*r*a*p was the second one haha

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by ladycop322, Sep 10, 2009
I just recently had cellulitis from a bad tattoo (was hospitalized for four days) and on multiple anti-biotics.  I have the grainy sand-like scalp under my nails when I scratch my head.  It's driving me crazy.  My friends and family probably think I'm a hypochondriac.  Thank God for this forum.  Anyway, if anyone can find out what this is, please post and I will do the same.  I am going to print this forum out and take to my neighbor who is a dermatologist and ask him what he thinks.  I will be back with any information.  

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by KoolKitty, Sep 24, 2009
I not only have this sand like grains on my scalp, but also on my upper back and arms. If I scratch, I can see these tiny whitish balls on my finger tips. I mentioned it to a dermatologist once, but he just dismissed it. For years i just thought it was hair spray build up or a natural condition. Interestingly, I suffered with Lyme disease & was treated with many antibiotics, thinking it was a yeast condition. I have had it for 15 years, wish i had a clue as well.  

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by swannygirl, Oct 03, 2009
I am now 23 years old and for as long as I remember I have have been living with this stuff stuck to the roots of my hair and under my nails!!  
  I have dyed my hair continuously for 10 years and feel that as I had this awful condition beforehand, the dyes are not causing it, although some at -home brands do aggravate it.
  I have tried tar shampoos, head and shoulders, t-gel and even oil balancing cleansers and moisturisers in place of shampoos! Nothing has worked so far.
  I gather that a lot of you who have posted comments are not from the uk?  To those of you who think it is possibly the heat/humidity of where some of you live is causing or affecting it, Im not so sure as Im from the uk and generally we dont get much of either! lol.
  if anyone does find the miracle cure, let me know!  =)

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by maatson, Oct 04, 2009
Hi guys.Most of you do suffer from seborrheic dermatitis,an internal diathesis.Try eating plenty of fruits,drink lots of water,try to be off eating too much sweets.Try as you might, from outside it would not respond.For immediate relief a course of betnovate scalp application is good but only for a while.

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by LibbyK53, Oct 30, 2009
I would like to suggest another possibility that is not yet recognized by the medical community, and that is Morgellon's Disease. People suffering from this affliction report exuding grainy material from their scalp. They also report that hair strands have a small, white lump at the root. If you look at the morgellon's discussion boards, you'll find extensive discussion about hair issues ranging from biofilm covering hair to grains to blobs at the end of hair shafts. I sincerely help this new suggestion will prove helpful.

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by wheresmyhair, Dec 09, 2009
I have the same thing that you guys are talking about... when I run my hands through my hair(and I have alot of thick hair, or used to anyway) my fingers come across little bumps.  When I pry with my fingernails I upend a hair, from the root, and on the base is this clear crystal shaped attachment.  

Here is my medical history:  I have been a recipient of Acutane for over 3 years to clear up my acne.  Prior to this, I also visited the allergy doctor twice, then one time a week for many years.  I suffered terribly from allergies and so underwent immunotherapy(it works!!!).

It turns out I am allergic to alot of things, glucose, and wheat are minor things which affect me.

So.. back to the immune system. For many years I was taking an antibiotic.  And for you of those that don't know, when you take antibiotics for any amount of time, they kill bad, as well as good bacteria.

My theory is that my period of being Acutane for such a long time killed out all my good bacteria, the stuff in my gut.  I also theorize that my levels of yeast took over and manifested itself in the form of candidas systemic infection, which is fungal infection.

Anyway, long story short.. I came across another board talking about hair loss and the causes of hair loss.  Someone on the board mentioned rubbing Tea Tree Oil on the scalp to alleviate inflammation which might possibly cause the hair to be falling out.  I went to the groccery store and picked up a bottle of organic tea tree oil by Jasons, and I have noticed a decrease in the formations of the crystal like build up wherever I rub the tea tree oil  By the way, tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-fungal.  For whatever reason this seems to impact my annoying grains...

And believe me I've tried all the shampoos: coal, zinc etc.  

I really think that my scalp outbreaks are related to the health of my digestional tract.  It makes alot of sense after reading what was previously posted on this board.

My autoimmune system is horrible, and I didn't notice this condition until after I started taking high, consistant dosages of anti-biotics.

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by Fitzy777, Dec 15, 2009
I have the exact same problem, grains of sand coming away from the scalp if scratched, with a hair firmly attached in some cases. I broke my leg very badly 2 years ago and was on antibiotics for a solid year and 2 months. Within 6 months I have gone from a thick head of hair to very thin, like many others, just on the top. I read up on "seborrheic dermatitis,an internal diathesis" mentioned above which sounds plausable... my diet has alot to be desired... wish my wife would feed me properly... mommy.. hehehhe... no laughing mater, 34 and balding... guess I will need to take matters into my own hands and get out the salad tongs.  Anyone else changed their diet / lifestyle to find a market improvement? Perhaps any other suggestions, I would love to hear if you have had any success.

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by Joshers73, Jan 02, 2010
Reassuring to know that I am not the only one out there with this going on!

Not sure if I can add much to the discussion, but other than to say that I have exactly the same condition. I have it over most of my body, though it is most concentrated on my scalp.

I'm 37 (male) and I've had it for about 20 years now.

When it first started I was pretty sure that I was going bald, as much of the time the "grain" was attached to a hair. Fortunately in my circumstance I have a pretty good head of hair (no male pattern baldness). Hopefully this is come comfort for those fearing imminent baldness!

It is frustrating though. Hard not to scratch. I'd be keen to shave my hair very short but not keen to show of my bumpy scalp!

Recently I had some blood tests done and there was the suggestion of some minor autoimmune activity. Maybe caused by a food allergy?

Also, my diet and lifestyle has been pretty shocking (a regular at all the local drive thru). Blood tests reveal minor deficiency for iron and vitamin D (the only 2 I tested for) which is surprising considering up to 2 meals of red meat a day. I'm not sure if there is a diet connection, but I have started an (boring) elimination diet and taking supplements to see if there is any benefit.

One thing that I have noticed, and would be interested to know if anyone else has encountered the same, is that the condition is worse at times of stress. I remember the first time it really got bad was at the time of end of year exams. So much "sand" that week, I practically could of made my own beach. ;)

Hope this is of benefit to someone.

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by LegalAdministrator, Jan 13, 2010
WOW! I had no idea so many people are suffering from this type of problem.  I have the sand and grain feeling, just on the very top of my scalp.  I am a 57 yr old female and had a facelift in 2007.  That's when my problem started, my scalp seems as tho it has never completely recovered.  The itching and scratching are terrible.  Although, I do not see anything attached at the actual end of hair.  I have had a lot of hair loss and I'm so tired of this.  I have been miserable for two years.  No one I have contacted seems to know what is causing the problem or what this actually is.  I too have tried all the OTC products available. I also have had diverticulitis several years back in early 2000.  I went for my eye exam last week and of course I shared my story, he was baffeled at what it could be.  He said it sounded as tho it could be vascular or nerve related.  I would love to hear from someone if they have any ideas as to how to get any relief or make this problem go away.  HELP!


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by helpmeheal, Jan 26, 2010
I have a similar problem, except that there isn't a ton of "sand like" grainy things in an abundance. Mine is more like scalp sores along with little white specs that resemble a grain of sand. I also have alot of itching on my scalp and face. It is worse at night and also when I am on my "cycle"... I believe I am suffering from Demodex folliculitis (Demodex folliculorum) which affects the hair follicles and sebacious glands. I don't have rosacea which many sufferers of this have. I tried a sulfur based cream which has helped clear up my face significantly. I was getting alot of these bumps and finding alot of the white specs on my face. The company I purchased this cream from also makes a shampoo for demodex which helped a bit as well. I believe the anwer though is the sulfur products. There are sulfur/zinc shampoos that help and again, the face cream does help. TeaTree Oil has helped a bit but I still have not been able to get rid of it completely. Unfortunately my husband and children are now starting to suffer with similar symptoms of an itchy, flaky scalp. I feel helpless that I will never get rid of this but will have to live with it and manage it the best I can. i feel horrible that my kids and husband are now suffering with a similar problem. Hopefully there will be an answer out there for all of us one day.

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by angels68, Feb 19, 2010

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by BiochemNJ, Feb 27, 2010

I had the same scalp issue, among plenty of other symptoms. After adopting a completely gluten-free diet I found relief from the majority of my symptoms. Gluten can be found in shampoos, face washes, even medications. There is a blood test for Celiacs which I was negative for but as a biochemist myself, I deduced that Ihad what is termed "Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity".  Look into it guys. The gluten free lifestyle is difficult but the benefits are well worth it.

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by jenneedshelp, Feb 28, 2010
Orginal Postee...... still no solutions

BUT I am looking into the demodex comment that some one posted, it makes sense. So I am getting some sulfur shampoo (volcanic ash origin). Sulfur is supposed to kill parasites, bacteria, fungus etc.- and I am convinced one of these is the root of the issue.

For my slightly thinning hair that has accompanied this condition I am trying the "laser comb" to stimulate hair growth.

I'll get back to everyone and let you know how the shampoo works, hope we can find the cure. I want my beautiful hair and non itching scalp back!

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by daniel35, Mar 20, 2010

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by donsie1, Mar 22, 2010
My husband and I have the same we know these are contagious and now our dogs too..  our two pocket toy dogs.  .we also both have diabetes and I have heart problems and have poor immune systems.. .It started when my now husband and I met and he lived in a home where they had a cat who would come and sleep on his bed during the time he was working.  His Dad who lived downstairs had cellulitis (a bacterial infection caused by scratching itches)  we believe he had it too...... it is scabies... which is a mite who imbeds itself in the scalp or where ever it can.. starting many times on cats..if you try to dig them out they pop or if they are ripe they create a tiny scab that rolls off or out of the hair.. on the face they climb into the pores and look like white heads a bit.    it is so very hard to get rid of even on animals ...  first we had an outbreak at the same time where it was so intense we wanted to scratch ourselves to death.. we tried everything.. from .. a two solution thing we sent away for on the internet which did seem to help the most for scabies..called scabies killer by neutraceuticals it was a two part thing and one was neem oil, tea tree,karanja oil, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and rosemary oils..if we had the money we would reorder..  we tried everything for lice and it did not work so we know it is not lice.. we don't have the funds to have a dermatologist take a scraping.. but from everything we understand these little critters are so very very hard to detect even under a microscope.  I do know that they create such an itch that if they are constantly scratched they can create a bacterial infection which is what I believe has happened to many here on this site.  now they are on our arms, back, legs.. ankles.. on our head all the time.. in our eyes..eyelashes, eye browns..  on our face.. and other places driving us crazy all the time..YIKES!  the little tiny sand like shells are all over our bed and we keep using a steam cleaner and changing the sheets, washing the pillows etc.. and they keep coming back.. we believe it is for sure scabie mites... and it also makes my cheeks get hot and red when a bout is coming on.. my hair feels and looks greasy even 8 hrs after I wash it.. my hair falls out all the time and I can feel like my arms and legs are becoming rough on the skin.. we have even done 8 hr total body cream treatments of permitherin (sp?) It just about is taking over our lives.. I have done so much studying on this subject and although it is very common.. doctors don't seem to know how to diagnose it or what to do about it.. please let me know if you come up with any solutions.  We are at our wits end... blessings to all of you in the midst of this ordeal  I wish I could be of more help...

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by rockwiithme, Apr 24, 2010
omg i have the exact same thing on my scalp and it does itch sometimes. its not headlice for definate cuz its on the scalp.

omgsh is my hair going to fall out because someone said that happened to them i mean wow im only 15 but i have noticed my hair getting thinner but my mom said thats just because i straighten it too much.

i used to use olive oil on my scalp once a week before this happened and i recently ran out. possibly the cuse is scalp dryness?? does anyone also have slight flakes of dandruff??

and i think the people whos hair is thinning should try olive oil in their hair because its suppose to make it thicker.

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by captdee, Apr 30, 2010
I've been suffering from severe tightness, itching and it burns when I bend my head back.  I too have a screwed up immune system, I was diagnosed with cutaneous lupus in 2007, which is a allergic reaction to the sun.  I was on prednisone and other steroids for about 6 - 8 months.  I read the book "Eat to Live"  by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I was able to lose all the weight gained from the steroids and got completely off the drugs.  Problem is after I got the other parts of my skins under control I started getting a severe scalp itch with burning, itching and hurts to bend my head back like someone is pulling my hair.  I've been back to my dermatologist who was great in diagnosing the Lupus but did nothing for the sever scalp itch, just called it dermatitis, gave me several expensive creams which none of them work.  I found a article on Food Allergies and contacted a company called ALCAT which does blood testing.  I had the full panel done and found out that all the healthy things that I had been eating to get off the steroids I was now allergic too, including seasonings, and bakers yeast.  It definitely helps but all of a sudden I've had a setback and am totally miserable again.  I've found that if I fast for 3 days with nothing but purified water it definitely helps but it's so frustrating when you can't sleep for  your head hurting.  I have $5000 insurance deductible so I just can't go to the doctor whenever I want.  If I had the money I would do a medical fast and truly clean out  my system.
I Have a gut feeling that this would do the trick.

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by Aandi, May 13, 2010
This is white piedra, a fungal disease of the hair and scalp. The fungus attaches even to your body hair. Pull out a hair and drop it in the toilet, you can observe the nodules on the hair shaft. The hair looks like a chain.
It is stubborn to erradicate, if you educate your doctor there are oral and topical antifungals.
I am using permethrin, an anti-skin parasite chemical.
-"Flys Off" ointment by Farnam
-Sentry Pro Squeeze on Flea and Tick Control for dogs over 60 pounds. This is 45% permethrin so use only on hair(not scalp) or mix it with lotion, oil, shampoo, etc.
-Sentry Flea and Tick Shampoo
-There are also powders with permethrin

Everything is at PetCo/Smart, etc.

Use a metal lice comb and a horse/ dog metal slicker brush.

Wax All body hair! Face to, hair around hairline and neck. This is the best!!
Even better shave your head.

Change pillow case daily, sheets often.

Dry hair immediAtely and thouroughly! Keep living environment dry- AC and dehumidifier

Most importantly, if you feel fatigued, confused, memory loss, achy- see a Lyme literate doctor to be evaluated.  

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by pinky721, May 30, 2010
Thank you all for sharing your journey's on this. I'm a "recovering" lyme disease individual who suffered severely from the mental complications of the disease. The disease and the antibiotic treatments created terrible wear and tear on my body. About six months ago this sand in the hair "adventure" appeared as a new symptom. It's taken weeks of searching to even find this forum. Much of what is being discussed makes all the sense in the world. Compromised immune system due to treatment, getting other "weird" stuff, this included. Discouraging but you've all given me a handle on this and just to know that I'm not as crazy as I was thinking I was..... :)

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by thelace13, Jun 11, 2010
I thought my hair was just thinning because of a hormone shift. (I've had 3 kids back to back and the youngest is almost 1).  I've always had thick hair, but now it is thin.  So much of what you all have said sounds familiar.  My scalp does not itch, but the sandy grains are overwhelming, even right after I shower.  My hair is much greasier now too.  I will look into the Lyme disease thing, because sounds have become very hard for me to handle-a known symptom (ie dishes being put away seriously makes me have to leave the room I hate it so badly). Also, I am so incredibly tired ALL THE TIME.  However, greasy hair, thinning, headaches, fatigue usually happen after having kids too.  I will keep checking this for info.  Thanks for sharing all.

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by cmarsh8082, Jun 16, 2010
I am not sure if I have it but mine isnt really grainy it is more like a gray thing. It is like a blob of something I have been online trying to figure out what it is and I cant find anything I am also afraid to go to a doctor and actually see what it is. If someone knows what it is please tell my because with it I am under a lot of stress and I just want to know what it is.

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by inquirer142, Jun 21, 2010
I just returned from a visit to a dermatologist and it was such a bad experience! I went online and found this forum, and I am grateful to see that so many others recognize the symptoms that I am having.

Since I was in my early twenties (I am now in my thirties) I have noticed these 'sandgrains' that was located in my hair follicles both on my scalp and on my face, particularly around my nose, my chin and on my forehead. It has become progressively worse and has also spread to my chest and back. I have a pretty healthy lifestyle and I manage to keep the symptoms down which makes my skin look pretty normal usually with no inflammation and only few visible postules. However, if I touch my skin and scalp I can feel these 'sandgrains' just below the surface, and as others here describe, am able to remove them with my fingernails. I also have the itching sensation, especially at night time. Along with this I have had problems with sore and watery eyes.

So, I checked the Internet and came across articles, also some published in refered journals, and what I found that most resembled these symptoms was a a range of skin conditions caused by the demodex mites, Demodex Folliculum and Demodex Brevis. These mites are commonly found in the hair follicles of most people. However, in some people, particularly those with a lowered immune response, these mites can proliferate into large numbers, which can cause a lot of havoc that together go under the medical term Demodicosis. As far as I can tell, the role of the demodex mites in skin conditions is still being researched and discussed, but it is suggested that the demodex may play a significant role in many skin disorders. Among these disorders are:

Pityriasis folliculorum: Rough, dry and scaly skin, particularly on the scalp and the face (which resembles the symptomps of seboroic dermatitis), also sometimes associated with grain like postules in the hair follicles and significant hairloss.

Demodex Blepharitis: Inflammation of the eyelid margins resulting in sore and watery eyes. This conditions can be acompanied by scales in the eyeslashes. The conditions is caused by a large number of demodex mites living in the follicles and the sebacious glands of the eyelashes. This conditions looks similar to Rosacea of the eyes.

Rosacea: Demodicosis is often found in conjuntion with Rosacea, which is suggested to be caused by the inflammation caused by bacteria and the irritation that goes hand in hand with the demodex infestation.

Perioral Dermatitis: A rash around the mouth

Anyway, I decided to consult a dermatogist and hoped to finally be examined and have an informed dialogue with a professional with respect to the symptoms that I have struggled with for years. Today I finally managed to get an appointment, and when I saw the doctor, he took a quick glance at me just from wher ehe was seated at his desk, and told me I had perfectly normal skin. Then I told him that I, on a daily basis, can remove sandgrans from my skin and scalp and that I have this itching sensation, particularly at night. I also told him that I have problems with watery eyes. He totally dismissed me and would not take a closer look at my skin, or take a sample for a microscopy. He repeated that he could see nothing wrong (without actually examining my skin), and then he gave me a receit for a cream that is used to treat excema (similar to cortisone products, which most know are only helpful for excemes caused by an overactive immune response). I expressed my concern that this cream would only treat the symptoms and asked if he would please take a closer look at my skin and have a look at the grains I was mentioned, in order to more precisely establish what was causing the symptoms. He refused and then he told me that probably it was not a dermatologist I needed, because my problem was that 'I obsessed about it' .. implying that I needed to consult a psychologist instead!
I was so put off and so surprised by being met like this, and needless to say, I felt talked down to.

By the end of the consultation today (that took ten minutes max), I asked the dermatoligist what is used to treat demodex infestation, and he just roled his eyes and made me a receit for ten tablets of antibiotic (Ciproxin 500 mg). I am ready to give this treatment a try, but still it feels very unsatisfactory both that I was neither proberly examined, nor taken serious in my own reporting of symptoms, AND then he ends up giving me a treatment for a condition he will not acknowledge.  

I am employed as a researcher at the university, albeit in a different profession, and know how to read an academic paper and to evaluate information. I am so frustrated that I was so not taken seriously, and am wondering how often this happens. From reading the posts at this and similar forums, I can tell that this is something that is very real for a lot of people, and I find it deeply unprofessional that practicing dermatologists are simply dismissing this valuable information. I could tell from some of the posts above that I am not the only one who has been dismissed or even thought they were going crazy.

Well, that was a lot of words. I hope some of the information was useful for others to further examine the causes of these symptons.

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by chawk81, Jun 28, 2010
I also have this condition. I'm in my late 30s and have had this happening to me for the past 8 or 9 years. As many of you have described, my symptoms include small whitish "grains" of something or other that are dislodged from my scalp when I run my fingernails over it. I don't experience any itching or redness or any acne on my scalp. Only the grains. My hair is quite fine but I have a full head of hair. So when it first started happening I thought they were dried follicle bulbs but I haven't lost much hair since then so I don't think that's the case. Now I think that they are the same makeup as a small blackhead but closer to the surface. I have still not ruled out that it's simply dirt that has found it's way into a pore. Or possibly small dried sebum particles. I'm not a dirty person by any means but I do have oily skin so I think that has something to do with it. I eat well so I don't think it's my diet. Overall the grains don't cause me discomfort other than embarrassment. But I would like to find out what they are. It's becoming a habit to "harvest" them at least once a day and then dispose of them. Man, that sounds gross. Sorry about that but it's true.

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by sree039, Jul 06, 2010
plz .........  check following link........ it may help for all of us.........

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by trmdiva, Jul 17, 2010
It's terrible that so many people have the same problem and we are not taken seriously by the so called 'professionals' who diagnose in seconds. You think they would take the time to insert the symptoms into a computer to come up with an evaluation. That would be more accurate. That is why i have not been to a dermatologist in years. They are just a waste of good money.

My problems started with my roommate coming to live with me who had two cats. Well, I noticed not long afterward that I started getting an itchy head with sores. I thought it was lice, but the shampoo did not work. So I tried it again, thinking that maybe they just returned. Of course, i never saw lice but just assumed that was it. Well, my doctor at the Sunnyvale Med Clinic said it was dermatitis and that there was no cure. I cried and she told me to just get over it. Not compassionate at all because she had no clue as to how painful it was and is. All of my children now have symptoms and so do past boyfriends. She said I had dermatitis and it was not catchy. Now I will always second guess doctors who think they know it all when they know nothing.

I believe that I have had the demodex mite after all these years. It has progressed to my losing lots of my hair, sand like particles can appear anywhere on my body, fatigue, restless sleep, skin tags which end up scaring, eyebrows when plucked have white substance at the bottom, eyes get very crusty in the morning, unusually so. White stuff on my face  and pin ***** sensations at any time on my body. Like someone takes a needle and pricks me just for the fun of it. Oh, and it is also in my car. My son got in the car and felt something biting him, so they travel with you. If you visit a friend or relative they can hitch a ride. I hardly visit anyone for fear of transmitting them. It's very isolating and I cry alot because i don't want to date anyone and give them this horrible life sentence. I have found a site called demodex solutions. I am going to try it ans see if it works. Will keep you updated. God bless and please pray for me.

Sad and alone in California

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by sickofbeingsick726, Jul 23, 2010
look up white piedra.  I have a compromised immune system.  I was on antibiotics too many times along with steroids for asthma.  Look up oil of oregano, I put the oil in empty capsules so I don't have to taste it.  You will be amazed at the amount of things-parasites, yeast, flu, etc oil of oregano will rid.  It is great because it doesn't kill any of the good bacteria just the bad.  Also look up morgellons related to fungus.  I have found red and blue fibers coming out of my cuticles and I cough them up as well.  Sounds crazy but I am really not.

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by DR_NIT_PICKY, Aug 09, 2010
For 90% of you, you have HEAD LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go get the medicine and spray your car and don't just ride with anybody. Head Lice is very hard to get rid of........................people think it's dandruff and all other types of things. Also, wash your hair once or twice a week with a dandriff shampoo and don't use conditioner on your scalp if you can. Use a clairfying shampoo at least once every two weeks and once a week if you use a lot of hair products, (i.e., gel, hair spray, etc...) And alway blow dry your scapl esp if you have thick hair. When you are around a lot of kids, beware. I caught head lice one time from church. Yes, and I sure miss that church...I mised out on being there for my nieces because my sister never could/would get rid of their head lice and I was tired of fighting a losing battle....HEAD LICE and also lice can live in your eyebrows and eyelashes and mites can live on your face, too! HEAD LICE shampoo can help with all that, but you have to be vigilant and repeat the process in 7-10 days later so do the treatment on a day that you can obligat yourself to repeating the treatment again a week later....GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY NIT HUNTING!!!!~

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by DR_NIT_PICKY, Aug 09, 2010
One more thing....YOU must use a bomb with BENGAL in it to kill the little critters in your carpets and car, work, etc....Sometimes, you have to help a good friend, sister, or parent get rid of the critters...I wish we had a month sedicated to getting rid of head lice...They will make a person go insane from all the itching.......Ugggggg....just the thought makes me itch....

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by Kristen540, Aug 11, 2010
I've had this problem on and off for years. It's not lice. And no one else in my family has it, so I'm not sure that what I have is contagious.

I don't have it all the time, but I can't really tie in any connections to the times I get it. I get that nasty sandy stuff, and the tingly scalp. The grains seem to build up in my ears, which is disgusting so I scrub them hard in the shower every morning. Also, I get those pin pricky sensations all over, which do feel like bites yet there's nothing on the skin to bite. I also get a few blisters on my scalp and randomly hot feeling patches of skin.

When it first started, I did think my hair was thinning, and even now a few hairs come out with those big bulbs on the bottom.

I have no autoimmune problems, no illnesses, take no medication. I use no special shampoo but I might try one of those tar based ones  just to see how it works. I'd love it if someone had something that worked to try. I've just weathered another 3 week bout of whatever the heck this is and it's so depressing. I'm so glad to have found this forum.

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by PauletaPorreta, Aug 11, 2010
Oh my god. I have the same thing! I have the sand-like white/transparent things and it gets worse at night.

Scratching my scalp and taking these things out have become an annoying and disgusting habit!

I read that some of you feel fatigue... I'm basically tired all the time.

I do have mild acne and my face also itches, mainly at night.

My hair has started to fall out a lot (even my dad noticed) and I think it's getting thinner as well. Sometimes I find the white things at the end of my hair.


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by Krprm, Aug 14, 2010
I have the same symptoms - am now middle aged and began to notice this when I was in my teens.  Mine is not white piedra.  My hair is much thinner on the crown and this is not due to heredity.  My suggestions (as these tips seem to have slowed my hair loss):  DO NOT SCRATCH your scalp  - I believe that was the main cause of my  hair loss.  Apparently scratching one's scalp can cause scars to form which may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but affect future hair growth.  Do not wash your hair in hot water, use only COOL water on your scalp.  Use SMALL quantities of very mild shampoo.  Be gentle when brushing or combing your hair.  Avoid heating your scalp with hair dryers, etc.  Wear a hat in the sun to protect your hair and scalp.  Baby your scalp, in other words.  I've really seen a difference since I began following these tips.  

I have yet to find a doctor who takes this seriously and I have seen several doctors and had several tests for possible causes.

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by 25Jerry, Aug 27, 2010
Has anyone had a biopsy?  I had one two days ago, waiting for the results.  I will let you know if it shows anything helpful.

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by Les1975, Aug 30, 2010
I too suffer from this. I am 34 and I have had it as long as I can remember. When I scratch my head, there is a whitish substance and sand like particles under my fingernails. I do not have dandruff, do not have a lowered immune system, my scalp does not itch and NO it is not lice! I am oily..I have to wash my hair everyday. Soooo strange that so may people suffer from this and there is no answer.

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by bella77573, Sep 04, 2010
I have this... faught it all my life. It gets out of control with stress take your B's. I even have to watch my upper trunk in the sun I get uneven dark scalling, its all related.

It has been explained to me by my dermatologist it is a yeast infection of the scalp/skin. Everyone has yeast but weaked immune systems especially if you are diabetic that is an inflation of the system which causing auto immune responses.
Take Biotin it helps a lot. Stop eating sugar and yeast and take olive oil to clean your system. Loose weight and shampoo with sulfer type products, it doesnt go but you can get it under control. Long term yeast of the brain which your syptoms are just a side effect of is directly related with parkinsons later in life, and if your brain your body is full of if. Water, oxygen proteins vitamins and no sugars will pull you.
Stop the birth control pills its like eating yeast bad bacteria, it is a big cause of it.

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by 25Jerry, Sep 10, 2010
I don't believe we all have the same thing.  I had a biopsy and it has come back with general terms that need to be tested further.  When mine started it itched like crazy.  But after using multiple non itch shampoos, the itch has subsided somewhat.  Mine also does not come off under my nails and when you look at the scalp you don't see anything.  It feels fibrous and feels like you are scratching it up, but it barely falls out it is so stuck to the hair and will not wash out.
My biopsy says epidermis shows mild orthokeratosis and irregular acanthosis,  The dermis demonstrates irregularly dilated blood vessels associated with stromal fibrosis and chronic inflammation.  As I said before we don't all have the same thing and I want know what it all means until I am further tested.  Searching on

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by Magyy, Sep 14, 2010
I am glad I found this site. All of these problems are obviously not the same but I am beginning to see some patterns I believe may be the cause of my problem. Even shortly after I wash  my hair I can scratch the scalp and find tiny sand-like particles that will come away under my fingernails. It is as if the sand were made of hardened oil, but I do not have oily hair- I only have to wash my hair about once a week. The only time my hair itches is when it gets dirty. This has not been a longtime problem for me, but I think that with many of us it is a reaction to long-term antibiotic treatment. I was on antibiotic therapy for 18 months for an infection in my jawbone and that doesn't begin to describe all the treatment LOL! The antibiotic therapy ended about 4 months ago, but the sandy hair thing started before then. Now I am 3 weeks into an attack of what my doctor thinks is Diverticulitis - infection in little pockets in the colon - and of course I have to take antibiotics for that. One thing that I don't have is hair loss. My hair is very fine but it is pretty thick and that has not changed. It seems like maybe the sandy problem is a bit better but I am not sure. I don't have any dandruff at all, but I developed a case of acne right after I stopped the antibiotic therapy for the jaw infection. This is really odd because I am 60!!! I pretty much have the acne under control but I definitely think it was from being on antibiotics for 18 months as I have never had any skin problems like this! When I was my hair I use my fingernails to try to scratch off every little piece of sand there is, but they will be right back. sigh.

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by mystic10, Sep 21, 2010
I seem to have the same thing but its everywhere.  I have tried the scabies stuff, antibiotics and nothing works. And dermatologist seem really dumb when it comes to something like this.  I itch I scratch and the little granules are there and the docs look at you like you are nuts.  I have scars on my face, neck and back from scratching.  I have not tried olive oil or the dermamite stuff.  This *****.

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by IronicallyYours, Oct 01, 2010
Alright, so I've had this for about two years now. The best thing I've done is switching to shampoo bars. The itching has gone away, although some of the sand-like grains remain.

In my opinion, it is likely a reaction to the harsh chemicals found in shampoos, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and other derivatives. These are the SAME things that are in dish soap and soap to clean a garage floor. They are too harsh to be used on hair, which is why you need a conditioner.

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by bnanna, Oct 02, 2010
aargh. this stuff is TRULY awful.... not bad enough for the rest of the world to sit up & take notice, but soooo plaguing to those of us who have to deal with it :P

here is a link to another similar board with more good info:

Good Hunting!

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by JeremyFinnimore, Oct 06, 2010
There is a natural product in Thailand that extracts the sandy grains / granules.
The hard sand like granules in the photograph were some of the granules
extracted from one customer in one treatment session

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by DontknowwhattodoGA, Oct 14, 2010
I am a 26 year old female with shoulder length medium to thick hair and for the past year I have had the same symptoms listed above. My scalp begins itching so badly to the point that I scratch until it bleeds and a scab forms. I have the grainy bits (sand like)  on the crown of my scalp only. I also have three small bumps on the crown of my scalp that are sore. I accidently burst one of the bumps 6 months ago and found that they are filled with green pus and blood so I popped the other two and scalp feels so much better but am afraid I am setting my self up for infection beacause the bumps are reoccurring in the same locations after a week or so. I normally wash my hair twice a week and scalp always feels better after washing for one to two days then the itching begins all over again (Checked for head lice to find - I DO NOT HAVE HEAD LICE). Now I have tried almost every shampoo there is on the market for scalp issues and recently have ordered expensive shampoos on-line that are sulfate and alcohol free. The sulfate and alcohol free shampoos and conditioners makes my hair feel better but the problem (severe scalp itch)  returns if I go 4 to 5 days without washing. l have no idea what to do to fix this problem. Considered going to see a dermotoligist but am sceptical because most doctors dont really listen to you when you explain your symptoms and give a general response that is more than likely not accurate so was hoping someone on here may have a solution to my problem.


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by bnanna, Oct 25, 2010
wow... the three reoccurring bumps & greenish pus is a new one to me... do you itch or have sore spots anywhere else? i mean, ANYWHRE? such as ears, eyes, inside nose, under arms, etc? have you had any issues that you know of with yeast or fungus such as tinea? any patchy pale spots or blotchy areas anywhere? new moles? what about rosacea? digestive troubles? pain or stiffness in muscles or joints? or burning pain in pressure points? any other strange new symptoms at all? does anything ever come out of the bumps besides the pus? does it ever feel as tho something solid is in there, if you could just get to it? sensation of glass or fibers, for example... do you have fatigue that just wont quit, or palpitations, or sore throat that never goes away, etc?

im not trying to be nosy, you dont have to answer, but see if you can make any other connections within the same timeframe... i would bet this is just the tip (to make a bad pun) of a more systemic problem....

one suggestion i can offer for now, you might consider leaving off bottled shampoos altogether in favor of a PLAIN bar of olive oil soap. Kiss My Face has a good safe one, made with pretty much nothing but olive oil & salt- i love it. my hair has been dropping badly for the past couple years, but leaving off with chemical hair products has helped a lot. also, i highly recommend you ditch anything, i mean anything, with Silicones/-canes.... they are like armor all for the hair, looks great short term but causes no end of long term trouble.

hope some of that helps!

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by darlasue, Oct 26, 2010
Most of what is described in this post sounds like demodex.  My dd was ate up with them for 2 years before I figured it out.  Skin and scalp, along with a lot of hair loss.  Finally found info on demodex and started fighting them.  Tried lots of stuff, but what has helped most is raising her ph (7 or higher) and keeping it there, drinking borax water per the earthclinic recipe (1/8 to 1/4 borax to 1 lited of water), and taking Allimax 2x daily.  Also taking seabuckthorn oil in the form of Swanson's Omega 7, but not sure it made a big difference.  
My daughter's face is 99% better, her scalp is nearly itch-free and has no flakes.  All we have left to beat is the hair loss.  
Oh yeah.  She also had kp on her arms and legs, which is completely cleared now.
And I don't care what they say - this stuff absolutely transmits from dogs to humans.
Hope this helps someone and makes their struggle and little easier/shorter than ours.

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by bnanna, Oct 27, 2010
hi darlasue,
thats exactly what ive been fighting for at least 2 years too, altho i didnt know the dx until just a couple months ago.

since beginning holistic herbal therapy in september, i do feel like i am also getting a handle on the mites themselves... most of the blotchy redness and puffiness is gone & pores are smaller, and no 'sand' or flaking, or tickling/crawling feelings most of the time anymore... but. unfortunately what must have been a massive die-off has resulted in a stubborn bacterial infection that i just cant seem to beat (demodex mites carry bacillus that gets released when they die).
so for the past 2-3 weeks ive been getting a different kind of little red 'bite'-looking lesion that burns like fire and is very slow to heal, no matter what i try. Heat does help to dry them out so they have a chance to form new skin underneath, so ive been standing with a blow dryer aimed at my face on the high setting for as long as i can stand it, a couple times a day. but just when i finally got down to the last four half-healed ones on my chin (one of which bloomed up HUGE too)... lo & behold, yesterday a whole new cluster has suddenly appeared in my hairline. grrrr! and ouch.

i would be interested in starting on your borax tonic to see if it might be the missing factor but i need to get the amounts right- did you mean 1/8-1/4 TEASPOON per liter of water? also, what is Allimax... name sounds like it might be a garlic compound, am i right?
i have been taking a herbal parasite/liver cleanse (high potency Neem caps and BlackWalnut/Wormwood tincture) which i feel has been beneficial internally (no need for further detail here ;) and the mites are definitely better, but now its the doggoned bacteria i cant seem to kick.

please post your dosages & amounts for each treatment, and about how long each one took to show success- i will get right on them & post back with my results too.

i am glad to know your daughter is doing so much better! what a pain this stuff is!

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by theremedy, Nov 21, 2010
I have read all of the posts. I agree with the other(s) who believe it is morgellons. My grandfather had it. Lots of patients who have it are thought to have one or several of the following fibromyalga, skin disorders, hair loss, feels like they have head lice,  psychological problems, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue. It will make people actually think their actually going crazy. Labatory findings have found that  patients will have inflammatory cytokines, increased insulin, and antibodies to three bacterial pathogens. With this being said, I will also say it is rare, very little studies have been done, and there is currently no cure.

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by TessaMata, Nov 27, 2010
I also have the sandy itchy head. I'm a 26 year old woman but this prob started at age 19 and my hair has been thing as well. I don't take antibiotics, I don't blow dry my hair. I did have a biopsy and tests for lupus and such and everything came back fine. The Dr. Gave me two medication to help the itch (ketoconazole 2% shampoo) and (clobetasol propionate topical solution, ISP 0.05%) it has truly helped the itching and drastically reduceed the "sand" but my hair is still falling out. I'm am health,  it doesn't run in my family. (Baldness ) I don't know what else to do except join hair club for women...LOL

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by Looblue, Nov 29, 2010
I can help. I suspect that most people on here have a mild (or middling) case of seborrheic dermatitis. It's a mixture of dead skin cells, sebum and kerratin that makes the hard grain-like residue. It's like kerattosis which appears as hard grainy bumps on the body, particularly on the backs of the arms and the legs (which some peole are also describing). It's nothing to worry about and is quite common, especially if you are run-down. It's not fully understood what causes it or how to treat it properly but it basically starts with dry skin and scalp- and yes- it is quite possible to have greasy hair and a dry scalp (or acne/ greasy skin and get kerratosis). The main things to do are:

1. Stop scratching- I know it's hard but it only inflames the scalp and causes more itching, and in some cases damage to the skin. Yes, dematitis can cause slight thinning of the hair - but more damage to follicles is done by scratching. You have to try to break the itch-scratch cycle. A cream such as Lanacane may give some relief to particularly itchy patches.
2. Try to stop stressing- stress can cause dry skin and make it worse
3. Try to limit using chemicals on the scalp which can irritate and dry the skin out further- use a mild shampoo such as baby shampoo and make sure the water is not too hot. Don't leave hair dye on the scalp for too long, try a natural hair dye. Coal tar shampoo seems to help such as T-gel as it calms the skin, tea tree will only work if you have 'dandruff'- it will make a dry scalp worse.
4. Try not to wash your hair too much as it makes it worse- also try not to let your scalp get too greasy either as it seems to exacerbate it too.
5. To sooth the scalp you need to clam the skin and moisturise it (this applies to kerratosis on the body too). I haven't had much luck with warm oil but a basis moisturiser works- don't use your best cream, a basic aqueous cream works just fine- or if you have long or thick hair a lotion may be easier to massage into the scalp such as E45 lotion.(use your finger pads- no scratching- however tempting it may be!) Leave on for 15 mins , you might wrap hair in a towel to create some gentle heat and help the moisturiser penetrate. Wash out with lukewarm water.
6. Try not to let your environment get too dry- especially in the winter with radiators etc.- if needs be use a humidifier or leave a bowl of water by the radiator to add moisture to the air.    

Most of all- don't worry- for most people there is nothing to worry about, it's perfectly natural, if annoying- and it doesn't make you gross in any way. Good luck.

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by doris12345, Nov 29, 2010
But what causes seborrheic dermatitis? I am 42 and was diagnosed with seb derm when I was in my 20s for the same type of symptoms described on this thread. I also battled mild acne my whole life. I finally realized that there was a cycle to my scalp, acne, and hair issues (my hair was also very oily, but "looked" dry). I did a lot of research and am convinced it is demodex that causes seb derm. Seb derm is only a label for the symptoms that demodex causes. The reason your skin itches is because it has a parasite living in its outer layer. The itch is a natural reaction.

The reason the scalp and skin is oily is because the skin's natural reaction to a parasitic invasion is to produce oil to repel the parasite the only way it can. Demodex burrows into the scalp where it lays eggs and take bacteria with it, causing the bumps that many of us are feeling.

I have found that ivermectin/stromectol is your first defense against this. It kills the eggs. You also need to break up the biofilm, which is a thin layer of sebum or oil that your skin produces and the parasites use to protect themselves. Bleach soaks, turpentine,  salt baths, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil, and other homeopathic strategies work; you have to find what works for you. I am in month 6 of fighting these critters, but it is definitely getting better each day.

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by karenraley, Dec 06, 2010
There are so many of us with these problems, why are doctor's reluctant to even believe about this.  They totally disregard.  OMG   Anyone out there have any help of products or professionals?  I KNOW I have demodex fomicullitis.  Every day the aggressively attack me ie hair loss, jscalp red and broken skin cause I scrate it to get it off.  I have an infection on my forhead by my hair (used to be hair there) that is at least 1 1/2 "  pretty big.  Pretty big.  ***** last few days.  Using the topical dr. gave me for my rash and now the puss is gone but a big black scab is there.  I see more and more and more mites.  If you put something on the scalp like ointment or even vaseline  just to see, you will see all these little pin heads.  Shiny and obvious.  Creme goes to scalp with no help and the pin heads are the demodex devils.
I'm sitting here crying cause I can't get help.  I go home for xmas to see my family in a little over a week.  Can you imagine what they'll think.

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by mnblonde, Dec 07, 2010
I found this forum months ago and I bookmarked the site and I periodically come back and read the new posts. I havent posted because I myself CANNOT get any help from the drs (ie derm,family dr) Nobody knows what it is. So I didnt want to post but I really need some answers or help. I have a really bad back and have had multiple surgeries and then I get this! I thought I was down and out with just the back issue! I dont know how much more I can take before I just throw in the towel,really!!!!! It all started with just alittle pimple like bump and I had to pick it and then clumps and clumps of hair started coming out. Now 2yrs later I have intense iching,sores,bumps,a stinging sensation(scalp),burning sensation(scalp) and on the crown of my scalp it is bald!  I loose hair from all over my scalp but the crown is the worst. My skin on my finger tips and feet are rough and peel away and my nails are brittle. I now have some kind of weird "rash" on my face. When I was my hair it stings sooooo bad. I too have slight immune issues and acne as well. I have been tested for sooooo many things and have also had a biopsy,(LOL) which was told that I have alopecia!!! HAHAHA not even! Then she switched it to telogen effluvium,yeah right! Anyways,I just thought I would get some thoughts for here. I was going to try the borax thing but didnt know if I could use just regular tap water. So and thoughts or ideas would greatly be appreciated. Do doctors ever come on here? Do they ever read any of these posts? If so...WHERE ARE THE DR'S? HELP US PLEASE!!!!

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by Meme052, Jan 01, 2011
Thank you by Looblue, Nov 29, 2010 02:26AM, I think you might have hit it on the head*.  This is what I have suspected it is from the beginning.  Side note: I also get hairlike/fiberlike protrusions form my belly and chest, which look like white hairs and seem to grow along side the tiny fine hairs normally found there.  However, they can be drawn out with tweezers or fingernailtips very easily, and remind me of a long thin strand of acne?  Kind of seems similar to me. Weird.

Anyway, I too have the "sandy hair" problem.  This is a great website, I found by googling "sand on scalp".  Mine started two years ago.  My husband is an RN, and has looked at it many times..IT IS NOT LICE as some have mistakingly suggested.  It is like little grains of sand all over your head.  Especially after a shower, my head starts to itch as my hair dries naturally.  I can massage my scalp VERY LIGHTLY with my fingertips, and feel the grains dislodge it seems from the base of the hair shafts, and when you look at them, they look and feel like a grain of sand or sugar.  Hard, round, not flakey.  You have to rub or itch them to get them to dislodge from their place on your scalp, but it doesn't take much pressure to do so.  Weird.

If you scratch them off, your scalp WILL ITCH tremendously!  I have scratched one spot, unthinkingly, late at night in bed, and soon my whole scalp starts to itch uncontrollably so much so that it keeps me up for hours.  I do have oily hair, but I have tried shampooing daily, everyother day, twice a week, etc. and nothing has helped.  I have bought thirty dollar shampoos and expensive conditioners...nothing helps.  I have not tried tea oil, and might do that next.  The other things that made sense on this forum are possibly Morgellons disease, White piedra, Demodex folliculorum.  

I was losing my hair pretty bad when I gave into the the itch and scratched it a lot, even to the point of getting patchy bald spots, but since I started trying VERY HARD to resisit scratching, my hair is mostly back to it's very thick natural state. I still have the grains - literally hundreds of them ready for dislodging at any time on my head.  If I massage my scalp, and dislodge 100 of them tonight, tomorrow night I will have another 100 again.  There seems to be no ending them.  

Finally I must weight in on the problems ppl have had with dermotologists!  I AGREE!  Some of them are so arrogant they treat you like a moron, and won't even listen to you.  It is like you are trying to waste their time.  Yes, I made an appointment, paid $95.00 and waiting in your waiting room for three hours after taking time off work (and losing money for it) to be treating by an arrogant doctor who won't even look at my scalp.  UGH!!!!

If anyone else has this and is ever diagnosed with Morgellons disease, White piedra, Demodex folliculorum, ets. please post it!  I am going to print up some info on these and take to my next visit, however, unless I can find a GOOD and CARING dermotologist, I doubt I can even get the doctor to read it!  They will prolly just be calling the men in padded wagons to come get me... ;P

*The problem with Looblue's suggestion of seborrheic dermatitis, is that they are grains, not flakes at all!  Nothing like flakes.  Pour some sugar or salt on the table, and look at it.  That is what we are living with!  

1548538 tn?1293875433
by Meme052, Jan 01, 2011
Note to Looblue - I realize you said they could be grainy, however, in regard to my doubt of your diagnosis, everything I can find online says Seborrheic Dermatitis is flaky.  If anyone else finds a URL where it states it can be grainy, please post.  I will be watching this thread and hoping for answers.  

1548538 tn?1293875433
by Meme052, Jan 01, 2011
Also, to Looblue!  Oh my word!  I googled the other term in your post, "Keratosis pilaris (KP, also follicular keratosis), more commonly known as chicken skin, is a common, autosomal dominant, genetic follicular condition that is manifested by the appearance of rough bumps on the skin. It most often appears on the back and outer sides of the upper arms (though the lower arms can also be affected), and can also occur on the thighs, hands, and tops of legs, flanks, buttocks, or any body part except glabrous skin (like the palms or soles of feet).[1] Less commonly, lesions appear on the face, which may be mistaken for acne.[2] Keratosis pilaris is completely harmless; however the condition can contribute to or exacerbate depression and anxiety."

I also have this!  I have patches on both thighs, and on my left wrist!  Another sign that points to your idea possibly being the correct one.  Thanks so much for posting! It does calm my fears, and I like your suggestions of how to help.  I am going to try the baby shampoo idea as well.

1548538 tn?1293875433
by Meme052, Jan 01, 2011
4th post - sorry, I am posting as I find things.  Look at this info I found at the post a few posts above re: thailand balding treatment  They say:

"Q:   A lot of hard granules come out when I do treatment. They are like small grains of sand. Is this normal?
A:   The hard, sand like granules are DHT crystals. With many balding persons there are waxy granules and hard granules under the scalp. The hard granules vary in size and colour. They can be as large as 1mm wide (see image, click to enlarge) and vary in colour from clear to brown to black. Many balding persons have literally thousands of these hard granules under the scalp! The hard granules in the image were collected from one client in just two treatment sessions"

....and they even have a picture of the hard granules!

As Alice would say, "Curiouser and Curiouser!"

1548538 tn?1293875433
by Meme052, Jan 01, 2011
ps. google shoows up NOTHING for DHT crystals on scalp so I am extremely suspicious of said Thailand treatment.

Sign me,
feeling better but still seeking answers

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by Starrbrightt, Jan 05, 2011
I really think this could be a vitamin deficiancy like iron n Ds ive done alot of research but nuthing comes up thats useful One thing i did think of and will try when im not breastfeeding is a PSORIASIS treatment you can buy shampoos ( funny enough while i was pregnant my hair started to grow back, maternity vitamins ? maybe)  anyway i was looking on line for natural remedy's hoping that i could find something inexpensive to help Ive always used Puritans Pride vitamins ( recommended to me by my gramma who was an herbalist so i trust her judgment on health issues They have vitamins for hair plus shampoos for thickening which i haven't tried but there prices are amazing also anything with Tea tree or lavender are good forms of astringent and help clear any bacteria or infection just use them sparingly if Ur not sure of allergies and be smart we have so much garbage in our food and the things we put on our body's everyone could use a good clean up and a healthier diet maybe its that, i see a lot of young people with this> could be toxins from bad food~hopefully one of us will figure it out and we should all stop eating Mcdonalds :)

529981 tn?1212853666
by jenneedshelp, Jan 05, 2011
Hi, it's me the original postee.
So I have been trying a multitude of things since creating this post. I am convinced that this is bacterial, fungal, or parasitic in orgin. It might also be related to our immune systems.

So I have tried some sulphur shampoos which do help a little but smell terrible)= I have also tried seabuckthorn oil which is supposed to rid "demodex".... it's expensive and does not really work.
BUT the one thing that I have tried that has had a significant reduction in scalp itch and "granules" is a shampoo called allodine...... now brace yourself it's a horse shampoo. I know it's weird, bit it is the only thing that has even remotely worked. It is a shampoo formulated with aloe, iodine, and allatoin.
Iodine, as we all know, is an antibacterial...... in this case it really seems to do the trick. Aloe is supposed to moisturize and supposedly helps prevent hairloss. Allatoin is supposed to help skin heal.
The shampoo smells a little funky, I would recommend using a scented conditioner after.
It is also cost effective.

So this shampoo helps with itch, scalp odor, and granules.
It does not 100% improve the condition, but hey I have only been using it a week and have notice an 80-90% improvement in scalp itch, hair fall, granules, and scalp odor.

Let me know your results!

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by V_Fountain, Jan 07, 2011
Hi guys,

Just my two pence.

I've also noticed this buidup on my scalp and even on my facial hair.

I'm pretty sure it's a form of seborrheic dermatitis and maybe also multiple minute digitate hyperkeratosis ( - check the pic at the bottom). Obviously I can't say for sure but after a visit to the doc who said it was seborrheic dermatitis and using logic, these seem the most plausible explanations and if anything is very common.

My first instinct was that it's hardened sebum and I stand by that. I'm pretty open minded but I think we can rule out demodex mites infestation and morgellons (if that even exists).

You only have to google sebum plugs to see that it's exactly the same symptoms as most have mentioned.

Firstly, the mere fact that such a sheer amount of people are reporting the same thing shows that it's a pretty common condition and think how many don't notice/don't care and don't go searching on google for an explanation. I think it's reasonable to suggest that there's a huge percentage of people with the same condition and it's pretty common.

Secondly, the amount of people who have mentioned anti-biotics leads me to believe that it can't be pure coincidence. I'd been on antibiotics myself and just after the course noticed this. Who knows how our bodies deal with drugs which aren't natural to our body so this could be just a common side effect. Although I don't rule out the coincidence I don't think this is the main cause as others who've not used anti-biotics are reporting the same thing.

Thirdly if you look at the months when people have posted, it's much greater in the autumn/winter months which is common  trait with Seb derm due to the dry cold weather and indoor heating aka lack of moisture.

So all in all I think it's a combination of Seb derm with sebum plugs.

It's common to see sebum overproduction in seb derm caused by a dry scalp or over productive sebaceous glands.

The itch from the dry skin caused by the seb derm is a vicious cycle. People will itch (caused by a scalp fungus) and whilst their at it notice the sebum plugs. Then people become obsessed with feeling their scalp which only irritates it more leading to chronic itching.

The yeast/fungus feeds off the sebum which is why I think it's all connected.

Obviously I can't give a definite answer but I hope this makes sense.

All I can recommend is looking into hot oil treatments with jojoba oil and tea tree oil. This will dissolve the sebum. This will have to be done regularly as sebum will come back. We are most probably people who over produce sebum hence the plugs and with increased sebum you get increased yeast which causes the flaky skin and itching. And then of course the itching makes things worst.

Keeping the scalp correctly moisturised is key.

Washing your hair everyday for example strips you're scalp of essential oils.


I find Nizoral works with the itching but use with caution as it's very strong and can have possible side effects if you're allergic to it. I was prescribed via my doc so get professional advice first. Although it gets rid of the itch by killing the fungus, it will leave you with a dry scalp which is the opposite of what you want but it's a catch 22 as you need to rid the scalp of fungus. Counter this by using a good moisturising conditioner and don't use nizoral every day and only as directed by doc or on the label.

It's very easy to get carried away when reading all sorts of different articles on the net and lots of different possible explanations. Some might say it's a form of ocd.

I think we all just have a very common scalp condition which were stuck with for life just like some people are doomed with acne or dry skin.

Also, keep fit, keep hydrated and keep well nourished.

Hope this helps.


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by andreagny, Jan 08, 2011
For those with mild itching and sand like specks on their scalps-- I suggest  trying Jason's Natural Jojoba Oil Shampoo. It's available on Amazon and at health food stores. I've been using it for a couple of months now, and it has helped *immensely* with my scalp health. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals and perfumes that disrupt the natural balance of the scalp and oil glands, causing an abundance of sebum and oil to be produced. This can cause all kinds of skin reactions.

I notice that when I use a regular shampoo my hair gets extra grainy, and itchy, and I'm truly convinced that the harsh chemicals in soaps and shampoos have been the culprit in my scalp issues.  Jojoba oil is the active ingredient in Jason's jojoba shampoo, and I have been very very happy with it's results.

I also use Jojoba oil by dessert essence on my face and body as a moisturizer, it's been an amazing cure not only for my acne (blackheads and cystic acne) but for eradicating grainy dry skin bumps on my chest and back.  I do have to use it every day though.

This of course is not going to be a cure all for everyone here, but if your condition is mild, and only annoying, I would strongly suggest looking into Jojoba oil remedies.

My heart goes out to all of you! and I wish you all better health this year!

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by healthylivin, Jan 30, 2011
I just started with this problem of sand in my hair.  At the same time, I started having acne breakouts on my neck and back - where my long hair lays.  I stopped taking my birth control pills and also have had much stress at work for the last few months.

I've been seeing a Chinese Medicine doctor for acupuncture and herbal remedies for the last 5 months.  I plan on asking her about it when I see her next.  She's helped me stop taking 2 prescription medicines and avoid surgery.  After 5 months - I'm cured of my digestive problems!  I'm fed up with doctors trying to sell me all of these medications that mask the symptoms but don't cure the underlying problem.  The answer.... completely change my diet to what we were meant to eat before all of the quick fast foods and prepared meals became available.  Keep it basic - fruit, veggies, fish, chicken, etc.  Nothing that is processed.  With this in mind, I went to Whole Foods and bought their cheapest shampoo - 365 lavender blend for $3.99 a bottle.  After 2 washes in 2 days - the sand is almost gone.  The shampoo doesn't have any of the harsh chemicals that are in most commercial brands.  I'm going to run it by her in case there's more to it - but between these posts and the simple shampoo - I think it'll be ok.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing - helped me figure it out without visiting the doctor:)  I wish you all the best - and give Chinese medicine a chance.  It's helped me tremendously.  I was so sick I didn't think I'd ever be better and now - I'm just great!

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by Chip1289, Feb 18, 2011
email this entire page to any and all dermatologists in your area. Im sure if everyone on this page did this at least one would have some idea of how to treat this. This **** is gettin old for me been dealing with this ******** for the last 4 years.

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by Chip1289, Feb 18, 2011
excuse my language.

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by BetterDay, Mar 09, 2011
Recently, I took steps to avoid these seven ingredients and my scalp and skin started to improve overnight.  I think the negative effects of these ingredients take their toll over time and years of use.

At the bottom is a link to a glossary and some info on the ingredients.  This is not to promotion for the companies hosting these links as I did not use their specific products.

1. Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate
(Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate & Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate are better for sensitive skin but still observe for any irritation)
2. Propylene Glycol

3. Stearic Acid
4. Cetyl Alcohol
5. Steryl Alcohol
6. Glycol Stearate/Distearate (gives products pearl look)
7. Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, anything ending with "cone"

Avatar universal
by BetterDay, Mar 09, 2011
I forgot to mention in my post above, if you actually try avoiding these ingredients please post your feedback.

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by geronemoo, Mar 16, 2011
Not sure if it's helpful, but I'm a magazine writer and was just given the press pack for a new hair loss product. Their research points to increased testosterone and DHT in scalp, which hardens the follicles and constricts flow of blood and nutrients to the root, causing hair to fall out. The product counters this.

I'm going to try it out coz I too get little sandy flakes and hard nubs at the roots of hairs that fall out.

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by ash336, Mar 18, 2011
I have the grainy sandy build up too! i thaught it was just because my hair is really long but TRY deluting some hyrdrogen peroxide with water (like half n half) then squirt on to scalp and let sit for 2 or 3 mintues (side note: i turn my blow dryer on cool and spray my hair for a few mintues becuase it feel really good but its not neccessary) then wash that out with warm water then use 100% pure tea tree oil and with a qtip apply that directly to scalp. Wrap your hair with a towel and go to bed. In the morning just wash your hair like normal. This helped me alot!

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by HealthAnomaly, Mar 21, 2011
I have the grainy, sand-like particles on my scalp.  The condition is worsening.  My hair is thinning at the top and on the sides.  When my hair falls out, I too notice the gummy white build-up at the root.  I am having break outs in my hair line and on the crown and sides of my head.  In addition, I got a rash on my chin (to the right of my mouth) that was unexplained.  The dermatologist put me on topic and oral antibiotics.  The rash completely changed my skin texture.  It spread to the left of my mouth in about a month.  It has now been over a year and the two patches of rash have become severe acne.  I never had acne before, but I have it now.

In addition to the hair and skin concerns, I have premature ventricular contractions, joint pain, unending thirst, constipation, mood swings, unexplained weight gain and a tumor on the back of my neck.  Fun times!

My dermatologist is desperately trying to help me, but I am feeling pretty hopeless.  She just put me on a medication that blocks androgens from my adrenal glands.  The good news is that it may clear up the acne and allow my hair to grow back, the bad news is it has been shown to cause tumors in animals.  *sigh*

About me:
30 years old, female.
At least one hour of exercise daily (mostly running about six miles per day), very healthy diet (mostly organic).
I use chemical-free skin and hair care (and have for years).

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by Steff777, Mar 31, 2011
I am so sorry for all of you.  I wish I had gone into research for hair loss.  I have had this problem since my early thirties.  I am having the exact same scalp problem.  I fix my fifteen year old daughter's hair every morning and I have noticed these grainy things on her hair too.  It is definitly contageous or linked to our life style.  My husband has thicker hair than me and my eighteen year old daughter has the thickest of all.  She hardly ever pays any attention to her hair.  She eats everything.  Both my youngest daughter and I are very active, eat healthy, drink only diet pop, and suffer.  Do you think this could be linked to diet pop? or even carbonated drinks?  

We have tried everything from coal tar to nioxin.  We have been to the doctor and dermatologist.  It is really sad.  It has to be something we are all exposing ourself to.  

My mother-in-law has a weak immune system, litteraly no "T" cells, and thick long hair.  She believes in cleaning with vinegar and drinking bottled water only.  Do you think it might be a chemical in our water that no one tests for?  She prefers sponge baths.  She washes her hair with Pantene.  I can't stand Pantene.

Do we get enough sun?  It rains all the time in Oregon and the sun makes me feel sick when I try to sit in it.  I have a vitamin D deficiency and take vitamin D.  I am really pale.  I have racked my brain and thought about this alot.  I wish I knew.

I love you all so much and I hope together we will discover a solution.  Hang in there.  

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by BetterDay, Apr 06, 2011
After my post on March 09 I gave chemical-free products a try and found further improvement but I also noticed that even with products made from natural ingredients some were better than others.

For hair, I was skeptical about trying Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash (I used Left Coast Lemon scent) which does not lather but uses a clay base to cleanse scalp and hair. After the first day of following the hair detox instructions it worked and my scalp hasn't felt this good in years.

For skin, I started with Dr Bronners and Terressentials Body Wash and they were an improvement over the chemical brands but the best results have been with a simple castile soap made from only olive oil (no coconut or jojoba oil).  It also worked well as a laundry wash (and no softner needed) as it eliminated irritable static.

I used this database to find products with the least hazardous ingredients:
Both the above hair wash and olive oil ingredient in the castile soap scored a low hazard reading of 0.

In reflecting on my scalp and skin issues I think buildup from years of using chemical based cleansers are the culprit and using the right natural product is giving my scalp and skin a fighting chance to heal itself.  Even coconut oil which is widely used in natural soaps and from which many chemical ingredients in shampoos and soaps are made from is an irritant.

Hope this is helpful.  

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by dauntless50, Apr 12, 2011
This past week I traveled to Hawaii... which was very fun! However on the final days of my trip I noticed these sand particles in my hair. I assumed it was sand from the beach but it was smaller and more oily than sand. It does not itch but as much as I try to pull it out and wash it, it doesn't go away. I thought it would go away within a matter of days but now the comments I see above are scaring me. I have not seen anyone yet so I might give it a few more weeks.

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by Sev84, Apr 22, 2011
I am glad I found a forum that I can relate to. I suffer from the same itchy scalp sandy like particles in my scalp. Someone suggested I use a natural shampoo called Moo Goo. Not only it didn't help, it also doesn't clean my hair very well either.

The mention of low immune system is interesting but I'm not sure if that really is the case. I use Olive Leaf Extract daily which is excellent for boosting your immune system. I used to get severe colds nearly every 3  months but since I started using it years ago I have not had a severe cold since. People around me will normally won't be able to tell that I have a cold only I can feel the symptoms mildly. So I would like to think that I have a fairly good immune system. I also do detox diets and I eat very healthy for 15 days straight and I can feel that my digestion system improves greatly. I would expect to see a difference in my scalp condition at the end of my diet but I don't.

Sorry, I know this isn't helping much but there's definitely something we are missing here. I am going to continue researching this and will post it straight away if I find something.

All the best everyone.

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by Marc1972, Apr 24, 2011
Hello everyone,

I'm very surprised to see a lot of people with my same exact problem for 20+years... What most of you described... Been there, including arrogant/lazy/ignorant dermatologists. Nobody seems to want to look deeper into this condition. From my personal and professional intuition, I concur with some of the members on this board, in particular with V_Fountain's message dated January 7, 2011.

As a pharmacist, I've been experimenting on myself throughout the years and I've found a few things that provide relief and slightly prolong those sandy granules at the follicular level from occurring as often as they did before. I do believe that stress, lack of sleep and nutrition are major factors in this condition. But in my profession, it's hard for me to eliminate those stress factors from my life, as I work rotating overnight and day shifts, and work long days/nights, often without a lunch break or any break whatsoever. Also keep in mind, I've already tried basically everything posted by other members above. Here's what's been helping me a little bit:

- I've been using Neutragena shampoo daily and I feel it's the best shampoo on the market today to eliminate residue from my scalp. I also like Aveda's residue-eliminating rosemary shampoo, but find it quite expensive;

- I've been using baking soda to create a little paste and gently rubbing my scalp with it for 3-5 minutes once or twice weekly after shampooing, and thoroughly rinse. Recently, I've been also experimenting using Epsom Salt instead of baking soda, but I believe the latter works better in my experience.

I also found that Nizoral (2% Ketoconazole) and sulfur based shampoos used once weekly also provide relief, which makes me believe there is definitely a fungal component to our problem.

Maybe with everyone's help and feedback on this message board, we can find the perfect formula to treat our condition and ease a lot of the emotional stress that appears to be involved with it. Please keep the information flowing!


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by thankyouforyouranswer, May 10, 2011
Morgellons. Same thing happened to me. Not so rare anymore, but still stubbornly unrecognized. 300k people registered worldwide. Get treatment asap. It is systemic and will get worse. I know. It happened to me. First chronic fatigue, then Fibromyalgia dx, then a myriad of other chronic ailments. Then for about 2 years had sandy scalp, then sandy body. after 2 years and stressful event full blown disease with black specks, red and blue fibers, hairs, and other junk. It is frightening. If you have it I am sorry. Know your not alone. Don't listen to the naysayers. They have damaged us, and interfered with our ability to get help because they are too ignorant to understand that our world is not perfect, and new diseases are real. History continues to repeat while people suffer. The original doctor who suggested that surgeons use chlorine to sterilize instruments was laughed at. Well.. they are doing it again at our expense. check out the charles e holman foundation for legit research. Morgellons NJ

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by Hairbooby, May 30, 2011
I do have the same condition for 4 years. It's kind of on and off. It's grainy for a few months then gone. When I scratch it, usually a hiar goes with it. Here is what I found that helps (not eliminating it) the condition:

- Use Neutrogena T-Gel every other day, use Nizonrol once every 2 weeks
- Use clean towel (small size towel, buy 10 of them, wash them after use only once) to dry your hair
- Sleep well (this seems to be the key factor)
- Exercise under bright sun seems to help
- Wash hair every night before going to bed
- Change pillow case every week

Avatar universal
by Hairbooby, May 30, 2011
Also, I found that eating more vegetables and fruits, and cut down on deep fried food, french fries.... really really helps. Whenever I forgot to do that and eating jumk food, hair problem comes back. Sleep well is still the most dominating factor. God to bed earlier, don't burn mid night oil.

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by Wookstable, Jun 21, 2011
It's amazing to me to come across this site -- I've been dealing with this myself for years.  I have the exact same problems with these sandy grains on my scalp, even after shampooing.  

I'm trying a few things out and will write about the results, but one thing I'm sure of: CLEAN YOUR HAIRBRUSH AND COMBS!  I've always been pretty good about this and wash them with an antibacterial hand soap, but I took a white washcloth to it afterwards this week and it came away BROWN.  Pretty disgusting as we know all too well.  But I was surprised that just washing it wasn't adequate.  I've also thrown away older bottles of shampoo and am trying to use better quality/newer ones.

I'm also pretty convinced that this is a fungus-related problem.  One thing I know is that fungus tends to thrive in alkaline systems.  One way of dealing with that is to do an apple-cider vinegar rinse on your hair.  I have not tried this yet, but intend to at the weekend.  I've been using Nizoral to deal with it, and it seems to help.  I don't have dandruff, but the sand problem continues anyway.  I'm going to up the Nizoral to 3 times per week, and see if it helps.

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by Cassandra7777, Jun 30, 2011
VICKS VAPOR RUB killed the demodex mites on my back.  

It was the ONLY thing (of many, many, many treatments I tried) that worked.  That was several months ago; the demon-dexes are now staging a gradual come back on my shoulders.  I am reaching for the VICKS.   If you try Vicks on your back, have some one rub it in three times a week for one the evening. Cover the Vicks (pajamas) while sleeping. The mentholated VICKS croaks those biting, little suckers!  Also, the multitudes of tiny blisters that were on my back are still gone!  A tremendous relief, falling to sleep and not being bitten! And bitten! And bitten!  Vicks is a petroleum distillate and should be rarely used. But I deemed the demodex problem an emergency.

I think the MENTHOL in the VICKS was the kiss of death for my "back-biters". Also, the VICKS  smothered those little suckers.

Milk of magnesia theoretically kills demodex on the SCALP.  I applied it and let it dry out over night, and repeated a few times a week. The object is to dry out the demodex, as milk of magnesia, when applied topically, acts as a drying agent.  I tried this with limited success. I put a towel under my head to keep the pillow from getting wet. Now, I think I am going to try a sun lamp and shine it on my "parted" scalp, for short periods of time a few times in the evenings.  As you know, the mites cannot stand sunlight....??Quien sabe?? I will let you know if the mite population diminishes.

Also, two dermatologists told me that my itchy scalp and the "crawly" sensation, and hair loss, was caused by "stress".  When I mentioned demodex, both doctors -separate appointments- dismissed my problem. They had a total lack of knowledge of the mite.  Frankly,  they get paid the same for 10 minutes as they would receive for an honest-to-goodness appointment, where they listened, tested, researched and came up with a battle plan.  In short, they lacked interest and they rake in lots of dough for each "ten minute put-down".  May these phony-baloney practitioners get demodex...where the sun doesn't shine.

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by Missyjoy, Jul 25, 2011
So sorry but glad I'm not alone in this battle!

I haven't had any help from doctors either - and I'll have to study all these posts for more ideas -

but I have found some relief from drenching my scalp in the amber colored LISTERINE and then wearing a satin sleep cap (got that at Walmart) until it dries.  I leave it on until I wash my hair again.  It felt so good and smoothed my scalp and face so nicely, I have been splashing my face and neck with LISTERINE after I wash my face and letting it air dry.  

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by musicmare2, Sep 02, 2011
I have had pimples and grainy stuff in my scalp for years. Last year I found ZincPlex and tried it. It didn't seem too much different and I didn't realize it was helping until I ran out and couldn't afford to reorder since we just moved. It's apparent that it was helping, because my scalp condition has worsened and I feel miserable again. So, next paycheck, I'm going to reorder ZincPlex. Its a shampoo, conditioner, and cream which also acts as a hair mousse of sorts. I like it! I hope you try it but you have to give it time.
The big pimples went away first and finally it was controlled enough that I didn't continually have my fingers running through my hair.  Sound familiar???

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by wateryscalp, Sep 09, 2011
I have a gray/black watery looking thick film around the crown of my head that spreads down towards the sideburns and ears and back of my neck and also to the hair at my forehead...I believe it is Norwegian Scabies because I found that using the Foot Soak Powder from CVS Pharmacy contains Borax, Iodine and Oatmeal...It lifts this film right away and it spreads all over my head, neck and shoulders...Also, putting ground cloves although it will sting has antiseptic properties and the scabies HATE it...Layer upon layer it comes off over is very taxing to the body and the doctors won't believe me nor do they take the time to investigate...they all think I suffer from delutions of parasitosis..puh lease...I know my body...this has been ongoing for about 6 years and gets worse in the summer...When the gray/black film is dry, my head looks like shiny eggwhites (when the hair is extra short)  Try the Foot Soak Powder packets CVS brand in the orange/white boxes and also the foot powder for athletes foot in the weird shape plastic bottle..starts with a Z

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by Chip1289, Sep 10, 2011
can't believe there is still no solution to this...unreal.

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by Chip1289, Sep 10, 2011
have seen 2 different dermatologists, both of which examined my scalp and then looked at me like i was retarded and said nothing was wrong. constantly itchy/oily/musky and always these little sand-like particles everywhere on the crown, i know it's not normal because the rest of my scalp feels nothing like the crown. oh, and of course lovely thinned hair, which i doubt is mpb since it has not advanced since i started having these problems which has been over 4 years and the fact that i have no family history of it and my hairline is the same as when i was in high school. dermatologists are too general there should be scalp doctors specializing in problems of the scalp. Does anyone know of such SCALP DOCTORS?

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by Herne, Sep 12, 2011
I have little oval eggs that I scratch out of my scalp and butt...they are embedded in the skin of my butt much more than on my scalp.  They are always a translucent white colour.  They are hard and are NOT a living thing.  They look like eggs the size of a pinhead.  Thoughts on this anyone?

I have no problems with my hair.

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by paulzee204, Sep 14, 2011
I accidentally stumbled upon something that works for this.  My dad is a dermatologist, by the way, and has been ZERO help.  I asked him to do a biopsy, and he said it was stress-related, and unnecessary.  Interestingly enough, the product I chose to deal with my stress did, in fact, clear it up.  I disagree that it is stress-related, because it has been there since my late teens (I'm 39), through good times and bad, and it doesn't respond to xanax.  I would blame it on long term antibiotic use, though, and for absolutely sure it's worse if I eat bakery items or have wine.  I don't know if it's from the sugar, wheat or yeast, but for sure that exacerbates it.  Anyway, when I was going through a more stressful time, I picked up some Sam-E (either Jarrow or Nature Made) for a mood lift.  Remarkably, these little itchy balls went away and my skin totally cleared up.  It took me three trials with the Sam-E to determine that the Sam-E is what's making the difference, but I'm positive.  Sam-e needs to be taken carefully and with b vitamins, but if you've never tried it, this has been my experience.  It builds in your system, and when you get too much, you'll notice you're fly off the handle irritable.  At that point, you just stop taking it and let it sort through.  Then one day you'll say, mood was a lot better a few days ago, and/or you'll feel the itching/balls coming back, and it's time to take it again.  And then you'll start to figure out the amount that's right for you. The point is, you have to pay close attention when dosing, with an initial dose and a maintenance dose.  I typically take 400mg the first two days and then go down to 200mg for about a week before I reach the point where I need to stop.  Then I give it a few days and take one 200 mg  tab every two or three days for maintenance.  Also, it's not to be taken if there's a possibility of bipolar disorder.  I'm fairly certain that it works by either lowering blood sugar or helping detoxification, but regardless, it helps your mood and your skin, and it's nothing short of a miracle in my opinion.  I would love for someone else to try this and see if they get the same results.  Keep me posted!

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by ter210, Oct 08, 2011
I have the small balls coming from my scalp, which started this March, and shortly thereafter from other body areas.  Since about 2007 I would get tiny scalp pimples which I thought were stress related and many times had tingly scalp..its always been a problem.  Find the pimple, pop it, and it would bleed.  About one or maybe two a week would develop.  It seemed to come and go.

A year and a half ago, I noticed I was loosing lots of hair, so I went to my dr. and found out that my thryroid wasn't working and started thryoid medication. So I thought my scalp and thining hair problems were solved.  But my hair continued to fall out.  Then in March, I started developing these balls on my scalp and also I saw some where connected to the end of my hair....these are not lice; I am certain of it....and then soon they developed on my back, legs, etc.  I thought the meds were causing the balls, so I switched to natural thryoid medicine in July, but that hasn't stopped the balls.  I have lost a lot of hair in the last year..which is especially bad because I am a girl.

I am very to cook and I eat very clean.  I like to make sure I get about 8 hours of sleep a night.  I have been working out for years..I do cardio in the form of stairstepper and hiking, so I work up a sweat.  I have taken multiple vitamans, with B complex and E for many years.  This year, my dr said the needed to take vitamin D and Biotin, so I did.  On my own I also started taking evening primrose oil and a little B12.  I have not taken any other perscription drugs.  I recently quit taking the Biotin (for my hair) just to see if the Biotin was causing the balls because my doctor told me to take the Biotin and the same time that I started the thryroid meds.  

In August, I started washing my hair with shampoo that has Selenium in it, but that hasn't stopped it.  Perhaps it releived the tingly scalp a bit, but nothing significant.  I wish I knew what is happening to me.  Why I have lost so much of my hair.  

681148 tn?1437665191
by FurballsMom, Oct 18, 2011
I have a fun combination:  Keratosis Pilaris and eczema.  I did have success with sulfite free shampoos.  I didn't realize this natural stuff I had been using lately has sulfites in it.  Some brands of sulfite free natural hair washes are:  John Masters, Collective Well Being, Redken's Nature's Rescue, Aurbrey Organics and I recently learned of something called Organix.  I used John Masters and Collective Well Being in the past.  They did actually feel soothing to the scalp.

One thing I do that is helpful is to skip the shampooing and just massage the scalp in the shower or bath.  This isn't as unhygienic as it sounds to a lot of people.  No one I'm around even knows and no one says anything.  True friends would've said something, because they are the kind who would say something kindly and in private if it needed to be said.

I would never be as rude as one person was and tell everyone that they have lice and go out and treat for lice.  I had to go through such accusations as a kid.  All because of assumptions and judgments by the other kids.  Guess what?  There was no lice then either!  Whoever said that garbage about the lice wasn't listening in the first place because that person had already made his mind up and had already formed his opinion so had stopped actually paying attention to what he was reading.  People do that when they're "listening to others".  It's a really bad habit to get into.  Even if there are cases of lice, and seems to happen mainly when we're little kids, it is highly presumptuous and insensitive to say this about someone else--especially if the person just stated that the possibility of lice had already been looked into very thoroughly.  I guess you can tell how strongly I feel about this even now if someone makes such a suggestion, especially without even listening to all the facts.  Saying it's lice without even knowing or caring about the facts already stated is like saying something bad about the individual.  I know, because I had to deal with such cruelty as a young child.  If this was simply a case of head lice, the people on this forum would not be here looking for help, because thoroughly taking care of both home and body to get rid of lice would have solved the problem and that would be the end of it.

I don't get the visible balls that I saw in the pictures.  And, I didn't have them as a child when I was accused of having lice then either.  Just sometimes I get itchy and forget that scratching isn't a good idea, so I get much smaller and less visible micrograins.  Much smaller than those in the pictures.  And, I have been diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris and eczema both.  So, what I'm dealing with is Keratosis Pilaris when I get these micrograins.  

I think going sulfite free for hair care should help, because sulfites are known irritants to the skin.  That, besides being known carcinogenics that no one even thinks about and the FDA doesn't even bother to regulate.  Still, sulfites are known skin irritants, so I'm sure this will at least help with the flareup that cause the itching and inflammation.

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Oct 18, 2011
I agree with Furballs and the above post ..I have recently found out that sulfites are causing the itch and some hair loss so a few days ago I got a sulfate free shampoo. have to tell you I have had a little itching and no hair loss so far .. so check out folks and try non sulfate.

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by nojevets, Oct 18, 2011
whats  the name  if  this  shampoo,  ! my god  no answers   for two  yrs on this  subject ,,,,, and every one  has it , but  no  answers  yet ,  chow

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by DocT, Oct 27, 2011
So, has anyone experienced any other symptoms other than the crystals and the tingly sensation? I've always had these symptoms, usually intensified in times of stress a.k.a finals week!.. so I decided to do some research and came across morgellons? I believe that is the name..check out their website..something about fiber actually breaking off and coming out of your scalp..apparently it is associated with fibromyalgia, which my mom has. That freaks me out because the symptoms are actually very similar... weakened immune system, unexplained chest pain on occasion, crystal like substance coming out of scalp, feeling of something crawling around under your scalp, irritable bowl ( which I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance after I was hospitalized last year), ..list goes on. But it affects your systems..cardiovascular system, intugumentary system, immune system... I don't know how many people are having the same symptoms but I haven't found many people with crystals coming out of their, I'd like to know.

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by Docopto1, Nov 10, 2011
Has anyone simply tried showering 2x per day.   A similar condition called blepharitis ("crusty eyelids) is best managed with lid hygiene 2x per day.  

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by v204, Dec 03, 2011
try washing with vinegar it definately helps.

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by yesyesyes980, Dec 13, 2011
i looked up deborrhei dematitis. it seems to be it. i believe it is an over productioin of oil. i noticed that alot of people said they also had some acne. for people who have been on accutane, i am wondering if that helped becuase accutane reduces oil production. hope we all can get this figured out...its annoying and gross

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by Marietta5058, Jan 16, 2012
I too have had the scalp problem on two spots-- upper right and on the left top.  But I've had some type of dry-skin crusting on my ears just above the opening in that  little groove -- a liitle petroleumjelly helps with that.  My hair is not only thiining out but it seems ti have stopped growing!!   Really.   For years, I have it cut short for the summer around June and August, but by December it had grown and by June it is very long.  It grows/grew very quickly and this year Nothng!!

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by Ladeeda103, Jan 21, 2012
Hey you guys - check this out (it makes the most sense for my case):

1998525 tn?1327305723
by BioLady63, Jan 23, 2012
White Piedra or Trichosporon species of a fungi sounds more likely to me than Demodex mites, lice or Mugellon's. (Mugellon's..well, I'm still out on the fence on that so called disease.)Forgive me if I spelled some words wrong, It's been a long time since sleep has come my way. I too have been suffering from this for now about 5 months. It all started with a prophylactic course of antibiotics for Lyme's Disease. Yes, I have Fibromyaglia and Chronic Fatigue which makes me have a lower immune system. But, due to taking a multitude of Microbiology classes along with my Bio Degree and reading alot about fungi, and having first hand knowledge of the Demodex species. White Piedra makes total sense. With a good round of Diflucan and or amphotericin B this can all be solved for some of us with this fungi.

Others, I hope you do find out what the cause of your "itch" is..It does just about drive you crazy. I DO FEEL FOR YOU!

I thought mine at first was due to changing hormones and I started retracing steps...that's when I came to the conclusion after I took my round of Diflucan I was fine for about a week after that prophylactic course of medication for the Lyme's Disease.

Then I got really sick, Cipro 1000mg BID for 2 weeks. OK, that's alot of Cipro. But, for me; it's the only drug I can take being of the Quinilone family. Like I said, please forgive any misspelled words. After this dosage of Cipro, my "ITCH" became so unbearable, I thought here it is again. I also had a regular Candidis problem that comes along for us women that take antibiotics. I took my Diflucan 200mg cap and in 30 minutes, my head stopped itching.

In the past, I had found all the same as everyone else, the crystals in bed, on my pillow, scratching and finding it under my nails, and keeping my pillow cases clean, spraying lysol YES LYSOL on my hairbrush. It went away til this last dose of medication. I mean, I scratched my head til it should've bled. * I almost want to spray Lysol on my head lol *

So, tomorrow when I wake I WILL be calling my PCP for an appt for the "candidis" and talking with them about going to a dermatologist. Because I know they will only give me 400 mg of Diflucan for the yeast infection, which the White Piedra requires atleast 1 week to 10 days of the drug and that's my educated guess.

OH YES, WELL I KNOW of how ignorant doctors can be. Working around them, excuse me if I offend anyone in the blog arena for that statement, BUT REALLY!!!! When you have to correct you own doctor on an rx they are about to give you and you're on meds that can't be mixed with the medication they want to give you..HELLOOOO..KNOWLEDGE PPL..Educate yourselves, because your doc just cares about the cash. Not US!

I have bookmarked this site, I will get back with the results of the treatment to help others. For now, keep looking, keep educating yourselves and keep on your doctors &)% about it. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!  WE ARE  NOT CRAZY!!!

Good Luck,

1998525 tn?1327305723
by BioLady63, Jan 23, 2012
Oh yes, I do want to add. Watch the carbs, sugars ( which I'm a sugar FREAK & DM II runs in my family heavily ) and eat your veggies. Also, the weather has alot to do with it. I'm use to a high humid area living on the gulf coast and our summer was HOT & DRY and our winter has been, well....where is our winter????...these and our diet play a big part in our health. It's a balance, like Yin & Yang. And, yes I too have thought about an acupuncturist because, lets face it. Chinese medicine has been around for 1000's of centuries. And too, read what the Bible says about every illness, the earth provides. Not quoting exactly and not getting into a theological blog here, but...give it some thought.
Peace & Rest to all!!!! May everyone find their cure.

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by CrescentRoses, Jan 24, 2012
I have this condition. It's been going on for years. I'm 24, obese, have oily hair and face with moderate acne. I think I might have PCOS and have a high DHT level that's affecting my hair and skin.

I knew I wasn't the only one having this problem. I've been trying a sulfate-free shampoo by Tresemme but it doesn't work. I think I'm going to try to use Nizoral or T-Gel along with a completely natural shampoo. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

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by pieddeterre, Jan 25, 2012
I have this problem and more, but i am thinking at the moment the grainy sand is the body's defense against demodex mites. Apparently we all have dermodex mites on our bodies, as well as yeasts etc. Or maybe it is some other mite colonizing us. i haven't had severely itchy scalp and behind the ears for while but the lumps are there and i know they are in my ears as well as on my hand and feet.. The grainy sand has just started again. I also know it is a familial problem, environment, environment, environment
My indoor dog of 11 years, had an uncontrolled flea problem for the first few years cause i wasn't on the ball. And the itching for me started when i had a cat 25 years ago, all over my back. I didn't treat it. When it reoccurred over the years, different doctors dismissed it, uticaria, eczema, antihistamines and cortisone treatment prescribed. i now possibly have full on magellons but i intend to cut sugar right out and avoid simple carbohydrates and beer.
Olive oil and sea salt scrub sounds good, and vicks vapour rub on obvious little blisters sounds good as well. Probiotics are great, here in Australia we have yakult (probiotic) and plenty of tea tree oil.
I had the tea tree oil on hand a couple of days ago when the weirdest thing yet happened. Around my mouth and up my neck a black bloom, it truely freaked me out. i thought i was seeing things. I grabbed the tea tree and smothered it.
We are having an incredible heat wave here right now, i just keep drinking and sweating and hopefully cleaning out my pores of this nasty stuff. Well the yeasts anyway,.
Itching is horrible, believe me i know. It really is good advice not to scratch though. My current problem is the biting sensations and something is biting and burrowing, hopefully to die in my skin. I am eating a raw garlic clove a day minced in a tablespoon of yohurt. that and other sulphur foods like eggs and onions and spinach.
I am bipolar so i had even decided myself some years ago that i must have delusional parasitosis. But no from this site
I see that i am not deluded. Thanks guys. And good luck.

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by READPLEASE, Jan 25, 2012
We all need to take control of our own health.  The doctors are doing nothing... I don't know if its some kind of conspiracy??  It's just weird that they all just ignore everything.  I believe that doctors are for people who are dying. PERIOD.  You have to be in an extreme crisis for them to look at you.  So if your not dying then it's up to you.  PERIOD.  

I've had foliculitus  my entire life.  (female) My hair began falling when I was 19...I'm 35 now.  This was after I began getting repeated UTI's and had been taking several antibiotics.  (I try to stay FAR away from I said unless I am dying)  This is when all my problems began.  EXCEPT the folliculitis on my arms and legs.. I've always had this.  So this is where I wonder if I always had the problem or not.  White build up on the scalp and particles very greasy.  Now I thought that I had demodex mites when I saw this I thought YES, the answer to all my problems.  I bought all the shampoos and body treatments and went through the whole shaabang!  Hair keeps falling.  I mean A LOT.  Ugh.  This is it!  I am finding out what this is. PERIOD.  I bought a microscope to look for my self at my own scalp and skin.  What I saw amazed me!  I didn't see any demodex.  I saw these light beige colored blobs in my hair follicles and kind of like growing up my hair on my scalp.  I saw it on my hair shafts.  I saw that my hair was all still there but they looked dead and where like miniature hairs.  THIS IS NOT visible to the naked eye!  I see nothing on my scalp when I look in the mirror.   And then I noticed something else.  I kept seeing it over and over again.  At first I thought it was nothing.  I saw these tiny blue fibers.  I thought from my clothing... but no.  They were all shaped the same way kind of like a semi circle.  And then there were a few that looped around and into a circle.  
I am an educated who studied at a University for years... not on this subject.  But if you looked at me you wouldn't think anything.  You might notice some bumps on the back of my arms and my hair might look thin(not bald).  
I came across Morgellons.....  wait no.  The crazy people disease?  The people with all those huge open sores?  .....Well  I don't look like that!  But the more I saw the similarities... I thought OMG!  THIS??? is this what i have?  Scary.    
I am buying an even better microscope soon.  I need to know what these blobs are.  

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by READPLEASE, Jan 25, 2012
Oh.. and if you are interested in buying a microscope you can get one from sears for like $40.  order it online they ship it to you or you can pick it up.   I got the usb hand held one magnification 800 times.  

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by mokeloc, Jan 28, 2012
you know all this time i thought it was the side affect of speed aka meth, people tell me im high, or that im imagining me from my 7 years on the pipe, but when i stopped the speed, it never went away. anyone tell me if they ever dabbled with speed and have this condition

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by helper9009, Feb 06, 2012
I too have this same problem. I am very confident it is candida. I have been diagnosed with candida in the past and was given medicine to rid it and I noticed my scalp and forehead were "sand" free for some time. However, I have a weakened immune system so it came back. The best thing to do is get tested for candida which is an easy swab of the mouth and then take the medicine perscribed. In addition to the medicine you should also incorporate a yogurt each day into your diet. The acidopholous works great on aiding the good bacteria's growth and in return you become more healthy and that is needed to keep the "sand" away.
I hope this helps. Good luck.

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by MRSTDBK, Feb 07, 2012
The problem is caused by collembola.

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by MRSTDBK, Feb 07, 2012
What i meant to say is.  The cause is a fungal issue.  This opens up an issue with opportunistic infections and infestations.
Collembola are one of these.

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by Ayeleeeee, Feb 16, 2012
Oh, Goodness. I am very glad I found this forum. You see, I'm only 17 and my problem started just the start of this year. My scalp itches especially at night. I never had problems with dandruff before and I have no lice whatsoever. When I scratch my scalp (which is honestly inevitable when the itching starts), I have this light yellowish thing under my fingernails and when I combed my hair, there are small white particles falling off it. I have thick hair and doesn't seem to have problems with hair loss, but I have a terrible case of acne since 2006. But they are quite fading now. I also have small (i think it's acne) bumps on my scalp and those small lumps of hard, dry skin that I scrape off. My scalp also oils faster than usual. My mom says it's caused by heat because since college started, I started commuting back and forth. But our classrooms are airconditioned.
My scalp is currently itching now. And I'm doing my best to try not to scrape it.
I' ve never gone to a dermatologist for my scalp problem. My brother says its normal. But I don't believe him.
Argh. It's really itchy.
I found this article BTW. I have the exact same case.. Hope it helps

>>  <<

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by Iwanna_Know, Feb 28, 2012
I think medecine doesn't have any answer, otherwise we would know about it. I am sure that it's a DISEASE and it's CONTAGIOUS.
It is NOT some immune disorder. It has NOTHING to do with nutrition, stress and hygiene.
I got it in 2009 (when i was 24 years old) after i was meeting with a student from Southern Africa. That's when this hell began with itching sand-like particles in pores all over my body and my hair start falling out.
Before it happened, i never heard of it in all my life, i had normal skin and good hair.
I went to different dermatologists but NONE of their prescriptions worked (different shampoos, untifungal drugs, immunostimulants, antibiotics, diets). Some of it reduce the symptoms for a very short time, but don't affect the cause of disease.

Now I notice that all the people I contact for a long time, start having same symptoms (at least i see them scratch more often and their hair get thin). That really scares me. If this stuff is so contagious, it just kills any hope to cure it.

I found also another post referring to trip to Africa:

So probably it's some local disease spreading out for the latest few years.
My guess is some unknown sort of papilloma or fungal virus. Please pay attention.

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by whatisthis2012, Mar 01, 2012
The  person above is totally right.  I have had this for 10 years, and passed it on to my daughter who has had it for about 3 years, who now also has lost a tremendous amount of hair.  This is not anything internal....stress and too much sugar does make it worst.  I have tried everything here are just a few things that have not worked:

sea buckthorn oil
Kwellada-P Lotion (permethrin 5%) prescribed
zz cream
bleach baths
face doctor soap
vinegar baths
borax baths
borax and baking soda baths
tea tree oil
peroxide baths

I have spend thousands of dollars, and have seen numerous doctors have been laughed at several times.  I have these gritty things all over my body now down to my legs.  Started out on my scalp than face and worked their way down.  Exact same thing is happening to my 15 year old daughter.  When I noticed the gritty things in her scalp one day, about 3 years ago.....i knew she was doomed with the same thing.  These gritty things have been tested on 3 different occasions all three different doctors said nothing comes back.  They have sent in both mine and my daughters. When I first noticed this problem, I noticed the gritty things, hair loss etc. and I also noticed my scalp smelled musky.  Sorry for so so frustrated.

I've been seeking answers for 10 years now.  I can tell you horror stories....humiliating stories from my experience with doctors.  Ive even been to the best Dermatologist in Toronto out of Sunnybrook.  He and his intern were laughing their heads off in the hall way before the doctor came into look at my daughter and I (the intern was briefing him in the hall way of everything that I wrote down and told her I was experiencing).

Here is something positive that I did notice.  Head and Shoulders is the only shampoo that helps with the smell.  If I do not use it my scalp smells really bad, and starts to fall out like crazy and my hair follicles are covered with the gritty things.  I purchased a Woods lamp and these gritty things show up as florescent yellow and/or orange.  Some thing very very interesting to take note of:   Last year went on vacation with the family.  We spent several hours everyday hanging out in the pool.  Everyday, I would also take a quick dunk in the salt water (I have a fear of large bodies of water) so would just immerse completely and then get out. LOL  By the second day of my vacation, both my daughter and I were COMPLETELY free of these gritty was the first time in 10 years my skin/pores felt and looked back to normal.  So, not sure if it was the chlorine in the pool water or salt water, but do believe it must have had something to do with it.    

I hope this will be helpful to someone out there and I really hope we figure this out.  We are certainly are not getting the support from the professionals that we deserve, so we can only support each other.

Ps - I've never done drugs, i'm not crazy.........AND THIS IS NOTHING LIKE LICE!!

Good Luck everyone!!!  Feel free to ask me any questions.

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by whatisthis2012, Mar 01, 2012
.....I should have also mentioned

when I returned back home from my vacation....approx. 3 - 4 days later the gritty things returned.

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by Iwanna_Know, Mar 12, 2012
dear whatisthis2012, i believe it was the salt water that made your skin feel better, it's good for immune system...

I don't understand why doctors won't just take it seriously and explore this thing. Here's over a hundred posts through the years, that means the problem keeps growing.
I wish someone could answer these questions:
What kind of lice (or even scabies) it may be if none of dermatologists don't see it?

Also how can it be seborrheic dermatitis or demodex or keratosis, if i was contaminated from another person??

I once was told that it is malassezia (a sort of fungi). Then why none of antifungal treatment seem to work?

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by sensitivegirl, Mar 15, 2012
Had a similar condition for about a month or 2- finally realized I've been getting bitten by no-see-ums /gnats/ midges (they got big enough to see) and was having a recurrent allergic reaction to the bites! Finally tried neem applying oil to my scalp which helped immediately (but applied too much as I didn't realize it gets congealed and must be warmed first) relieved the symptoms and even sloughed off the scabs. The only problem was it also immediately stuffed me up (I did use too much but I'm probably allergic) and I stayed stuffed up until I washed my hair the next day. I would recommend just adding a drop to a few tablespoons of some unscented hair conditioner or even olive or coconut oil and rubbing a little of that into your scalp and leaving it. Also look into the possibility of no-seeum or other biting insects. FYI the neem oil also treats fungus and repels insects Do be aware of the possibility of an allergic reaction and be prepared with anti-histamines if you have allergies!!!

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by Iwanna_Know, Mar 17, 2012
it's not bites
the content of my pores became not normal - sebum or lymph or keratin.. whatever it is, something makes it hard like grains, it irritates the skin, that's where the itching comes from
no matter which way i remove it, few hours later there are new grains in the same pores, it never ends growing, and it feels like something that doesn't belong to my skin

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by whatisthis2012, Mar 17, 2012
iwanna_know- that is exactly what i have, but i'll tell you....sometimes i do feel bites it feels like a pin ***** but only on my face and legs and this has only been for about a year now, and I have had this for 10 years now.

I'm going to try a salt water pool, because I do not have access otherwise.

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by Ali_RHN, Mar 20, 2012
I have also had this for about 10 years now.  When I was in highschool I had recurring UTI and was put on antibiotics on and off for 3YEARS! I used to have gorgeous, long, thick, flawless  hair and it seems right after those years of the antibiotics my hair started falling out.  Now my hair is SO thin and dry looking.  The hairs that fall out have like clumps on the root.  I've always tried to keep my hair long - but short hairs - like an inch to 6 inches fall out (obviously not growing to their full potential) and the majority of them have the large yellowish/white waxy root ball on the end.  I also noticed on the hairs that fall out with the large root balls there is also another white granule attached to the hair close to the root - it seems to surround the shaft and I can slide it off of my hair.  My head is COVERED in these.  IT IS NOT DANDRUFF NOR LICE.  I am going to buy a microscope myself so I can get a closer look.  I've lost trust in conventional medicine years ago and am now angered to see so many others suffering from this after being treated with antibiotics.  Makes me think there is a link there.  Has anyone posted any pictures of this stuff?  I think it would be a good idea if we did so that we could see a visual relation to what everyone is describing.

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by ajb71, Mar 20, 2012

Lets put this all together. More and more people are given anti-biotics these days to the point of some being tolerant. I know there are some mothers out there. How many of you too had a child get a yeast infection in their diaper area while on anti-biotics? I consider myself to have a weakend immune system as I have allergies and asthma and get colds often. I also have to take anti-biotics more often than your average person. I have no professional (rather personal) experience in this matter but I believe: Anti-biotics leads to fungus (since yeast belongs to the fungus family). Hence the problem begins.

I use NIZORAL A-D. It has 1% Ketoconazole. The 7 fl oz bottle is about $14 at WalMart.  

CHECK THIS WEBSITE: The bottle says nothing about fungus. The website does:

It has been hard to find recently due to a factory changeover of some kind. It has made a world of difference in my scalp condition. At least try it and see how your condition improves. Good luck.

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by Sarah178, Mar 25, 2012
Hey you guys. Look up...hyperkeratinization. I have this sandy scalp problem too and after some research I believe we all have this condition called Hyperkeratinization of the scalp. I believe it is caused and can be changed by our diet. I also have these sandy bits coming out of my scalp and sometimes there is a teeny tiny hair attached to it. The hard sand-like bits are either white or a creamy colored and they are coming out of our hair follicles I think.

I only have these sandy bits on the crown, temple, and side of my scalp. My hair has been shedding and thinning out lately. I think if we get our vitamins in, cut out all dairy products, lay off gluten, and not eat too much meat...this problem can be better. Lay off processed food too if you can. If you have any digestion problems (bloating, stomach aches, constipation, etc), a digestive enzyme taken before meals would help greatly. Think...the Japanese "diet" when eating. They have great hair/scalps and they don't eat much meat besides fish, don't eat much gluten either, and rarely eat dairy products if ever.

^Article is about male pattern baldness (which I don't think we all have here) but it talks about hyperkeratinization (which I think we ALL have here).

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by pogsensei, Apr 01, 2012
I am 26, and I have had similar symptoms since I was 13:

white/cream-colored granules that can be scratched off my scalp, sometimes attached to a hair
oily skin on face and scalp
scalp gets a musky smell towards the end of the day
persistent moderate acne on face
pimples on scalp
hair loss/thinning

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by mistyfied, Apr 02, 2012
Well, I'm glad I found this thread; I'm bookmarking it. But I'm confused. There's too many people saying they have the same problem, with a few people saying "this worked" and others saying "it didn't work" about a dozen different causes :(

I think this problem started for me, at least with noticing the grains coming from my scalp, in my mid 20s. About 5 years ago I started noticing heavy shedding from my head. About 3 years ago, things intensified in earnest. I'm almost 34 now, and my hair has gotten noticeably thin and I'm embarrassed to go around my family. My hair continues to fall out at a heavy rate every day. I don't know what to do.

I haven't taken a lot of antibiotics, although I don't think my immune system is the best due to alcohol abuse. I get these grains periodically, but I've noticed a lot of them the last few days, is what drove me, once again, to the computer to look things up. Doctors don't take me seriously, either. To a T they almost all said it was "just stress". Like H3ll! I wasn't stressed until I realized I was losing my hair. Please for the love of god someone help us.

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by oniongirl42, Apr 05, 2012
Long story short. Me too. My Birth Mother too who i met when i was 28. Not lice,lol. I am 42 it started when i was 24. I said, i have what feels like " sand in my hair" she said " me too". We are allergic to the perfumes and sulfates in the shampoo. Do you know how hard it is to find shampoo with no fragrence or "masking fragrence" which you have to look on the back to find, btw. This actually works and here is why...parfume is not regulated by the fda and most of it uses formaldehyde or other aldeydes, you know the frog you dissected in high school? That is in your shampoo and if you have sensative skin or other food allergies, which seem to go hand in hand, then this will affect your skin. The vitamin d is good too and not scratching because she is going bald and so am i. There is also an actuall milk allergy in our family it is not lactose intolerance because we react to casin also. We are also mildly allergic also to eggs. Dandriff shampoo makes it worse. Don't use hot water, if you can(i can't). Allergies get worse as you age. They get worse when you are stressed. A day at the beach does make it better but two days later the "sand " is worse a bit because now your scalp is dry. Oh yeah, i found out that alph-linolic acid (or somthing colse to that) is essential for the skin and is only found in leafy greens like spinich and others like that. This is what some of you are describing but i do note that most of you state that it happend about 25 years of age which is interesting.My allerigies turned on like a switch when i was about 28. I have eczma too. No one mentioned dust mite allergy so far as i know, which may have something to do with it.I have to admit. Reading all of this confirms what my birth mom has been telling me and that i am not alone.Btw doctors....what a laugh! To be perfectly cinical...why treat something in one visit when you can take ten visits and get more money? Anyway it takes about a week and a half to get the sand to go away but i have not been able to get it to go completely but it gets manageable. I or we also have alleric asthma. Any of this sound famillar? Let me know.

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by ijju, Apr 15, 2012
stop masturbation or try to masturbate once in a week and shave ur head in every six months for 3 years.

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by straw341, Apr 17, 2012
60 year old female autoimmune dease lots of antibiotics constantly n noticed it 2 years ago spend uo 2 6 hours a day picking this white stuff off my scalp n comes right back my doc says he doesn't know like a lot of u have stated.  i thought it was the water or washing my hair 2 much or not enouph have mixed 5 different shampos for everything together nothing works.  used olive oil to soften it n wear it for 3 days does not soften it put antibactial soap on my scalp 3 days nothing helps even had my hair bleached blond to remove it thought the bleech wud help thats what i get for thinking lol this really sux

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by straw341, Apr 17, 2012
have thought about shaving my head lol but not pretty scalp duh

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by straw341, Apr 17, 2012
will try sea salt n let u know i wash my pillows n linens al the time ty n the tea tree oil

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by Jreedy, Apr 20, 2012
Hi I am a nutritionist with special training in Nutrition Response Testing and I know what is contributing to
Your scalp problem.  You definitely have a condition where something is trying to detox from your body.  It
Could be related to a shampoo or other products you are using as well as anything you use on any part of your
body.  It can also be a heavy metal that is try to come out of your system.  It's important to remember that your
skin is an organ and needs to clean itself out like any other organ.  If you would like to contact me at my email in
***@****.  I work in a practice in Central Valley, NY a work on clients who have these kind of problems.
Please contact me and even if you are not in my area I can help refer you to someone in your area.  Good luck and be
healthy.  Judith Reedy

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by Blake606, May 14, 2012
Wow! Im 12 years old and have this problem. I know its not lice. Its like if i get a comb and comb my hair over a black shirt these white balls come out and then my hair is really greasy like all the time even though i take a shower like 2 time a day! i need help ive been talking too my mom but she thinks it may be dandruff but its not ive been on an anti dandruff shampo AKA head and shoulders for like a month now and no change i used it over 2 times a week and still nothing. HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Im scared of what others at my school may think like EWWW DANDRUFF! knowing how idiotic kids are at my school.... so this is what is happening just so you know

1. White balls of skin or something

2.Grease like hair all the time

3.Acne like no tomarrow on my cheeks

My guess what it may be for me is a puberty thing maybe idk.... also I have checked for louse but I have no signs of that being it.

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by mariblakefernandez, May 17, 2012
I am have the same problem for several years now and I am glad to know I am NOT Crazy.  I have had the Derm & Dr. give me crazy looks and I was told by the Derm that lossing my hair happens with age I am 38 I should not be lossing or have thinning hair and I was told by the derm that I don't have ringworm, fungus, etc. (just a note no cultures were ever taken) I was told I must have just a form of Dermatitis of the scalp.  

WHATEVER.  I have given up on Doctors too.  I can tell you that baby shampoo helped me alot.  My hair does not itch as much even though i still get the gritty sand feeling when I scratch.  I changed my shower head back to a filtered shower head and I have noticed I do not have the smell in my hair or skin that is foul anymore and my hair does not have to be washed every day.  I can go about two days without washing my hair before it starts to get oily.  I used to use a filtered shower head prior to the scalp problems I am having,  I can tell you when I used a filtered shower head then I never had this problem with my scalp.  I have always had thick hair and my hair dressers love my hair.  I do color my hair but even then prior to my propbelm now, I never had this dry feeling and intense need to scratch when coloring my hair.

My Doctor told me to use dandruff shamppo even though it is not dandruff.

So my suggestion is shampoo like baby shampoo it has minimal chemicals in it.  Change your shower head.  City water has checmicals in it and most water is hard.  A filtered shower head can soften the water and remove chemicals that create the foul oder you sometimes can smell in the shower water.  Since switching back to the filtered shower head I have no smell in the water and my skin is not as dry after a shower life before. The other suggestion is diet.  I find that more veggies and friuts less portions of meat, drinking lots of water (not soda or suguary drinks) help too.

Hope this helps.

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by ashnc8465, Jun 11, 2012
I have the same issue but my scalp is not itching. I have the off white grains that come off in my nails when I try to scratch it off. I have had this condition ever since I moved to a new area a year ago. I also have a ton of hair loss, especially while I am in the shower but my hair is not thinning and is still very thick. Also, after getting most of the residue off in the shower when I get out and part my hair, there it is still right by my roots. I don't think it is a shampoo product or using conditioner because I have tried many different products and I have also tried not using conditioner. I have no idea what to do. I am 15 and this condition started when I was 14. I also get the sand like residue behind my ears. I spend a lot of time at the beach and in the sun so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. But, after I go, I thoroughly wash my hair and get all of the sand out. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I saw that some people said to drink more water and I definitely do not drink enough fluids but could that seriously be the reason why this is happening? I am glad other people are experiencing the same issues though. It is nice to see what people are doing to fix this issue. Also, at one point doctors thought I had a gluten allergy because I was very sick for a while. However, they tested me and I don't have the allergy. Also, I was not put on any antibiotics while I was sick so that could not be a problem. This sickness started about a year before I started getting the sandy grains. Any suggestions would help a lot! Thanks!

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by ter210, Jun 11, 2012
A year ago March 2010 it began to notice balls coming out of my scalp and I noticed my hair was thinning terribly.  I could easily scratch them off.  Slowly it has progressed to the rest of my body. Now white balls are sporadically coming out of my back, chest, legs and arms.  On my scalp its like I can feel when they get big.  I will then touch my head and I can lightly scratch it out.  On my face and other parts of my body.  I slide my hand across my skin and I can feel a small bump.  I use my finger nail to scratch or dig it out and them a while ball is produced.   I also at times have the tingly scalp feeling.  Dandruff shampoo does provide some comfort.  I have told my Derm. but she offered no suggestions either.

I am 47 years old.  I have never had any problems in the past.  Nothing new in my diet.  I've made no changes that I am aware of.  

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by IndigoBanshee, Jun 15, 2012
Yes, I've also had these symptoms and found they went away on a gluten-free diet. It takes about five days from exposure to gluten for it to go away (I've tested it several times, and then from accidental exposure). I also get a runny nose, and a rash on my chest that looks like chicken-pox. A gluten-free diet works like a charm for me, so I would recommend it.

I avoid all sulfates, sulfites, and gluten. For shampoo, I use One 'n Only Argan Oil Shampoo, and then Suave conditioner (which is sulfate free). I only use Dr. Bronner's soap on my body, and I use it to clean my house. To wash my face I keep a little bottle with half Dr. Bronners mild, half water, and about 8 drops of tea tree oil.

And a full gluten-free diet...

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by Andieal2dog, Jun 28, 2012
Amazing comments and helpful descriptions on this page.  Thanks.  I am searching for a COMMON thread.

I brought my 6 year old Sheltie to the VET last year with 3 inch patches of 1/8" irregular shaped off white/tan colored dry but stuck on SCALES, crowded into these PATCHES located on both sides of his face about 1/2 " from the corners of his mouth.  They can be pulled off, and they do seem to be somewhat greasy, but with NO hair loss.  The vet had NO IDEA what it was.( it's not just MDs)  I was sure it was lice so I did a thorough cleansing of him and everything in sight.  Everything cleared up. No one in the family caught the condition.

Last night, a year later, I found a two NEW patches on both sides of his face of the same condition...and I don't think it is lice anymore.  He does scratch it at times.  I have put Neem oil on the patches this morning.  

Guess what?  My dog has been treated for LYME 2 X now.  Full courses of antibiotics each time.  Our Australian Shepherd has been treated 2 X also.  Both dogs have joint stiffness and the Aussie has Discoid Lupus which shows up as a small lesion on his nose and then clears, and a bad joint problem with a chronic limp in the right rear leg. Lucky for us, no kidney involvement yet. All of these conditions seem to be related to AUTOIMMUNE responses.  

They have top grade food...Barking at the Moon by Solid Gold, and 1 home made meal daily with spinach, sweet potatoes, turkey, fish, fresh fruit, rice, oatmeal...whatever looks good.  Both dogs have beautiful coats, bright eyes, lots of enthusiasm!    We live in a densely wooded area of Maine.  LYME is on the rise in humans and dogs here.  This year we have not found a tick on either dog.  I am using a mixture of natural stuff on them before we walk in the woods.  We check for ticks everyday.  The Aussie had a reaction to his Rabies shot this year at the site.  It took 3 months for the lump to resolve itself.
So what has made it come back today.  Any changes in DIET?  Not really. STRESS?  Always.  He's a Sheltie.  He did go to the groomer 2 weeks ago, and has seemed a little weird since that day.  It's's hot, fleas will be back, and mosquitoes and black flies have been active.  We have had a couple of weeks of rain...not as many walks?   LESS EXERCISE...stress?  

My guess is this is another side effect from the original assault by Lyme and antibiotics. There are many diseases that result in more symptoms and side effects from immune disorders.  GLUTEN is a huge problem.  Food sensitivities over time, have terrible outcomes.  Nutritional Science is going to play a big part in the future diagnosis of immune system collapse.

But for now, I will clean the areas delicately, and treat with topical Neem and Tea Tree, provide the best diet possible maybe add probiotics for a while, try to limit their stress, and get them out for exercise.  I don't think it is a Candida problem, but will be watching for other signs.  Never give up the questioning.  They don't have all the answers, and only the best physicians will admit it.

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by Annie908, Jul 03, 2012
Hey Everyone:  Please read this because I believe it will solve your problems. It's definitely fungal.  And fungus will attract and feed parasites and flying bugs.  And doctors will not believe you if you tell them your story.  But keep reading for the answer.  

I've been affected with a parasitic type scalp problem that affected my entire body and I have been to 20 doctors over the past 6 years.  The creepy crawling sensations stopped about 8 monthas after I was infected.  There were bird's nests in the ceiling of the apartment I lived in,; and a family of squirrels.  Mainenance got rid of the squirrels but the bird mites got me and they are a pain in the neck and everywhere else to get rid of.  The doctors didn't know what it was and they all todl me different things.  Like told me I was doing it to myself, etc. and they didn't know how to treat it and one threw a psychiatrist's business card at my face and laughed me out of his office while I cried.  I never gave up.  I knew God would lead me to the answers.  I figured it out.  Anyway, the fungus infection and the critters liked me alot.  I wanted a divorce.  :) Last week I had an outter ear infection and I had a fever of 106 and my  blood pressure dropped to 86 over something (low).

I am okay now.  Just to let you know ... my dermatologist finally took a good look at me ( I cried and begged him -- sad, huh?).  He is doing a biopsy on one of the sores and he prescribed 2% Nizoral Shampoo.  The blue bottle of Head & Shoulders and the white bottle of Head & Shoulders shampoo.   I use th Nizoral, leave on for 5 minutes, and you can use it on your body.  Then rinse off and dry immediately, hair and body.  The next day used the blue bottle of H & S.  Same way.  The next day use the white bottle, same way.  Then the next day use the Nizoral again, same way.  I am on day three and noticed a favorable difference all over after the first day.  I'm getting better everyday.  

You all have a fungal problem.  If you have parasites, kill their food source and they will leave you alone.  Go to the dermatogist and get rid of the problem.  Cry, kick, beg and scream until a derm listens to you.  Be blessed, people.  

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by Annie908, Jul 03, 2012
It's me again.  Just wanted to add a little something.  I am starting a gluten free diet.  Check it out on the internet.  Read all about gluten and how bad it is for you.  See how much food contains gluten (sugar).  Unprocessed sugar is okay.  Anyway, a lot of people who don;t eat gluten products are telling me that they felt much better and their immune system boosted after one month of eliminating this from their bodies.  

I also am using a detergent called Seventh Generation. It is all natural and has Lavender and Eucalyptus in it.  The Gain and Tide, Cheer and other stuff, even the Baking Soda ones seems to cause irritation on my skin.  I finally noticed it the other day when I sleep on a towel that I had washed in Tide.  The all natural detergent is not irritating my skin.  I am looking for the Calendula detergent because it is all natural too.  This way I have choices.  :)

I am posting this because I care about other people and can sympathize.  Be bless, people.  By the way, I am happy to tellyou that my scalp is clearing up nicely with the Nizoral and H & S treatments.  There is hope.  

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by Annie908, Jul 03, 2012
It's me again.  Okay, go to  My boss's exwife was opening a chimney shute and a bird's nestfell out and a cloud of dust went in her face.  She got the same thing I got.  I am 150% sure it's bird mites.  No one willbelieve you those.  Agriculture uses chemicals and pesticides on the crops to kill bugs.  The bugs get stronger, evolving, and the farmers use more powerful pesticides.  The bugs evolve again becoming stronger.  This is why Parmethrin and miticide creams don't work anymore.  often, Ivermectin and Stromectol don't work for everyone either.  The Rid shampoos don't work as well either.  The medicines doctors are used to prescribing to handle the mite, parasitic problems don't work anymore.  "The Seven Year Itch".  I am on the back end of this.  The sores that don;t heal are fungal and they are going away now with the Nizoral.  Birds are everywhere and the empy nests are loaded with mites looking for a new host.  If you see nests near your home, call an exterminator to get rid of it.  Be careful.  They are no-see-ums.  They burrow under your skin and cause scondary infections like bacteria and fungus and other things, even Lyme disease.  Lyme is hard to diagnose as it is esp. after you've taken antibiotics.  A doctor will not treat you if he/she can't identify the illness.  I've had nothing but bad luck and at least I found two doctors that are humoring me and giving me the antibiotics I am asking for.  I do my own research. I hadn't felt the crawling for a few years but after the ear infection and the Ciprofloxacin antibiotic and the Nizortal, I have been feeling them wanting to leave me. I had the crawling feeling but it only means this is working.  91% alcohol helped as it kills chiggers on contact.  I figured it may clear my scalp.  It helped but the fungicides worked much better and faster.  The crawling will eventually stop and all will be normal again.  Keep the Faith (we are not birds or animals, we are God's people) I am signing off now.  Be blessed.

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by Lani1001, Jul 11, 2012
DONT SPEND THE MONEY. I have spent over 2k trying to solve this. I believe most of you have seborrhea dermatitis. Have tried many rx with no results. I have been researching this and found some info that may help. Sebum is normal. Ours is overactive. This is a waxy substance that hardens when exposed to air then builds up and causes the itch. When we scratch or rub it it warms up and peels, balls, etc.
With this in mind I have taken a different approach that seems to be working. Heat softens wax!  So warm it up first. Blow dry it. Then wash it with the warmest water you can stand. I have started a routine of washing it with T gel first (tar shampoo). Gently massage it in for at least 5 minutes. You will feel it lifting the wax from your scalp. Rinse with hot water. Next wash with antibacterial soap. I'm just using dial bar soap ( it's cheap). This will help avoid infections caused by scratching. After these steps your scalp and hair should feel clean. If not repeat the process. The first couple of times I did this I had to repeat. Now that you have punished your scalp and hair it's time to baby it. I am using "clear brand" shampoo and conditioner. Wash it with clear and let it soak in for several minutes. Then condition and let it soak in. This feels great and helps to keep the build up loose thus making it easier to remove.
Almost forgot! Comb your hair with each step while rinsing
Try not to scratch. The scratching is causing the sores and the hair loss. Your hair is not falling out. It is breaking off. Since I started treating it gently the sores are almost gone and I can feel the hair growing back.
The first time I did this my hair had a film all over. This is a good sign. It means you are breaking up the wax on your
scalp and spreading it down the hair. Just keep it up and this will go away also.
I have a couple other ideas that I will be trying. Hot oil treatment. Heat is key to dissolving wax. Also thought I might check out ear wax remover. It's basically the same substance but, need to see if it's safe for the scalp
After 3 years of this suffering this is working. I have at least 20 different shampoos and rx.
As for cause, I think it may just be heredity with things that cause it to flair. Antibiotics seems to be a common thread although it's been many years since I have taken any. Also, occurs frequently in people with neurological problems. Have heard that sugar and yeast in the diet can contribute. I do recall my son mentioning that he only washes his hair (he keeps it about 1/4 inch long) with bar soap (like dial) because it keeps the bumps away. That could be this or maybe just pimples  I'm not sure.
I hope this helps you.  Will write again after checking out the hot oil and ear wax remover.
Bless you all. Keep smiling, it makes you feel better.

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by lynn660, Jul 18, 2012
I have had shingles for about 11 months and the little grains of sand like substance started then
I wash my hair and the grains some leave and some stay and thay build up overnight to the same
level as before wash///hope we find a cure

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by Lani1001, Jul 19, 2012
This is WORKING!  I have finally found my scalp under all the crud. It is getting easier everyday. I believe the trick is to get thru the crud then add moisture.

Your scalp always produces sebum. It is meant to spread down the hair shaft to keep it moist and healthy. With this problem it is over producing. Most likely because your scalp and hair are too dry.

Keep a comb at hand. Comb gently at a 45* angle. This helps to spread it down the hair shaft thus helping minimize the build up on your scalp.

So these are the steps and products working for me

Soak your head in warmest water you can stand
Wash with a tar shampoo (let it soak in a couple minutes)
Rinse with very warm water while combing
Wash with antibacterial soap (dial bar soap)
Again rinse with very warm water while combing gently
Wash with Clear brand moisturizing shampoo ( let it soak in)
Same rinse and comb process
Heavily moisturize with Clear brand moisturizing conditioner
Same rinse and comb

Now comb every chance you get.

Use a fine tooth comb.

Last 2 nights I have been putting Amlactin on my scalp overnight
This is a body lotion designed for very dry skin. It's helps the dry dead skin to lift while moisturizing the new skin underneath.

All this is a hassle but, it's better then the solutions and RX the docs came up with.

I still have some of crud but, it's no longer tight and painful. The sores are gone, the hair loss has stopped and the itching is way less.

So gently get it clean, keep it moist, and gently comb often.

I'm going to keep this up and will keep you posted on progress

HAPPY SO FAR!!!!  (:

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by mousey1234, Jul 22, 2012
So, this is going to sound a little weird but try a topical OTC anti-fungal treatment on your scalp.  It says on there not to use it on your scalp, but try it anyways once and see if it works.  I used one all over my scalp just once and it felt relieving and cooling right away.  Immediately the grains were gone!  I think whoever said it was white piedra was right.  Piedra is a fungal infection, which should be resolved by an anti-fungal treatment, though just because yours doesn't go away doesn't mean that it isn't piedra, as there could be resistant forms that don't respond to some treatments, or need a higher concentration than OTC.  If yours doesn't respond, or even if it does, for that matter, take the time to read up on white piedra then take this to derms.  They need to be educated about this, obviously, as so many ppl are getting turned away.  

It also makes sense that people get this stuff after antibiotic treatments.  Unfortunately, antibiotics can kill good bacteria as well as bad and can cause an imbalance in the normal flora of your body.  If there aren't as many bacteria to keep the fungus and yeast that normally inhabit it in check, there can be infection by the yeast or fungi.  

Ketoconazole, the active ingredient in Nizoral AD, is an antifungal.  Head and Shoulders, which has pyrithione zinc, also has some antifungal abilities, which is why one of the women who posted has had success with the combination of the two.  

If you do find that using antifungal treatment helps, it may be a good idea to get yourself checked out for immunosuppression.  I think I will discuss it with my doc, and also discuss testing for systemic mycoses as I tend to get fungal infections a lot.  

Hope this helps everyone here.

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by capucine07, Aug 03, 2012
Wow, I'll be back to repost because I have to take all of that information in, try some of the suggestions (two hours of Tea tree rub is feeling good but maybe it's just deluded optimism) I thought that being diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease was solving or going to solve aLL of my problems (and that's a big ALL), turns out I have this problem too.  
My instinct (try arguing that line with your doctor! )  tells me that it's all linked back to the Lyme borrelia in some fashion or another, with one's immune system taxed and weakened (right after my 1st child, 2009 , I had mononucleosis, lyme diag in fall 2011) and I've seen infectiologists who dare tell me that Lyme doesn't "occur" where I live, so let us pursue our testing and inquiries.  
As to the grains/spores/salt, it sounds more like demodex or morgellons (as described on the UK site) than the other conditions cited.
Going to try BORAX in homeopathy as well, and what the heck, start out with some 5CH, Vicks on my back, more tea tree, maybe naoli too ...  And I really just have to stop eating simple sugars.  I really really do.  So why don't I do it ?  I had reduced severly a while back (candida) but then I relapse.
results to come after experiments ... there's no way I'll go see a Doc any time soon for this problem.  Already for my daughter after her tick bite, the doc said it was ezcema on her cheek and not Lyme disease.... well, the results said otherwise after seeing Doc # 2.  I'm so disgusted by that melee.

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by whitneyt_3, Aug 04, 2012

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by LRSnag, Aug 15, 2012
I took the time to read through all of these posts going back a couple of years. Seems like there are so many possibilities based on peoples' experiences:

- Demodex mites
- white piedra, collembola, candida (fungal infections)
- Lyme disease, low immune system (side effect)
- seborrhea dermatitis.
- gluten, sugar, wine or other diet related
- drugs (anti-depressants, marijuana)
- sulfates in shampoo
- hyperkeratinization
- morgellons
- stress
If you read through all the suggestions for treatment here - it's actually funny.  (not the disorder, the recommendations)

What's funny for me is that I'm 47, I have the itchy scalp, the sand-like balls on my scalp that attach to the follicle. And I'm losing significant amounts of hair.  I meet almost every criteria listed above as possible causes. (I don't have this anywhere except my scalp)

- I have a weakened immune system (carcinoid cancer tumors removed in liver and small intestines)
- I am not on anti-biotics
- I am on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds - and have treated nausea with medicinal legal herbal plants :)
- I live in an area with a high concentration of mosquitoes where Lyme disease has been diagnosed in two of my 3 dogs.
- I am obese with an eating disorder and due to digestion issues related to resection from cancer - eat whole wheat,  natural sugars like agave, limit red meat to 4 ounces a week and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, which have helped me to lose over 60 pounds
- I rarely drink alcohol - a beer or glass of wine once every few months,
- I have no rashes on my body or acne on my face
- I use sulfate free shampoo's

Based on what I've read - and correct me if you are following this string - there is no conclusive cause as I meet several of the criteria for completely different diagnoses, and I am already utilizing some of the remedies suggested. So I'm thinking some kind of bug, fungus, dermatitis, lyme, stress or drug reaction is more likely. That's a ridiculously broad set of possibilities, and I can actually understand why a doctor might need to run through a series of trial and error with a variety of treatments before nailing the right diagnosis.  That doesn't excuse the one's who dismiss you without even trying to understand all the variables. (as I sit here scratching my head, literally and figuratively).

I appreciate everyone sharing their insights and experiences, but I do find it humorous that so many people are saying "it's definitely x"   As you can see based on my condition, it's not "definitely" anything - yet.  What I am going to do is my homework on what I've narrowed it down to and present my doctor with an educated guess - my primary doctor who I know and trust. He allows me the opportunity to exchange my ideas and evidence before he determines an initial way to proceed.  I believe that in the case of this annoying issue we all share, it may take several trials to determine the cause and treatment that works for me - and given there's a broad spectrum of what it could be, no matter how many symptoms are shared between us - the causes may be different. I hate to use this example, but nobody knows what causes the variety of cancers that many people suffer from, everybody has their own theory, and medical professionals offer mostly temporary solutions to slow down progression or alleviate symptoms as much as possible. The cause could be different for every kind of cancer, but it can present itself as a tumor or lesion similarly whether benign or malignant.  We're not talking about cancer here, but similarly this issue may be caused by many things and remedied in many different ways depending on what it actually is - and the individual.  I have no advice to offer other than - your doctor should be someone you trust and who listens to your concerns. Be prepared when you walk into their office to offer up ideas (do your homework), and question their course of action.  This scalp issue is driving me bonkers. I want to get to the bottom of it, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to understand what many of you are feeling - it helps to know you're not alone.

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by SeekingTHEsolution, Sep 08, 2012
I have much I'd like to say, BUT I WANT TO CUT TO THE CHASE so YOU TOO CAN TRY THIS IMMEDIATELY...Based on all the things previous posters have said as well as other research, I have just discovered something that might help us all... at least for now. This is the first time I tried it and I couldn't believe my eyes --

In the shower I took a handful of BABY SHAMPOO and added SEVERAL drops of pure TEA TREE OIL massaged it into my hair and gently massaged my scalp... left it in during my entire shower... used the same thing as a body wash while I stood out of the stream of the water. (One of the advantages of the baby shampoo is to use it on your face and eye lids and eyelashes). After thoroughly rinsing, I added just a tiny bit of conditioner to my hair only for detangling purposes... try not to get it on your scalp. As you're doing this, you'll notice the wonderful ease of itching disappear.

But the best thing:  After toweling off, I looked in the mirror to inspect my head --- OMG tons of white thingies in my hair and scalp and if you pull them out of your hair, you'll notice they have that same consistency that we all are so familiar with.. not the sandy ones, but the icky mealy things... the critters themselves.... freakin' dead!!!!

Even after my shower I used a Qtip to apply more pure tea tree oil to problem spots on my face... within minutes, I noticed white/creamy substance on those areas... first I thought it was fibers from the Qtip... but it's not. NIH reports that the tea tree oil draws the critters out and they die. They also suggest we apply the tea tree oil with a Qtip to our ears (not the canals.. but all around the entrance), and nostrils.

I also applied it to my smile lines, eyebrows, behind and around ears, hairline, and even along the lash line.

Instant relief!

I'm also going to do some things that you all have suggested:

Garlic tablets
Alfalfa capsules (supposedly controls body odor)
Epsom Salt baths (the epsom opens up the detoxifying channels of the body)

I'll keep you posted... and I hope you find the same relief I have found... we all need to experiment together.

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by SeekingTHEsolution, Sep 18, 2012
Ok folks. This is a follow up from my post of 9/8/12. I used the BABY SHAMPOO and TEA TREE OIL mixture every 2 days and have had extraordinary relief. And I haven't even tried the garlic, alfalfa, coQ10 or epsom yet... it seems that all is needed is the tea tree oil.

No sandy grains
No oily scalp
No body itching whatsoever
No itchy ears or tickly nostrils
No goopy, thick sticky eyes
No grainy eyelashes... not even one eyelash fell
No dry flaky skin (previously I always had dry flaky legs)
Fresh and clean feeling ALL the time (previously I noticed a foul body odor)
No more pesky gnats flying around me all the time (a previous post suggested this is because of fungus - if it was fungus, the tea tree oil treats it as well)

To test that this wasn't a fluke, I discontinued the tea tree oil for the past 4 days. Yesterday I noticed the itching, creepy crawly feeling, sandy grains, icky eyes, oiliness and all the rest start to return. Tonight I am crawling with discomfort again. I am on my way to the shower to restart my TEA TREE OIL routine and will never stop again!

You can get tea tree oil just about anywhere, but WALMART is the cheapest.


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by stoney655, Sep 20, 2012
Zovirex cream

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by SeekingTHEsolution, Sep 21, 2012
I found this info on forum for demodex:

Here is all the info you need to know about Demodex Mites

1) just about everyone over the age of around 10 has demodex mites, pet owners of dogs and cats will definately have them.

2) Generally they cause little or no problem if your imune system is healthy.

3) When they become problematic they can cause havoc with your skin with varying degrees and intensities of acne roscea.

4) Generally demodex only affects the face and head but in an imune supressed person it can quickly spread to other parts of the body.

5) The easiest way to determine that you are sufering from demodex mites is having acne rosea accompanied with a tickling/crawling sensation on your face and head at night this may progress to other parts of the body.

6) The life cycle of the mite is as follows. Mites lay eggs 12 hrs after becoming an Adult, Eggs take 60 hours to become a Larva, Larva take 36 hrs to become a Protontype, Protontype take 72 hrs to become a Nymph, Nymphs take 60 hrs to become an Adults. Total life cycle is 10 days.

7) Demodex come in two distinctive flavours, Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. Upto 8 mites live in each of the hair folicules and feed on the sebum/oil. They live deep enough and build a protective membrain to be protect themselves from most agents that you can put on your body. However they do not live so deep as to come into contact with the blood suply carrying distructive white blood cells.

8) You must improve your imune system if you are to win this battle with the mites. A mega-dose (body builders strength)multivitimine taken once a day with additional Brewers Yeast taken two or three times a day should do the trick.

8) There are two distinct methods of attack for Demotex Mite infestations. You can attack the eggs and/or the adults. Obviously attacking both is the best solution.

9) To attack the eggs, grind in a pithal, 10 whole cloves into a fine powder and take this four times a day. It taste horrible and you will need a glass of water to get it to go down. But I have it on authority that as the body becomes saturated the cloves will kill Demodex eggs on contact. (Its a bit like eating whole garlic, you can eventually smell it on your skin)

10) To attack the adults there is two distinct formulas you need to make up. The first is a plain 5-7 percent Sulphur Powder mixed with a carrier oil. (I judge it by volume) Jojoba oil is the best to use as it is the closest to your natural sebum which the mites feed off but you can use any food type oil, rape seed, corn oil or olive oil or even your fabourite hand cream or body lotion as long as it is oil based. The second is a Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide mix. You take Three cups of hot water and add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to it. Then you stir in three table spoons of Borax powder. A WORD OF WARNING -- DO NOT CONFUSE BORIC ACID WITH BORAX -- BORIC ACID IS VERY CORROSIVE AND DANGEROUS TO USE

11) Both formulas kill ALL BREEDS OF MITES on contact.

12) The Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide formula is best for animals. Just make it up and put it into a spray bottle. Give them a normal bath and shampoo and then rinse. Let them shake themselves dry and then give a good dowsing of the Borax Solution twice a week for about 3 months. Be careful around the eyes.

13) For steralising your home use the spray bottle to spray just about everything that you have. Do your bed in the morning and leave the covers pulled back. Do your sofa, chairs soft furnishings, carpets and floors last thing at night. Dont forget to do the dogs bed as well.

14) The Borax Solution in a spray bottle can be used like a hospital hand disinfectant after you have touched your pet, squirt a little onto your hands and rub in to kill any mites that you may have picked up.

15) Now treating you and your family. Yes is one of them cases where if one is done then everyone has to be done including the pets. Bummer aint it. Have a good hot bath that contains a pint of brown vinigar in the water last thing at night. (vinigar helps to open the pours of the skin) After dripping dry a little rub in the borax or the sulphur solution. Every part of the body must be covered with the eyes being the only exception.

Drip drying is the best way of drying in this operation though you can use an electric fan to help. Sorry no towels in this operation.

16) You need to change all of your clothing and your sheets and pillow cases every single day while you are being treated.

It is best to have at least two sets of pillows so that you can alternate between them on a three day cycle.

17) Now for the bad bit. This laborious treatment is the only one that will work. You may have top continue doing it for upto 120 days. It is only when you have no symptoms for ten days that you can be sure that you are clear. Any member of the family that cuts the cure short will set the whole family back to time zero and you will have to start over again. You cannot cheat the Mites, they intend not only to suvive but to also thrive on your body. They have been doing it for thousands of years and have become experts at suviving.

Doctors remidies such as Derbac M, Permethrin and other incetacide agents will not penetrate the protective membrain they have put in the hair folicle. Ivermectin carried in the blood will not reach or affect the mites at all.


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by Iwanna_Know, Sep 30, 2012
Stop promoting nizoral, you make me laugh - it DONT WORK.., or let me say it's workin against.

We need to restore our skin immunity and not opress it by this agressive treatment.

But i tell you there is a truth about a baby shampoo, looks like it has the minimal impact on our skin, and that is what we need in our condition. Also try to wash your head as seldom as possible. The itching becomes minimal.

I didn't get rid of it totally but at least i've restored some balance. Now my skin looks ok, and my hair look almost healthy again

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by Georgia196, Oct 26, 2012
I almost couldn't believe I stumbled upon so many people with some of the same symptoms I have been suffering with for 25+ years !  I have to say I can go long periods of time with no problem with my scalp , then it comes back , the itching, the feeling something is biting me on my scalp. Now I will say this , the areas that itch seem to stay pretty much in the same areas. Another thing I noticed was after I had my  hair colored over , ( I didn't like the color of my highlights after a few months)  as soon as they started rinsing out my hair , my scalp was ON FIRE !  Not long after that , I noticed that every time I shampooed with my color safe shampoo , it seemed my scalp would itch even more, and the "sand' I had experienced a while back made a comeback !  My face and eyebrows itched too, it even made me think I was developing an allergic reaction to my shampoo, so I switched to a shampoo with No Sulfates, and it has helped a lot , but I still have moments when the itching comes back. All in all I think Chemicals are the Culprit in a lot of Cases. I am thinking maybe when the scalp itches , we naturally scratch, and that can cause infections , and maybe fungus infections are easier to get if the scalp is damaged, I really can't say for sure. I have read where several people experienced hair loss around the crown of the head, I have also experienced that, but it happened when I was using a shampoo with a lot of panthenol in it , widely known as Pantene, that shampoo is not good for the hair, it made me nearly go bald inside of a few months, it done the same to a couple more friends of mine too , so it wasn't just me. Also worth noting , my body itches less since I switched shampoos, I think maybe the shampoo running down my body while bathing could have been the reason for that , like I say , I can only tell you what I have noticed, I can't say for certain the shampoo was the culprit. My eyes and face would itch so bad from the color safe shampoo I was using , that It felt like someone was using a feather , and running it across my eyelids and eyebrows. One other thing worth noting is that scratching seems to make it worse for me so I kind of pat my head to help with the itch or rub it with the back of my knuckle , hey it works for me !!   I  know this probably didn't help anyone much , but I think if enough people post, we may find that several things can cause this , and maybe we can help each other some how. Glad  I read so many posts here, because I was seriously thinking about going to a dermatologist, but since it looks like they are no help, I will save my money instead.

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by NoelaniHulaMom, Oct 29, 2012
Thank you to everyone who has posted....well almost everyone. So I have had the sand on the back of my arms when I was a teen.  Most recently my face has felt rough.  I thought it was because I went to Hawaii and got very tan.  I have always has sensitive skin.  When I look at my face and rub against the grain I have the tiniest grains of sand.  Tried a scrub but seemed to make it worse.  Not even thinking about it I run my fingertips across my jawline and "pick out the sand."

Today I was looking in the stupid magnifying mirror (who made these damn things?)    Anyway I start looking at my scalp.

Oh yeah and prior to this about 6 months ago I was diagnosed with under active Thyroid.  For years my hair has been thinning.  I used to have thick hair past my butt. I figured the Thyroid medicine has helped because suddenly my hair is growing and getting thicker.

Okay back to the scalp I see these eggs shaped sandy looking things at the very base of the scalp where the follicle comes out.  I move  them easily along the shaft of the hairs.  I have to pull them through my hair to get rid of them.  Not on the sides of my head but on the top.  Can't see toward the back so who knows?  Anyway I have had no itching at all.  I have recently started feeling thick skin on my scalp and start picking at that.  

I know the difference between a flake and an oval shaped hard thing like sand.  This are tiny.  Larger sands on my neck and shoulders.  Again no itching no sores what-so-ever.

I recently feel  like I have sweating more than usual so I thought this was the culprit and it might have something to do with it.  I wonder if I am starting menopause.  45.

Well I have goggle nearly every thing that I have seen here.  I just do not know.   If I had never looked closely at my scalp I would not even know that they are there.  That's not true either because I have been looking at my scalp more due to the fact that I know my hair is growing a lot faster and I like to see how much the greys have grown out.  Being that my hair got soooo thin that I actually resorted to clip in hair extensions.

I feel for everyone of you.  The sandy things are real and yes they get under the fingernail.    Ugh !! I have to take a shower.    Thank you for sharing.

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by GoodiesWife927, Nov 06, 2012
Im doing a tree oil soak on my scalp for ten minutes every other day, and coconut oil soak the other days. I'm also using Nioxin shampoo every other day and a sulphur based dandruff shampoo on the other days. I have a lot less "sand" and my hair is falling out less. Hope this helps!!

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by cleggy104, Nov 08, 2012
WOW!, I have read nearly all the posts, and awaiting my Tea Tree oil to arrive at the pharmacy tpmmorrow. I have the severe greasy itchy scalp, and face for the last 2/3 months, and my hair has started to fall out. It is not mormal for me as my skin is normally dry. I was prescribed Ketaderm, which seemed to help a little, and used every type of shampoo, and application I can think.
However, I took the cat to the vets yesterday, as he has had a itchy red weeping patch above the base of the tail for over 2 months, he has been getting the regular Frontline, as he should. The vet however, just said  it was stubborn fleas, and changed to another pipette, but now I am starting to believe it maybe the MITES!!!
I have a question re the Tea Tree Oil, were the drops placed in the shampoo in the hand, or added to the bottle of shampoo. wanted to make sure I did the right thing. I am now on a vigorous wash all the bedding routine, and changing the pillow cases every night.
I find that the worst time is when I put my head on the pillow at night, the itching is so intense! My 11 year old daughter, has also started with the itching around the ears and scalp, and the hairloss.
The most upsetting thing, is most people I talk to do not believe that the hairloss is bad, because to them my hair does not look much different, but to me I feel as though I have lost 50%. The most upsetting thing has been for me is that I am very active, and love going out on my bike, but since the hairloss, I am to scared to put on my cycle helmit, as it seems to make it worse.
I want to say a huge Thanks for this forum, As now I feel I have people to talk to, People who know we are to be believed, and are not going mad!.

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by keghn, Nov 26, 2012
I have something like that. But deeper down and need to use a
stronger measure.
The quarter inch diameter no pus bumps would form light scabs on them. Then they would reform slowly after picking them off.
I have had them for 30 years. When I was young one would come and go
one my scalp.
Now there are more than one and are three sores on my lower body. They stay around for ever.

I use 75 percent alcohol to get rid of them. I pour it into a small bottle cap, and
then hold the cape on the bump for two hours. I Repeat a few day later if need be,
if it dos not form a strong long term scab.

I have seven of these pumps on my body. Will five now I have kill two off.
I dug out a dead bump with my finger nail and hit a biofilm that is dry to the touch
in a wet wound and is very tought like very fine sand paper sheath.
The alcohol is a liquor of 151 proof, has no poison in it.

The bugs are hiding in this biofilm or biogrit (sand) out of reach of the immune system.
When I do my treatment the other bumps get smaller It forces small amount of the
microbe out and the immune system hit them.

I think it is Staphylococcus and fungus. Fungus(nail fungus) to make the calcium grit/Keratin grow
and grower faster. The Staphylococcus binds it all together with the biofilm
The staff secrete a toxin from inside then causing damage around its home.
Nutrients to flow back in for the microbes,
Which is the heal and then scab cycle on the bumps.

I like using alcohol because it pass through most tissue, even biofilm.

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by amc1985, Dec 04, 2012
I am 27 and also experience these little grains, although usually it is only 1 grain at a time if a scratch.  My hair is thick and seems normal.  When I was younger I was on an antiobiotic (tetracycline) for >2 years.  I think many people here were on long-term antiobiotics and this might be part of the cause.  Imbalances in bacteria in the body have been linked to many issues.  In the interest of full disclosure, I also have seborrheic dermatitis and I'm a carrier of Ectodermal Dysplasia.

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by venefixa, Dec 06, 2012
* Good new discoveries, I think!*

Wow, what a long-running thread.  A testament to the persistence of the mystery itch from hell, which has sand-y-fied my bedsheets, clothing, and shoes for four or so years now and put a considerable dent in me, both physically and mentally. It is an absolutely evil affliction and walking around for that long feeling dirty, ugly, and misunderstood and wronged definitely takes a toll.  I used to be a model and now look more like a gutter junkie with the hair, skin, and dental issues it causes, in addition to the gratis factors of abject misery and insanity.  

Before I forget, because mystery crap causes that sort of thing, three things:  soapberry, silicone, and okra.  

- Silicone is god's own early Xmas gift to me, I swear.  I tentatively bought some of those silicone scar reduction gel pads, in spite of the claims on all of the "morgellons" sites that the fibers are comprised of some silicate material.  I slapped one on and holy cow, I felt like my scalp was unravelling in the most beautiful way...the tightness and lumpy regions seemed to melt off.  My cystic acne nodules and lesions suddenly became very pliant and "squishable" in that they didn't pop in the conventional sense but could be pressed away.  I also have access to tons of food-grade silicone spray since my BF's company is in the meat industry, (yuk), and have been coating myself and all that I own in it.  Fantastic results so far and everything is SO non-stick, yay.  I am hesistant to ingest or inhale the aerosol propellants in it and as such have to spray it on to a plate or something to allow some dispersion first, but whatever, it's great.  I also use some silicone-based hair taming agents and even squirt them in my bath.  Best results so far were achieved today with hair frizz tamer (John Frieda brand), about 1/8th of bottle, and 1/4 cup of concentrated soapberry in a big jacuzzi sized tub.  I got in to the tub after massaging defrizzer all over my scalp about an hour prior, and then hopped out after the water got too gunky and gross with fungal-looking white and black filaments, then showered off again and washed hair about another hour later.  Bathing is exhausting for me and I seem to trickle lots of weird little rivulets of liquid that appear to be more like lipids than water, then become quite sticky as I dry, usually, but not today.  Today I was like a brand damn new teflon skillet! Hah!  

-Soapberry extract is a massive surfectant and highly concentrated in the form that I get, which is in a little aluminum bottle intended for use as laundry detergent, although it plainly states that it can be used to clean almost anything, including people.  I use it on anything and everything, including mouthwash for the dental side of this stupid plague.  Drinking it unfortunately causes somewhat unpleasant stomach cramping and a case of the trots, but does seem to help in the long run and is non-toxic in even  laundry-load doses.  I think it's called eco-something...just google it up if interested, because I can't lay hands to my bottle at present...sorry!  I'm curious about yucca now, since I believe it also has saponins...anyone who's tried it, please feel free to give me some solicited voice of experience....

- Okra is supposedly really good for reducing or binding dietary lectins, which are guilty of causing adhesion on a cellular level.  I had gotten to thinking that perhaps this mystery crap is some kind of adhesion issue, because as much as people claim that fibers and such are "growing" from them, I find that the hairballs and fluff wads that come out of me are directly in time with whatever I've worn or been exposed to recently.  Sort of like belly-button lint matching a guy's sweater from the preceding week, and at least as gross.  I find that my diet certainly seems to affect the "activity" of my skin and hair, but I've been too flustered to really map it out, and have been crudely dousing myself in anti-infective agents thus far instead because one's immediate reaction to this is to match the level of misery with size of causitive agent.  I have ab- blood, so I googled that and got in to reading about eating for blood types and the problems inherent with lectins.  Some genetic issues can cause systemic stickiness on a cellular level, and I meet the criteria for those as well.  Okra was recommended, along with bladderwrack, and seems to be highly helpful, tasty, and full of good stuff.  I use Dr. Wilson's thyroid formula drops, which are a bladderwrack-based source of iodine and nutrients, but I take far more than recommended and it seems to help a lot.  

I could digress at length on my own experiences and stories with the mystery crap, but this isn't the forum for a novella.  I personally suspect that there is some kind of DNA mutation factor or physiological alteration at work here, possibly caused by severe emotional distress, in my opinion.There are definitely genetic issues that result in increased adhesion, such as sticky blood, and others which can cause dermatological abberations.  Sticky blood has symptoms which suggest I am most likely an unfortunate possessor of it, along with some other anomolies such as being the sole member for two generations with red hair, inexplicable double joints to a point of my hips requiring taping in place at birth, and my siblings and I are all missing at least one upper permanent eye tooth, with severity of the dental deficits increasing with birth order. I also had cervical cancer at the age of 21...thought to be from chemical exposure while working with my father in screen printing since I was old enough (5yrs) to not get run over by the belt dryers or printing presses, and I was elbows-deep in VOCs and solvents and PCBs from go...perhaps a combination of exposure to environmental factors plays a role as well?  Also, a lot of people with this seem to be recovering or current drug addicts- I am so used to lying in order to "pass" in polite society, but must admit that I've done a small 3rd world nation's worth of partying in my time...

Anyhow, some research suggests that the brain produces torsion fields, which are able to transmute and cross time, space, and matter, and are the most likely culprit in matters involving apparent telekinesis and psychic phenomena.  I wonder if  a change in their function could enact a DNA change or simply affect surrounding matter and tissue to a point of becoming a universal lint trap or mystery crap vacuum?  That could possibly explain why some people have parasitic issues with this, while others don't, as well as other infective all depends on what gets stuck in your skin and what you're exposed to.  

The emotional problem seems to be the one very consistent factor in everyone's story...mine began with a nervous breakdown due to severe stress and a really bizarre empathic illness experience while my father was in a coma, (we are both ab- blood type), and ended with me crouched naked and sobbing atop my stove with a bottle of chlorox.  Classy, eh?  That was the beginning of the end for life as I knew it.  Never again would I be able to take anything for granted, or really even trust anything.  I'm a really trusting person despite having complex PTSD from childhood abuse and assorted BS, and it kills me to have to question I can't even let my guard down with my own damn hair or bathtub because painful, disfiguring lumps result from a lack of vigilance.  

But, I'm hoping for myself and everyone with this that the silicone will at least continue to provide a level of non-stick reduced misery and I'm going to be saying a prayer for my hair til it grows back, and for everyone else's, as well!

Peace be with you all......

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by karenyost, Dec 30, 2012
Well, I am SO glad I stumbled onto this page. I have had this problem for more years then I can count. I too have the little grainy sugar particles on my scalp. Not a lot, but enough to make me say. "Hmmmm, that's odd....What the heck is that?" I haven't experienced hair loss....yet. The itching comes and goes in severity. I notice that when I try a new shampoo that it gets much worse.....almost like I have irritated it and it's inflamed. Then it calms down when I go back to the old shampoo that drys out my hair. I am starting to look into making my own shampoo. I've found a few websites that have recipes for making a tea tree oil shampoo. I'm hoping it helps. Try looking into it if you haven't already. I've used the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo and it does help slightly, but burns. I am so tired of waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling that my head is crawling with something. I just recently told my husband of 18 years about it because I am so fed up with it. I've kept it a secret for so long because it's embarrassing and makes me feel bug-ridden and gross. I luckily don't have open sores etc.. as some of you do, but all the rest of it sounds consistent. Have any of you ever been acknowledged by a physician? Did they give you anything for it? Any recommendations or do we all just have to live with it the rest of our lives? That doesn't sound like a "solution" I can live with.

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by kalilaya83, Jan 04, 2013
I think these are hardened crystals formed from sebum and perspiration.

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by SoS85, Jan 11, 2013
After reading through all of this, I would like to say thanks to all who have posted. At first, I thought I was figuring it out, but at the end, still at a loss really. I'll do a quick rundown of my problem.  
         Was maybe 2 years ago when i could tell my hair was thinning (always had thickest hair) which concerned me, considering all my family had full head of hair with they passed. I assumed no big deal, but then some itching began, and noticing hair falling out when i scatched, with the bulb/hair folli on the end, with the strand of hair sometimes being colorless (im 27 year old male). The that sandy feeling started on the crown, and has moved all over since. My crown/widow peaks (thing called that, each side of forehard) is affected the most. I also get what looks like blood filled follicules, mainly on the front side and top of forehead.. I'll see them under the hairline, eventually hairline moves back, and so will they. That last part I havent seen anyone mention, so worries me even more I guess.
          Well, recently, my sister (lives in same house with I) has mentioned she thinks she has psoriasis. I find this interesting, because at first i thought the same. Well, now, my girlfriend is having same problems, thinning hair and such, and she's younger than I. So, after reading this thread, and trying to find something that is actually contagious, are demodex mites?  I know all have them, but if I had an outbreak, could they be spread? (ofc, my gf and I sleep in same bed)
          That's what I am currently leaning to, and maybe my pores/follicules when an ungodly # of mites are actually deep enough to hit blood? I don't know, I'm worried, have no health insurance, and really only here to turn to. My headsize/shape will NOT make me a good candidate to rock the bald head, and the amount my confidence and self esteem has went down, I hate going anywhere at all.
       So nervous, any opinions would be greatly appreciated. (ended up being longer than I thought it would, but please at least skim through it)   Thank you

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by gwendolyn445, Jan 14, 2013
My husband just started lately getting this fine sand feeling on his scalp and like everyone is saying, when you scratch it, it sticks under your fingernails.  His is kind of a whitish-yellow color and almost feels like pie crust under your nails.  He used to have really bad big flaked dandruff, but this stuff, you can't see, but you can sure feel it on his scalp and under your nails.  
I have this feeling that it is some kind of fungus, because within 2 days after he washes his hair, it starts smelling mildewy.
Think we might try some kind of antifungal cream on his scalp for a few nights and see what happens.  

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by SoS85, Jan 15, 2013
I'm leaning towards the above poster also, after rethinking symptoms. Whatever it is, is transferable, and has my hair feeling as thin as cotton.

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by rahul276, Jan 18, 2013
Is there any one in the world having Seb Dermatitis feels severe itching and redness on face after & while eating salt in foods .

Pls help

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by Cypruseve, Feb 09, 2013
I too have had many of the symptoms mentioned but not all and I just cant figure it out. My pores are secreting a substance that dries up and becomes a crusty grainy mess. At first my scalp would peel off like I was shedding a layer of dry skin. It was weird because I could take ahold of several hairs close to the scalp and rotate them altogether in a circular motion and in that area the dried out dead skin would loosen and raise up but it would be one large piece with my hairs sticking through it. I'm sure it's hard to picture. Well this Started in my scalp at the very front and near my temples then I noticed it in my ears which may have actually started first. With ny ears I don't get wax build up, instead its kind of wet in my outer ear and that dries out and turns into a white flaky crusty substance. It hardly ever itches anymore but has gotten worse and has spread all over my scalp. Worst parts up front along my hair line and in front of my ears like where a mans sideburns would be and thats really the only place that itches bad. It is slowly spreading high up on my forehead and I do get small red dry patches on my face always in the same 3 spots. As soon as I wash these areas it seems to be gone except for redness left behind similar to a burn. Of course by the end of the day my scalp looks really dry and by the next morning its all back. Here's some of my history: i never had acne problems growing upI did have some dandruff here and there and I dyed my hair very often and even bleached it from time to time with no problems. I didn't wear make up till I was 17 years old. I was never over weight till now. Now I'm going to add some history that I feel could be relevant. (I haven't read each & every post so if any of the following has been mentioned I missed it.) I started using heroin in 1998 at 19 yrs old heavily in the first 3 yrs and on & off until 2008. During these years I was in & out of jail and in Methadone clinics twice. My last time in prison was my longest stay. During that time I had to shower with cheap shampoo and in super hot water. I was exposed to well water that on 3 occasions got contaminated. I learned early on to purchase as much bottled water as I could carry to drink and wash my face. The food was questionable so I mostly ate from commissary. I also worked in the fields where I was exposed to who knows what pesticides. Side note I can't believe I was ever crazy & stupid enough to want anything to do with that type of lifestyle. In 2008 I got back into a methadone clinic and I am still taking this medication today. In 09 I had my beautiful healthy daughter. It was after this that my condition began. During my pregnancy I ate healthy foods and cut out any caffine. All my life and my entire pregnancy I was so pretty and thin, well I did gain weight when I got pregnant but I carried it all in my belly. Even when I was using I looked better than this. My skin was good and my hair was beautiful. I am now overweight  and wonder if even that has added to my problems somehow? Whatever is going on with my scalp and skin I'm just sure has to do with something I've mentioned. The drugs catching up with me? The harsh conditions of prison? A change in my hormones when I was pregnant or after I had my daughter? Other than the methadone I don't take any medications, I haven't dyed my hair since before I got pregnant. I don't have lice or any bugs or mites. Does anyone have any of things in common with me and do you think that
t has anything to do with your condition? I have tried everything I can think of like most on here have. I'm wondering if I have to find the source first in order to find a solution.

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by reventon, Mar 02, 2013

I have noticed this problem 2 years ago since then I had consistent hair fall. My hair had become very thin and I am also facing male pattern bald ness. I have tried many products, tips etc to tackle this issue. Nothing seems to work but I have noticed some change after following these things

I use olive oil for my hair. Use only extra virgin normal olive oil. It works really good. You will notice it from the very first use.

I apply paste made from onions just onions nothing else. I apply it to my scalp 20 min before i take head bath.

Take green tea. This seems to reduce free flow DHT content in your blood (not sure abt it tho)

And I think I need to change my shampoo to a milder one

Do these things for atleast few weeks and see if it makes any difference.

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by reventon, Mar 02, 2013
Ppl we need to figure this out ourselves. This problem has been around for years and no one seems to havea solution till now

From my research on internet, i got to know that these granules are mainly caused by sebum which is secreted by hyper active oil glands that secrete oil more than they actually should just because they feel the scalp is very dry. The result is your scalp becomes very oily. The sebum then hardens in the presence of DHT i.e.. Dihydrotestosterone which is also known for causing male pattern bald ness. That results in theae granules.

To tackle this you need to keep your scalp moisturized enough. Using harsh shampoos dries ur scalp too much and thats a problem. so try to get a mild shampoo first.

I will write more about my findings in future posts as I experiment more on my hair.

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by mycurlyhair, Mar 15, 2013
Wow, I cant believe how many of us have this! I am a female in my 30's and have had this for almost a year now and I am so tired of it and trying everything and seeing doctors, etc! I bought a cheap microscope camera on amazon and have VERY close up pictures of it! My hair is much thinner in these area only and it is more on the top/sides of my head. The back underneath my scalp looks great! We should create a facebook group and disuses there what we have tried and share pictures!

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by mycurlyhair, Mar 15, 2013
https://www.************/groups/114831978707024/  I created a facebook page so we can help each other, please join!

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by Caryopteris, Mar 15, 2013
Wow this is a long thread!  I have battled this.  It is oily, inflamed scalp.  I think the flora gets out of whack.  Try neem.  There are neem shampoos, but also you can add neem oil to your favorite shampoo.  Also I need to stay on my gluten-free diet.  I think the problem may be caused by malnutrition.  I take probiotic and L-glutamine, vitamin D, magnesium, L-arginine, and zinc.  I have a filter on my shower that takes out chlorine and ammonia.  I love neem soap.  I also like neutrogena shampoos.  

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by redcowgirl2009, Mar 19, 2013
I have had the same problem in my scalp down the middle of my back and chest.  This problem was in addition to other health problems and allergies/sensitivities. I think it has to do with the flora in your stomach? I recently started drinking raw cows milk, eating all organic and using raw honey instead of sugar. My scalp has completely cleared up and most of the other health problems have gone away. I can also eat most of the things I couldn't before. However my chest and back are still having the problem? My husband runs his hand across my back and all these sandy things come off like I have been to the beach. Someone told me to try Vitamin A drops so I am going to try that. Also my husband and I are reading the makers diet and are going to go on that diet?

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by marina3269, Apr 05, 2013
My mother has the same problem... sand forming on her scalp and very, very itchy. Her doctor has diagnosed it as Seborrhoeic dermatitis.  It is driving her insane.

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by keghn, May 30, 2013
I am having good luck carbonated water, with quick results.
If there problem with my skin then the bug is in my digestive track.
They must get there air like fish. I drink it in the morning when i wake up and before
a meal. I also drink it before going to bed. Never use it when it is flat.
I read about the longest living woman who drink beer before going to bed,
and one of the longest man who has whiskey a seltzer water before going to bed.

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by tas927, Jun 04, 2013
I too have the same problem.  I have been dealing with this for over 3 years.  In that time, I have seen soooo many physicians and no one has been able to help.  I have lost 75% of my hair and I can't get the shedding to stop.  It is pulling out at the roots like it isn't even attached.  I was blessed to have TONS of hair when this all started, but now....

Started out as a white substance on scalp that only came off when I scratched it, buring, tingling, hairl loss, gritty feeling on scalp now......  I have tried absolutely everything, perscription and natural.

Does anyone have any updates that have helped/worked?  So depressed over this!

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by blogger36, Jun 07, 2013
I am very new to making public posts but I want to get in on this one as I also have recently noticed this sandy grainy stuff on my scalp and my hair is coming out. I don't know for sure but from everything that I have read so far I am inclined to believe this is truly caused by demodex mites. At first I thought it was a fungus but the mites actually make more sense. It seems like people suffering from these same symptoms swear by the use of tea tree oil so I plan to get up bright and early in the morning and make a trip to the health food store to purchase a bottle and give it a try.

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by ktg21, Jun 12, 2013
im a girl of 21, and ive noticed this since a year or so, Im unconsciously hunting for those pearlies which turned into a daily routine >> but , ive also discovered ,that after combing my head 'thoroughly' , cleared my head.. ! honestly , those pearlies are just accumulated oil/sebum in the pores, if we dont clean it, we might never pave way for new roots [baby hair] :D

so we really need to start combing our hair -with oil/ without oil, doesnt matter, just comb so we clear our pores!
comb ur hair before shampoo , let ur hair fall, its okay' , keeping in mind that ur giving way for new ones'
and also ive noticed, my hair grew excessively after combing my hair on a daily basis*  

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by thepamac, Jun 16, 2013
I recently began experiencing the symptoms described in this thread and would like to know how many of you consume products containing aspartame. I cannot definitely posit a cause and effect relationship but it seemed that my symptoms began after a period of daily consuming popsicles sweetened with aspartame. When I removed the artificial sweetener from my diet the itching stopped although the graininess persists for the time being.

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by sansk, Jun 20, 2013
I am having the same condition since 2 years. I tried Selsun blue shampoo thinking it is a dandruff, though it is not a dandruff but this shampoo helped me in reducing the grains. and yes, I completely stopped the outside food with full of sodium at the same time... not sure which one helped me but condition is lot better now.

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by sansk, Jun 20, 2013
To thepamac, since I stopped outside food.. diet pepsi was also stopped.. not sure if that was also a factor

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by wills909697, Jun 30, 2013
I am a 63 year old male . I started getting this flakey scalp just after I turned 60 . It was mostly at the base of my scalp. The one day using the same shampoo which was fuller thinker hair the next morning my scalp was covered in oil . I changed shampoo and the oil was less .

I finally went to see a derm and he looked at it and said it was sebboheic dermatitis . I went because suddenly my hair began to shead a lot , He told me to use T-gel three times a week and I used the renpure shampoo in between .

I have always had somewhat oily shin and scalp but nothing like this .

I made a point to get a screen type cover and washed my hair in the sink and found this white  greasy looking crud on the screen . One night my scalp began to burn and itch.

Using the T-gel seemed to cut down on the oilyness . after about 6 months things seemed to get better. My hair was sheading much less and growing back , Then I began to develope these small bumps on the sides and some on the back of my scalp and when back to the derm and he gave me a script for some steroid liguid and I used it once a day but after a while the bumps spread and got worst now they are all over my scalp . The itching never ended and it is always at night.

Some of the sand looking white grains come off and sometimes I get a large sebum plug with two small hairs but I don't pick at them I just gently rub them and sometimes find them in the screen .

I used to see flakes in the beginning but not now . Also at first when I used the T-Gel my forehead once dry would have dry looking flakes now my forehead is very oily and no flakes .

I recall when this began one ear was plugged up so they checked both and both were close to 80% blocked and I saw these white skin flakes in the bowl they use to catch the water used to flush my ears and asked what that was expection to see only ear wax but they didn't check this out . Now both ears are always flaky inside and oily as well . I also tried T-sal and it seemed to help at least my hiar was not so tangled like it was with T-Gel and things seems to get better and hair was growing back .

I would guess it is all caused by oil and excess sebum .

Who can say what chemicals in shampoo contribute to this irritation or if the irritation causes the sebum to attempt to clean the folical .

You can go to just about any web site and search sebborheic dermatatis and find either some push for a product or varied advice and I really don't think anyone has a clue what causes this whether yeast or what , all the sites do say the cause is un-known and they suspect yeast .  

There seems to be most of the same chemicals even in the no sulfate shampoos and all seem to have at least 12 chemicals that can irritate the scalp . I also wonder about the water here .

I don't feel this issue has any priority because the medical establishment doesn't consider it life threatening and none of the crap in shampoo is regulated so anything can suddenly become an irritant .

It is a very difficult thing to deal with each and every day the itching the bumps the pain the hair sheading and over time can cause one to want to kill one self that would make it life threatening . I have never gone through anything like this in my life . I did have blood tests but everything came back fine. It was all perfect .

I looked at all the products they bombard you with while searching and they all have what look like fake testamonials  , they are there to sell a product and nothing else .

I can't afford to try many things let alone a lazer comb at near $300 .

I wash my hair and 4 hours later my forehead and nose are oily than ever , so I wipe the oil or dab it away with a tissue . I wake in the morning and find dead skin flakes in both ears and oil and an oily face .

I have always had fine hair but a lot of it . Never had trouble getting a comb through it and now it's a tangled mess.

The derm said none or us are the same person we were 5 years ago well no kidding and that my scalp was the type most likely to get this condidtion he never said what that meant , I assume it meant fine hair and more of it has more folicals and there fore more oil glands .

I know when I was in my teens I had dandruff but after a few weeks of head and shoulders back then it went away . Now this began when I was just almost 61 soon to be 64 .

All I can say is it did get better and grow back but then got worse again , the sheading did slow down but now it's back and I do see new hairs . When this first began I was losing lots of hair then it slowed way down now it's back again but not as bad .

I have no idea how to rid these bumps that have spread and have been here now for well over a year.

I do find the more active I am things do get better as far as sheading goes but the bumps never go away or change.

No one in my family has lost their hair nore my grandparents . I do recall my mother having to use a dandruff shampoo when I was a kid so just maybe it is inherited or partly so.

I know stress does play a part . When I was 30 going through a divorce I had a small bald spot on the crown but over time it grew back . Everytime I get stressed things get worse now it's years of no job and little money .

I have no idea what direction to head in with this . This is just my experience . It's a day to day horror show and the docs don't seem to care and certainly the hair care industry doesn't care they use what is cheap even the best products have the same crap as the cheaper ones .  WE don't need shampoo with perfume in it or degreasers or all the other chemical compounds listed on the bottle all in different names that are really the same chemical by a different name. I do know formaldahyde is some release caused by two chemicals reaction and you see this in most shampoos yet other people seem to have not issue with them and some do. So what to do and who to trust or who to believe . We do know GMO foods are now all over the place so it could be that , we know the water is full of chemicals we are not told about maybe it's the water . and who knows what else is in the air or ground . Point is over decades food has changed and the water is polluted as is the air and ground and not much is natural any longer. We know most or our towels and sheets and pillows are made in china so who knows what is in that . All they want is to sell cheap products and forget the affects so perhaps it's a combination of all the above.  

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by Starr8731, Jul 01, 2013
Well, I have no answers, but I can post my symptoms and the things I've tried that haven't worked.  Maybe we can narrow remedies down this way by process of elimination!

I've always had super fine, oily hair.  I distantly remember a bout of dandruff when puberty smacked me in the face that stopped after a bottle of Head & Shoulders.  My hair started falling out when I was about 18 (I'm in my early 30's now).  I currently have about half the amount of hair I did when I was a teenager.  No bald spots yet, but I'm getting awfully close.  I was told that if it's not genetic, then it's almost certainly stress, and there's no cure for it in that case (great!).  A few years ago, I started getting dry scalp, mostly around my hairline for about two to four months twice a year when the seasons changed.  Recently, I've also been getting the "grains of sand", mostly along the sides and back of my head, strangely.  I can't scratch them out like other people can -- I feel the small bump on my scalp, and then I pull it off with my fingernails.  My hair doesn't come with it, also unlike the other posters (but it still falls out readily and often).  I do have a little itching but nothing crazy.

Now for what I've tried that hasn't worked.  Firstly, I have NOT had antibiotics in years, unlike most everyone else.  While this doesn't dispute the validity of a possible causality, it clearly can't be used to explain my case.  It's not harsh shampoos.  For a year, I used a gentle organic shampoo and conditioner (that cost $60 for both bottles!) with little to no difference in the scalp issues.  I did think my hair loss slowed a bit, but I can't say for sure.  I DO wash my hair every day, but I have to -- my hair is so oily that it looks gross if I wait more than 24 hours.  I do not have a gluten allergy -- I was tested before I was eventually diagnosed with IBS.  Though my skin is super oily too, I don't have problems on other areas of my body, just my head.  Head & Shoulders doesn't cure it or even significantly impact it.

We are NOT hypochondriacs.  We cannot magically create sandy grains on our heads through anxiety.  I've seen the well-meaning suggestions from people in this thread.  But if this were as common as it seems, shouldn't there be more readily accessible information from the professionals online about what this is and what remedies are available?  It seems like we're just working of the conjectures of other sufferers.

I'm going to try the baby shampoo idea next.  Maybe between us all, we can come up with some kind of universal remedy for this.

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by sumd123, Jul 17, 2013
i have the same must get oral treatment.some time fungal inflation must have treated more than one year.
bcz of fungi have egg.please don't leave reguler treatment. you can win.

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by sumd123, Jul 17, 2013
any one here treat more than one year doing oral treatment?

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by BethanyLeigh23, Jul 22, 2013

Morrocco Method has a "Zen detox" for your scalp -- It removes build up, and completely detoxes your scalp - It has no sulfates and is 100% natural - Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. These products can be used by those with even severe allergies to other products - Do yourself the favor of checking out the website that I attached above - Read what each product does and find the right combination for you - I have a grainy greasy scalp with dry thinning/breaking long hair.. I ordered the "Zen scalp detox" with the apple cider shampoo and the Chi conditioner -- These are all for promoting blood flow to the scalp and keeping your scalp/hair naturally healthy..

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by kingof888, Aug 09, 2013
i have the exact same condition; sandy scalp, etc. I have found some
relief from using neutrogena T-Sal (active ingredient: salicylic acid); Overall, cutting my hair extremely short and getting sun exposure to my scalp has helped eliminate the problem faster and more effectively than anything else.

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by fellowsufferer100, Sep 24, 2013
Sorry, this is a long post but hopefully useful to you all.

I have suffered with this problem for nearly 30 years! I am a 50 year old male and acquired this disease back in 1985. It
started as a single itchy pimple on the side of my head then within a few days I developed intense itching all over my scalp. I also noticed that my scalp became very tight and the consistency of my sebum became very greasy as opposed to a lighter oily consistency. I soon started experiencing rapid hair loss with the hardened sebum balls covering the bulb of the shed hairs. I went to see a trichologist who said he thought the sebum balls were bacterial waste. They tried treating me with their proprietory topical antiseptic, but this never really solved the problem so I eventually gave up.

Now fast forward to the present day and I still have the problem but sadly a lot less hair! It is now very thin even on the sides of my head, not to mention the top. Anyway, I recently read on a trichologist website that Listerine mouthwash can be used as a topical antiseptic to reduce scalp itching/irritation. I tried this and it really did seem to work quite well, so this is when I suspected that a contributing factor to the problem was a bacteria, possibly P. Acnes. At this point I had an idea for another topical antiseptic to try - 'Surgical Spirit'. I went ahead and applied this liberally to the whole of my scalp and left it on overnight. Virtually immediately the tightness in my scalp relaxed and felt soothed by the active ingredients in the surgical spirit (castor oil and methyl salicylate). In the morning I shampoo'd my hair and the itching and irritation had completely gone! Also, no sebum balls and for the first time in nearly 30 years my scalp felt healthy and fresh. I noticed that my hair was very oily immediately after this treatment so I used seleniun sulphide shampoo just once and it reduced the sebum level.

So in conclusion I believe that bacteria (e.g. acne ) is a key component in this disease as is the demodex mite. Demodex mites carry bacteria and can spread it to adjacent healthy hair follicles. They also feed on sebum, produce waste products and damage the surrounding tissues of the follicle and sebacious glands. They are also known to cause follicular plugging, which are the sebum balls/grains we are all seeing. I also believe that the bodies immune response to this situation is a key factor. For some reason the immune response is not appropriate and is unable to combat the pathogen within the hair follicle/sebacious gland and damage to the follicle ensues. I also suspect that a co-existing fungal infection may excacerbate the situation. This disease is called DEMODICOSIS and is a form of Demodex Folliculitis. Checkout this website for relevant information:

Another general name for the conditions these mites cause is Demodex Dermatitis.

I get the classic symptoms for Demodex infestation (the crawling, tickling sensations on my face and head at night). It's only been about two weeks since I performed this treatment so early days yet. Interestingly, a few days after the treatment I did get some acne like pimples on my scalp, typically about 6 or so, but these seem to be gradually subsiding. I believe that the very high alcohol content of surgical spirit kills demodex mites on contact, but not sure about the eggs. I expect that the mites will return to my scalp when the eggs hatch, thus requiring the full eradication regimen described in an earlier post. I'm sure that once the mites and associated bacterial infections are eradicated this condition will be cured.

I would be very grateful to get your thoughts on my experience and my treatment method and any further information you have acquired about this horrible condition. Ultimately, I believe this is a non-inflamatory form of bacterial and demodex folliculitis, but I am not qualified or able to prove this. PLEASE, we desparately need a medical specialist in this area to offer the correct diagnosis, help and advice. Best wishes to you all.

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by pyrocora, Oct 15, 2013
To solve this problem I used a hair relaxer from walgreens then got a shampoo that would strip as much oils and sebum from my scalp when wet.  If you wet your hair down to the scalp youll notice its no longer a sand texture and softens  That's when you need to do what you can to get rid of it.

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by SoDoEye, Oct 15, 2013
Male 58 and have had this for a couple of years now,

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by SoDoEye, Oct 15, 2013
What happened to my post?

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by Grainyscalp, Nov 03, 2013
I have had the same condition described in the very first post for about a year now.  I think the most plausible cause of these "grains" is excess, dried sebum from the scalp as a couple posters above have pointed out.  After searching extensively online, I found that this can be controlled by applying jojoba oil to the skin (look it up yourself).  I'll try this out and get back with results.  

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by Opti39, Nov 15, 2013
I have a similar condition. I've been experiencing this for about 10yrs now. My hair is so thin that you can see through it. I went to a specialist that only comes to NYC once a month and he couldn't figure it out. He asked if I wanted to take medication that was for men and has never been tested on women. I turned it down bc I was scared of any side effects. So he walked out of the room on me. I've tried different shampoos, topical tx, blood work (I'm anemic), had a scalp biopsy done and still no results. They told me that they had never seen anything like this. And this is at NYU where the best of best are (supposedly). They say my scalp is scaring from the inside out. I get little sebum grains in my hair mostly after I shower. My scalp is excessively oily and feels like its on fire. Very painful. My scalp use to itch tremendously, but has turned into pain over the yrs. I get pimples on my scalp, and red patches with inflammation & pain.  I wish someone, anyone would figure this out already. We all have enough to worry about in life and now to add hair loss at such young ages.

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by Mexico_Joe, Dec 31, 2013
I was going mad trying to find a cure and this worked for me - Norisc Antimicrobial Liquid Soap - you can get it on amazon. I used it with a combination of antibacterial shampoo and soaking my hair with vinegar and vodka. Mites or whatever causing the problem disappeared after just 3 days.

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by lallah, Jan 11, 2014
Have you guys looked into "subhorea". Im not sure if the spellings right. Its a scalp condition. I have it and I have to use a prescription shampoo.  
you could also try washing your hair with a tea tree oil shampoo mixed with a palm full of baking soda. The baking soda scrubs everything off and Tea tree oil is an anti-microbial.

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by Bownair, Jan 18, 2014
I also have these, and I'm sure it's not lice. I discovered this a year ago, when I was 14 and am now 15. I've had lice before since I was close to a friend who had lice. It was itchy and and it'd sometimes sting. But I eventually got rid of it in two days' time.
Since my problem seems to be different from the others, I'll also explain what mine looks like.
My problem sometimes comes with hair. It can be a translucent yellow or white thing that looks grain-ish. I sometimes get bits of skin instead, which is kinda impaled by a hair strand. It doesn't really itch, but it kinda annoys me. I don't know how to explain it. Sometimes I just really want to pop the pimples on my forehead, then I'd feel the rest of my head and feel that there are these things.
I love sweets, but I drink a lot of water, too. Everyday.

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by StepAheadTraining, Feb 21, 2014
Hey there everyone. Ok so i grew up with this same thing , some times grainy, if i don't wash my hair.. Not grainy, a little more oily. And i'm a natural curly blond, so when i say if i don't wash my hair i mean at least 3 DAYS.

Someone mentioned a Gluten issue way back when. I'm going to expand on said gluten issue. It could very well be gluten but others mention anti biopics. Ladies and gents it's BOTH.

I discovered in my 30's that I'm seriously gluten intolerant, but on top of that I've been on many rounds of antibiotics in my life.

So first here is where to start…. START EATING COCONUT OIL! (First rule out an allergy to coconut)
Google the effects of Coconut and yeast.

From eating a diet that possibly your system can't deal with, sensitivities or allergies combined with the HIGH carbohydrate diet most of us eat. USA and many other places have adopted the "western" way of eating. especially if you are eating GMO's. yes they are real and yes they are dangerous.

Coconut oil and it depends on your weight and size, but up to 4 table spoons per day. start small and slowly add more into your diet. Personally I HATE the taste of coconut… but i go to COSTCO… or TraderJoes or Wholefoods, or any place that sells unrefined or unprocessed Extra VIRGIN coconut oil. I melt it over the stove in a bowl and use an eye dropper to fill organic veggie or gelatine capsules and I take them. I usually take about 6-8 per meal. 3-6 times a day.

Depends on what I plan on eating. If i know i have to go someplace that doesn't have gluten free options, and sorry ladies and gents.. if you're really sensitive… getting fries instead of bread doesn't cut it. Most places don't have a separate fryalator, so anything deep fried, motz sticks, fried chicken, fried fish etc it's all coated in flour….aka gluten. so your fries are covered in it. sometimes it doesn't bother my system.. if i've been good…not eating crap and taking coconut regularly.

Give it at least 3 months, You'll start to see a change in your body. If you have the "spare tire" you'll notice that start to go away. Also for me, coconut made sure i KNEW what my body said NO to. I realized I don't have issues with DAIRY in general… just MILK and Most Soft cheeses, but not ones from CREAM. So no ricotta, but I can process brie. I can have cream but not MILK. weird right? turns out not so much.

There is an amazing article out there by Gary Taubles Why we get fat, and what to do about it.

-- I am a professional personal trainer. I counsel nutrition and fitness. I have done so for a decade. So i've done my research, people who listen to me have changed their lives, and I too am living proof. You can fix just about anything with time and real nutrition. --

Anyway i suggest you read it, or find it or ask someone. I do not have access to the article to repost. I have a ebook from a while ago that was purchased and given to me. I'll see if i can find the link on amazon. It's really amazing and If you keep an open mind you'll be amazed.

So in short about nutrition is that you NEED to keep carbohydrates low… all kinds, but especially grains (if you're more over weight or have more health issues.. ***** but you're more sensitive)
Up your fat and protein intake.. IT IS NOT FAT OR PROTEIN that makes you fat, causes weight gain, or causes heart disease. That is inflammation. A cardiologist put out a great article about what eating too high a carbohydrate diet will do to your arteries. Again I'm sure google will be your friend there.

So NEVER eat diet or lite.. or light… buy the full fat if you're going to eat it.. and a cheat here and there is ok. But you also need to start cutting the junk out of your diet. Soda, diet soda, juice, excess coffee or tea. Corn, grains, pasta, breads. Yes there are a million recipes out there for Grain free gluten free paleo or primal recipes out there. They are amazing. I was and AM a very picky eater, now however I know how to choose healthy and make it taste great.

fat is your friend. Protein is your friend. Don't go hog wild, but most ppl can process about 15-20g of protein per meal. you want to eventual eat 1/2 your body weight in grams of protein but thats an eventual. and not for everyone. I do suggest a good nutritionist that is also more organic or holistic.

Ok great so now y you're eating coconut and have cut the crap from what you eat on a regular basis. I still drink, mostly vodka.. i personally hate beer and wine… and beer is gluten.

Now here's more fun stuff…. the coconut oil kills the yeast in your gut… but your skin has an overgrowth of it as well. eating coconut oil helps chill that out, but you can use coconut oil on your skin… I use it every day… I smell like cookies my other half tells me. But my skin feels great, and it stopped itching!!! crazy right?

Your hair and skin are total indicators of your over all health and vitality. I've spent 3 years stressed out of my mind, and the last 6 months was the culmination of it all. so i started loosing my hair, now that i've noticed, i've started to really reduce my chemicals topically and internally.

Girls if you color your hair… most use apple cider vinegar to wash hair… I am allergic to vinegar.. i tried baking soda and my hair and scalp felt fabulous.. just shake into your hands and then apply to wet hair… scrubbing in.. it's going to help exfoliate your scalp… but it will pull color.

So i'm back to shampoo until I find another alternative. I do however use BENTONITE clay mixed with Tea Tree Oil and use that as a mask (just started) tea tree oil is great for the skin and it is a healing and cleansing agent. I buy the food grade essential oil…add it to a rosemary tea… (make it yourself… fresh rosemary steeped in hot water for 8 minutes.. use the tea to mix with the oil and the clay… voila… a mask that will pull toxins and heal and clean your hair… wash out.. do a coconut oil treatment. I do it melted.. so it's still warm when i put it on… and then i wrap my head in saran wrap or a shower cap… put a towel around that and then wash it out the next day.

I have dry hair naturally… it's blonde and curly so it's more dry and coarse… so the length of time you leave the oil in is up to you.

But shampooing strips your scalp and hair of natural oils… so your scalp secrets more oil! Washing your hair makes the problem worse. You do not need to wash every day. Some it's every other, but a healthy scalp will need to be washed say every 3 days.

So ok. I know this is a lot and it rambles and my grammar and spelling suck, but i'm typing this up as fast as i can because I'm doing 12 other things right now. Music editing, photo editing, hair masks, coconut oil capsule making. I'm a busy woman. so i'm sorry you'll have to deal . :)

Pinterest and google will be your friends!


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by Bromigo, Mar 05, 2014
Man, this started back in 2008! Madness.

So yeah, similar story for me. I'm male, 27 years old and I've suffered for maybe 2 years now. Before this, people used to joke about how RIDICULOUSLY thick my hair was. I've had it long since I was 16 so always had plenty of it!

Suddenly, in the space of 6 months, it changed MASSIVELY. My hair is incredibly thin and now resembles brown smoke. I have to sweep it over as I'm going VERY bald VERY fast on top!

However, the problem I've got is that my lifestyle changed in a million ways all at once before this started!
- Stopped eating healthily and ate 1 can of soup and a piece of bread a day for 3 months (400KCal a day, I was fat)
- Due to a 'change in my circumstances', I developed a major drinking problem (Over it now, was just being dumb!)
- I lost 4 stone in 3 months
- I took penicillin for the first time ever after my idiot doctor confused an infection with an allergic reaction

All that literally in the space of a month. Changed EVERY aspect of my life for the worse! Haha.

And the major thing that sets me apart:
- My immune system is awesome (I literally never get sick)
- I don't suffer from acne, but I do have generally bad skin (I moisturize my face, any scratching or shaving ALWAYS causes a rash)
- My head only really itches due to sweat (Exercise) and if I don't wash it for more than 2 nights
- I get the sandy scalp and I also get outbreaks of huge raw sore areas on my scalp. These SUCK, produce LOTS of dead skin, smell funky and secrete a lot of what I assume is plasma (probably due to the itching and me using a nit comb to remove all the dead skin as the dandruff is embarrassing).

So yeah, like a fair few on here, I've got a few bits from each column. God knows! All I know is within the space of 3 months, friends I bumped into were suddenly shocked by how much hair I'd lost and how dead it looked! Strangely, that depressed the s*** outta me and literally KILLED my self esteem and confidence. I used to be a confident guy, now I've been single for over a year because I perceive myself to be a mess. Girls used to love my hair (sounds dumb I know), it was the source of my power!!!

I've read through this whole thing tonight. Amazing stuff and amazing people on here. Thanks all for sharing and discussing your experiences :)
I'm planning to create a mix of Tea Tree oil, Jojoba oil and Olive oil to basically soak my hair in and then start using baby shampoo and natural conditioner (Annoying as I just bought that Alpecin caffeine shampoo stuff).

Can anyone recommend a mix ratio of Olive:Tea Tree:Jojoba? I was going to make Olive Oil the dominant oil due to cost and I don't want to go overboard with the active ingredients.

On that note, aside from Olive, Tea and Jojoba, can anyone else recommend any other oils/fluids worth adding? I'm not too worried about cost tbh, I just want to be confident and happy again.

Strange how just one tiny change can completely destroy you psychologically. Finally thin again and I go bald. Super!

Sorry, it's a long post. Been so miserable about this for so long, it's just a relief to find a page of people who know what it's like :) Thanks for everything you've already done and for anything more you may offer!

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by wenman, Mar 18, 2014
O.k., I also have the sandy/gritty problem on my scalp. After trying many things, that all do temporarily help,(Tar shampoos, zinc, olive oil, gold listerine, peroxide & borax, vinegar, apple cider vinegar etc.) Reading all of the post in this forum....I believe we all have a weakened Immune system, though everyone's link to it is obviously different. I am leaning towards it definitely being Fungi/Yeast that we need to treat. Some external Medicines, yeast infection Medicines of some type is the answer. Some of us may need an internal Medicine at a longer than usual amount of time, something like Diflucan. Some of us may be able to just treat it externally. I am going to take a Pro biotic everyday for a few weeks plus use a Sea salt paste in a mild shampoo with 5 drops of Tea tree oil, the Sea salt is the greatest exfoliate, I make about 1/2 cup of shampoo not measuring the sea salt, I just pour it til it seems thick as a paste. I am either going to purchase/ use a OTC  Yeast med/cream for women or a Foot spray. I am leaning towards the spray & plan on applying it at bedtime. I also want to tell you all, I am up to the count of 10 people with Thyroid conditions, not all related & not all that I know personally, the kicker is, " ALL OF THEM HAVE THIS SANDINESS ON THEIR SCALP. So I thought I was onto a connection! I realize all in this forum's only real connection is the weakened immune system. Even the folks that consider themselves healthy have at some level have an immune imbalance some how. I honestly think this is why it is not acknowledged, every ones weakness is different. Iwill update my results as I try these regimens. Hang in there- Blessings to all.

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by DJ1958blue, Mar 18, 2014

sorry for the caps but I really hope everyone does this. I truly believe if everyone who has this problem did this we may beat this stupid thing. Been dealing with this since 2008 tried everything, never improves, never changes.

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by DJ1958blue, Mar 18, 2014
In the meantime, I truly believe there is some kind of small organism or a host of such that are responsible for this, be it fungus or bacteria or small mites.

A big part of why I believe this is that, and I am sure many of you have experienced this, new treatments always seem to alleviate some of the symptoms, but only temporarily.

This i believe is due to the small scale evolution of these organisms. Using one effective treatment will kill off a large portion of them, but some will have a natural immunity. Over time using the same treatment the resistant individuals will repopulate and then the original treatment will be almost completely useless.

I recommend (and I will start taking my own advice today) using a combination of treatments in rotation to prevent this. Maybe no less than 3.

I am going to try the listerine method mentioned above, and also use tea tree oil and an antibacterial/fungal shampoo. I plan on rotating these, a different one every other or every day. Hopefully this kills off all of the culprits responsible.

Good luck, and wish me the same :(

I just want my beautiful hair back!

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by lrm_15, Mar 22, 2014
About a week and a half ago I started itching my hair, neck and ears quite a bit. I had other people check my hair with a nit comb everyday since I have been itching, but there are absolutely no eggs, nits, nothing. About a week into it I started noticing black sand under my nails after I had itched the top half of my hair. Which is pretty strange since I have light brown hair. I have switched shampoos, but that hasn't helped. The "sand" never ever comes out of the bottom of my hair. I'm going to try baby shampoo tomorrow to see how that goes. Hopefully that will work so there won't be another trip to the doctor! I don't have a low immune system and I haven't had antibiotics for over a year now so that is ruled out. My diet hasn't been changed much, if anything I have been drinking more healthily! I want this "thing" to be sorted out asap but judging by other peoples posts that isn't going to happen :(

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by Eliza569, Mar 23, 2014
okay ive been having the Same problem since may 2013 till this day my husband says im hair and private area hair itch like i got fleas...when i comb and scratch my hair these small pieces of hair fall out everywhere my scalp feels sandy...i thought i had lice but that's not it im 30 years old i have insomnia dont sleep at night sleep in the day and i have ocd im constantly washing clothes Doctor said it was scabies the other one said psoarias then follicuties then serobbic dermatitis....can anyone tell me what is it???....i haven't seen any bugs just black and Brown specks and white salt looking stuff and my hair is real dry staticy and i find lint looking things in my hair and dust i wash my pillow case every day and i always find dust looking lint in the corners of my pillow case....SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I WANT MY LIFE BACK...I GOT 5 KIDS AND THEY NEED THERE MOTHER :(

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by Amy6456, Apr 02, 2014
I too suffer from sand like little balls on my scalp; however, I have been diagnosed with a Nickel Allergy which causes the 'acute dermatitis.' The more it itches, the more I scratch, the worse it gets. I also have a gluten intolerance, but it is not as prevalent as the Nickel Allergy.

I have been dealing with this for years and as long as I make sure what I ingest is low in nickel, my hair products do not have nickel, I have a good filter in my shower, and I take zeo-lite...I definitely feel much better. Also, I do not wear any jewelry with nickel.

I am a registered nurse, so while I am medically trained, it is very hard to deal with at times. It has taken me over 10 years to get diagnosed properly. I had a patient put in ICU and almost die due to the hair dye her stylist used on her hair due to her reaction to Nickel. No, I am not kidding. Nickel is in Spinach, Broccoli, pineapple, and almonds to name a few. Google Nickel free diet by Penn State. It has a good list to refer to and ways to cut back on nickel intake. I have had to purchase a filter for my shower head because it is in our water. Get a water testing lot at the pool store. They are cheap. I used Nikken filtration system. Amazing. I also found this article through yahoo

I hope I have help anyone, someone. I have lost a lot of hair, but in time I have grown it all back. This is my story. I hope it helps. I know this is not the problem for everyone, but it is a start. Good Luck.

Forgot to mention, Zeo-lite is a metal detoxifier. It can be found on Amazon. I have been using is for 2 years. I mix one scoop daily with my yogurt. It gets all hard metals out. So while you might not be allergic to nickel, it could be another metal.


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by Amy6456, Apr 02, 2014
If you google 'penn state Hersey nickel free diet' the first link is the one. It is an adobe file. 2 pages.

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by karlishell, Apr 06, 2014
It is Seborrhic Dermatitis/Eczema.  I suffered a cut on my scalp in late 2012 and did not realize it.  The cut became infected.  I'm sure getting touch ups did not help.  At the same time I was go through an incredibly stressful time in my life.  I went to dermatologist 1 who said it was Folliculitis.  She prescribed a 10 day round of antibiotics, medicated shampoo and some cortisone drops.  No luck.  Was sick and in pain most of 2013 and nothing cleared my sandy scalp.  After a particularly horrible touch up experience last March I ceased with the chemicals.  By fall 3 inches of my hair had come out, I had itchy brown spots on my face, neck, chest and back.  My scalp itched and burned so much most days I just wanted to stick my head in a bucket of cold water.  I read somewhere that deep conditioning with olive oil and castor oil would help.  It did for a few hours after shampooing but the sand returned.  Dermatologist 2 got close when she did a biopsy and discovered it was Eczema.  Bought some neosporin body wash and cream and that helped my skin but my scalp was still a mess.  In between Derm 2 and Derm 3 I read an article that said that a corn allergy will trigger eczema.  Light bulb moment - I follow a strict gluten free diet and ate a lot of corn instead of wheat.  I immediately stopped eating everything with corn, corn meal, corn starch, and corn syrup.  Good bye sodas, most juices, etc.  Within 5 days my scalp looked and felt better.  By the time I got to Derm 3, the spots on my skin were all but gone and my scalp was on its way back to normal.  Derm 3 did a scalp biopsy, confirmed the Eczema and warned me to reduce my stress level and steer clear of chemicals.  He gave me a prescription for a different cortizone cream and said if it didn't work I would have to to go for  chemical testing.  Did the cortizone for 5 days, stayed away from corn, gluten/wheat and dairy and began using an all natural, chemical free shampoo and conditioner from a company called Organic Excellence.  What a miracle!!  Six months later, no more sandy scalp, no more itch and pain (except for a one month period in February when I made the mistake of using a shampoo with Propelyne Glycol - talk about a nightmare!) My hair is growing back rapidly and is back to being its thick, beautiful self.  I part my hair without fear and my scalp feels great.  I avoid putting anything and everything with chemicals on my skin and hair (no more relaxers or hair color).  I cntinue to avoid gluten, wheat, corn, dairy and soy, and monitor my stress level.  I do not even use the cortizone anymore.  Too dangerous and in February after the Propelyne Glycol nightmare I discovered rubbing witch hazel with Aloe on my scalp was just as effective.  Weekly I deep condition with olive oil  and castor oild overnight, and add a couple of drops of pure Tea Tree oil to my shampoo.  Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and helps the scalp.  Sorry this is long but hopefully it will help someone.  Good luck and God bless!!

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by kikijuju, Apr 23, 2014
HEYY.. I have been reading these posts forever and I have been trying this and that and seeing what works best because I too have the grainy things on my scalp. I started washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing with vinegar (I use a bit of conditioner after to mask the vinegar smell) and although i've only done it twice I have found like two grains.. TWO .. I think it's the solution. I hope you all get a chance to read this and at least just try it.. Pls just try it! Here are the other things I tried that did not work: baby shampoo, tea tree shampoo, dandruff shampoo, boiling herbs and tea and washing my hair with that - none of that worked but this is working for now. Good luck C:

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by emzstar11, Apr 27, 2014
Help, i have exactly the same thing, i am 13 and my mum hates me and doesnt belive me and thinks i am nuts. i cant buy a new shapoo or anything cause i hardly have any oney and my single mum wont buy me dog and cat itch alot but dont have fleas. i just got my cat recently and she is quite young. I DONT HAVE NITS

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by CrazyMadness, May 13, 2014
For those who have seb derm, has anyone tried L. casei probiotics, either in a supplement or powder form? I'm taking the powder which is just one strain and very potent. This is an alternative natural treatment for seb derm.

Best Probiotics for Dermatitis

The best probiotic strains to cure dermatitis are:
•Lactobacillus acidophilus
•Lactobacillus fermentum
•Bifidobacterium lactis
•Saccharomyces boulardii

Some probiotic products available in the market are Acidophilus milk, Nutrition now PB8 Acidophilus, Probiotic complex quantum, Probiotic yoghurt, ThreeLac, Choice Super 8 High Potency Probiotic, Advanced Adult Probiotic, Yakult, Align, Activia yogurt, EcoVag, Yoplait YoPlus, Stonyfield yogurt, Pearl, Dong Quai, Coco Biotic, Goodbelly splash, Goodbelly probiotic fruit drink, Mutaflor, Actimel, etc.


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by vani1989beaglegift, Jul 05, 2014
My white sand has reduced significantly after getting 6 treatments.. once in a week.. a hair spa.. my beautician first applies a mixture of oils like almond castor coconut mustard and she boils the same oil with amla indian gooseberry and curry leaves.. applies it in a left right fashion by partitioning my hair.. on the scalp. Then gives steam like focuses the head of the steam tip on my head and gently massages.. she then puts a lovely mild pack of a mixture of hibiscus petal powder and henna by mixing it with beetroot juice.. she boils beet in water then grinds then boils it.. cools then makes the pack n applies it on my hair n scalp. My baldspots at 25 are getting some hope now and the white hottu we call it has almost disappeared. Her parlour is in srirampura near royal enclave bangalore.

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by erinboeve, Sep 09, 2014
I've have had a sandy feeling in my hair for quite a while, sometimes scalp acne. I never paid much attention to it, but a few weeks ago i thought i should look into it and saw this forum. Then i started to get concerned because so many people have it and no one has found a solution!
I was talking with my sister and she said she had the same thing, and she just used the natural way of washing hair and it worked. I have no idea what this condition is, but i fixed it.

BAKING SODA AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!! Its kind of disgusting I know. But it worked.
The first time i showered with it, i pretty much gaged the whole time. Apple Cider Vinegar isnt pleasent.
Heres what you do:
Baking soda is the shampoo, get about 2TBSP and disolve in a little bit of water. Scrub good into scalp. Then i poured a small amount of ACV on my scalp. I only have this scalp stuff on the crown of my head and i wanted to use as little ACV as possible. Becuase i was so grossed out by the smell, and i have really long hair, I did end up putting a small amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair. Which for me was fine. I noticed a significant difference even after the first wash.
Now its GONE! Wahoo!

Do not use this method for washing hair every day. Alternate between regular shampoo and this stuff. Otherwise it can be damaging to your hair.
Side note: I have long, more oily hair. Washing with Baking Soda and ACV made my hair get greasy a little faster than usual (nothing horrible) but this is because, what this hair washing method is doing is balacing out the pH in your hair. So some hair can take some time to adjust and get back to what its supposed to be.

My sister said its best to get the natural ACV, but i just used regular from Target. And it seemed to work fine for now.

Hope this helps for others too!

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by sumedhas76, Sep 11, 2014
hi...guys ...i have this same problem since 6 years....BUT i thing i hv something which can HELP i hv very less grains on scalp...

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by lollycandy119, Sep 22, 2014
Try anti-dandruff shampoo

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by lilac_lainey, Sep 27, 2014

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by czarboom, Dec 01, 2014
Those who are saying it is part of the K Spot condition, are the winners.  I have this as well, and it comes and goes.  I do have red bumps on the back of my arms, at the tricepts and all the same grainy like conditions in my hair.  If you look most will also have bumps that are skin color around the nipples, armpits and groin area.... which when I was 15 I thought I had a STD, .... and I was SUPER MAD, because I havent had sex at that point.  :-), its all part of this, around your ankles or on your thighs etc.  The issue I came to find out is K Spots or Keratosis pilaris which we all know now, but there is some information that is not correct.  I link everything to the mayo clinics website.  Just search Keratosis pilaris at and you will find the sourcing of my information.

"Keratosis pilaris results from the buildup of keratin — a hard protein that protects your skin from harmful substances and infection. The keratin forms a scaly plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicle. Usually many plugs form, causing patches of rough, bumpy skin.

Why keratin builds up is unknown. But it may occur in association with genetic diseases or with other skin conditions, such atopic dermatitis. Keratosis pilaris also occurs in otherwise healthy people. Dry skin tends to worsen this condition. "

These bumps can be red, or white, hard or soft.  

But, here is something I found very interesting, most people with KP Spots also have cracked heals, Mine have been terrible as long as I can remember, and I am in my 30s now.  
You can find a picture at this link to see if you have this as well.

This is in truth the calcification of your skin.  Same with the Keratin build up in the hair follicles.  K2 works in part to keep calcium on you bones, but if you do not get enough K2 or K1 then your bone breaks down faster than its built.  K2 also helps in clearing out your body and thinning your blood.

But, if you have access Calcium and no K2 to transport it correctly, along with Copper and Magnesium then your body forces it places.  One theory is that this causes a access in your blood and chronic inflammation that over time results in Keratin building around your hair follicles and the RED bumps are the hair trying to break through.  

We as humans up until 1950 ish got a great amount of K2, with is found in meat, cheese and fermented foods.  So sour kraut, etc.  You take this away and add antibiotics to it, you and me are in for it.  

Here is a test for you to find out if you might be k2 low.  Stop eating calcium, then start again in 2 weeks.  Do you get the runs?  Do you get the runs now if you eat ice cream, drink milk etc.  I would submit that its not lactose intolerance its your body not being able to process the calcium.  I know this fits me.

So, try k2, but if you take blood thinners, aspirin etc ask your Dr. first.  Eat fermented foods, meat and cheese.  Take D, magnesium and copper or if you can get tested for all of these to see if your low.  I am low in Vitamin D, and have knee issues and according to the NIH low level of K can cause osteoarthritis.  Also magnesium deficiency can lead to insulin resistance which in women causes increases in testosterone, which we all know can cause more oil production.

Wow this got out of hand.  Over all you need K2, this will start the process of getting the access calcium out of your blood, keep you from getting heart conditions, improve your bones, and Stop or claim down the KP Spots.

For the hair it will help stop the loss, other things that work are:
exercise, a lot of it.
watch you diet

I know when I was in basic training my KP went away.  But the food there has no salt or pepper or anything in it, we only drank water.  

If you have the cracked and scaly heals like I do, then Miracle Foot cream found at Walmart, Walgreen's or Bed Bath and Beyond is super stuff.

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by longhairchic, Dec 17, 2014
dear czarboom, Your post is amazing. I do have excess calcium in my blood. I am going to try the K2 treatent and let you know.  I cant thank you enough !!

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by Siromani, Dec 25, 2014
I have been having the same thing. I have tried different things to fix the itch, hair loss and grainy feeling. I am wondering if this is linked to aspartame. I have noticed this incredible hair loss the last few months and I have been drinking a lot of diet soda in this time period. Anyone else consume aspartame that has this hair loss problem?

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by longhairchic, Dec 27, 2014
I never use aspartame and I have it. I believe its a mold or fungus that has entered the digestive tract. Like candida

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by Jubbabe60, Jan 18, 2015
Although gluten sensitivity has been mentioned several times as a possible cause of some of these symptoms, no one has mentioned Dermatitis Herpetiformis which is associated to gluten sensitivity. I only came across the term today and it could help explain some people's problems. Meanwhile baking soda and cider vinegar have been the best help so far. Carry on researching.

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by angelo33, Jan 22, 2015
wow i always end up here about once a year

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by whateverppl, Feb 18, 2015
i don't know what this is called and really don't care if it's ever going to get a name, but here's what i did and it works! i washed my hair with sea salt and rinsed with listerine. you can buy sea salt at the grocery store. i use san francisco bay sea salt. very hot water for approx 10 min. gently rub the salt all over your head. rinse completely! rinse with listerine after in case of scrapes or open sores. then rinse again with cool water. next massage in queen helene coconut hand and body lotion. it absorbs very quickly so use alot. i did this every 3 days for a month and now i have no more sand! and no more bubbles on my scalp! for the itch i used scalpicin. for the occational flare up of itch i still use it. stops the itch on contact!!!!! for the skin again same formula except for the skin i used a loofa and scrubbed until i was red. and again queen helene to the rescue! not oily and my skin absorbs it all. you'll be able to feel the difference on your skin right away! and you'll be able to feel where you missed. queen helene is @ walmart for a couple of bucks for a giant bottle! the sea salt the dollar tree for a buck. the most expensive thing will be the loofa. @ czarboom above try a pumice stone for your heels. scrub the at the end of your shower. you'll be able to feel where you missed while you're doing this so keep scrubbing til they're smooth to the touch. and again queen helene! like i said in the beginning i don't care about the name of this i don't even care what caused it. i just wanted it gone and now it is. i saw this site and said i used to have that! i should share my story and now i have. i hope this helps some of you. but i think after reading ALL of these posts some of you may have dual problems. flakes etc. are not this! this is a strange thing all its own. thanks for your time and good luck

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by Dameon, Feb 20, 2015
I have itch and feel sand grain type of texture when I scratch. I've noticed hair falling out for the past 2 months or so. I'm 21 and male. When I shower I get 10-12 long hairs to fall and on a golf day 5 long hairs. When I'm just touching my hair I have a strand or two fall out. In essence I think my hair is thinning and it's because of this itch and small sand/salt grain little balls. They're white and small. If anyone knows more info or anything that helps please let me know.

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by Dameon, Feb 20, 2015
Good* not golf lol

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by TonSam, Mar 04, 2015
Check out symptoms of Demodex Mite. Almost every adult has them, but sometimes they create these symptoms.

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by mohinesh, Mar 07, 2015


Neem(Azadirachta indica) leaves - crush them in mixi and make a paste of these leaves.then put the paste in the refrigerator.
then in a bowl take 3 spoon paste and one spoon curd ,mix them .now go to the bathroom and apply in on your scalps, leave it for 30 min then wash your hair.{ just after washing u will get relief }.

warning - do not use any type of oil .

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by mohinesh, Mar 08, 2015
instead of leaving it for 30 min after apply it on your scalps , wash your hair just after it

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by mohinesh, Mar 08, 2015
the above method only 4 those who have spend  a lot of money on doctors and spend a lot on shammmmpoooo.

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by mohinesh, Mar 08, 2015
the above method only 4 those who have spend  a lot of money on doctors and spend a lot on shammmmpoooo.

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by mohinesh, Mar 08, 2015
the above method only 4 those who have spend  a lot of money on doctors and spend a lot on shammmmpoooo.

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by mohinesh, Mar 09, 2015
most imp info- wash your hair with COLD water

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by cjh210, Mar 25, 2015
I'm not sure if this will help but I had a similar thing on my legs. Almost a year and a half.   I was looking all over the internet for anyone who might have the same problem with hopefully a cure.  Well I read about Morgellons, and a few other mite/parasite problems.   But what I found was people saying they got relief and eventually got ride of their skin issue by using a Peroxide and Mule Team Borax baths. I did 1/2 a bottle of peroxide to 1 1/2 cups borax to a full bath tub of very warm water.   It took several month of this every night to every other night  but it went away. I've been clear now 8 months.   I even read that this will cure Rosacea.  That Rosacea is a mite/parasite.  Its worth a try .. Hope it helps.

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by cjh210, Mar 25, 2015
Oh and the Person with the Dogs that have it... Give them a Bath in the Borax.. It will kill the Mite / Parasite.  These types of parasite are also found in Mange. And it will kill the Mange parasite.

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by RabzG, Mar 30, 2015
Hello All,
Read this thread starting from the very first post, amazed at the callous attitude of some (read Most) of the Dermatologists, went to two myself. Both the dermatoligists gave me the same diagnosis and prescribed the same Shampoo!!!
This isn't something uncommon at all and  keeping those grains and the hair-fall away is easy and simple. just need to purchase a shampoo with ciclopirox olamine (1.5%) and salicylic acid (3%) in it, the kind used by some people who suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis.
Itching should go away the same day, hairfall will come under control withing two weeks hopefully, be warned that this shampoo will dry out your hair, so i just apply a tbsp worth of it on the scalp and hold my hair up when i rinse it out.

Also extremely beneficial to this condition is Castor Oil, you may dilute it with coconut oil if you want to make it easier to apply, leave that on your scalp as long as you can, preferable overnight. Both are anti fungal and anti bacterial, Castor oil more so.
Best of luck,

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by RabzG, Mar 30, 2015
If it helps, the Shampoo you should be looking for is called Stiproxal, company name Stiefel, I wish i could upload a picture.

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by RabzG, Mar 30, 2015
Added to this, I would like to post a Disclaimer, as I was prescribed this Shampoo by a professional. I'm in no way qualified to prescribe it to others so please seek professional help before using as this is what the leaflet says..

*This medication may be available under multiple brand names and/or in several different forms. Any specific brand name of this medication may not be available in all of the forms or approved for all of the conditions discussed here. As well, some forms of this medication may not be used for all of the conditions discussed here.

Your doctor may have suggested this medication for conditions other than those listed in these drug information articles. If you have not discussed this with your doctor or are not sure why you are using this medication, speak to your doctor. Do not stop using this medication without consulting your doctor.

Do not give this medication to anyone else, even if they have the same symptoms as you do. It can be harmful for people to use this medication if their doctor has not prescribed it.*

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by RabzG, Mar 30, 2015
Added to this, I would like to post a Disclaimer, as I was prescribed this Shampoo by a professional. I'm in no way qualified to prescribe it to others so please seek professional help before using as this is what the leaflet says..

*This medication may be available under multiple brand names and/or in several different forms. Any specific brand name of this medication may not be available in all of the forms or approved for all of the conditions discussed here. As well, some forms of this medication may not be used for all of the conditions discussed here.

Your doctor may have suggested this medication for conditions other than those listed in these drug information articles. If you have not discussed this with your doctor or are not sure why you are using this medication, speak to your doctor. Do not stop using this medication without consulting your doctor.

Do not give this medication to anyone else, even if they have the same symptoms as you do. It can be harmful for people to use this medication if their doctor has not prescribed it.*

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by Betttie, Apr 03, 2015

Okay, I suspect there is more than one problem here. One person has scabies. That can be treated with ivermectin topical, ivermectin oral, eurax or permethrin. I think some people here may have white piedra, but you will know because there will be nodules along the hair shaft.
I also have these symptoms, or something similar. I have not cured this completely. I have made some headway. I believe (I have three university degrees and I have been researching this for months) that this is demodex, a common skin parasite in humans and most mammals. It is not taught in medical school so doctors ignore it. Here are a few things that HELP, not cure, at least not yet: Tea tree oil kills demodex within minutes (lots of in vitro studies out there.) You can put 10 to 25% tea tree oil in shampoo (sebcur, or a benzoyle peroxide shampoo) and leave that on your head. Sulphur helps a lot. You can order "Nustock" for horses -- yep, horses, on or .com Nustock is I think around 70% sulphur. This is good because it kills demodex and bacteria and does no harm whatsoever to you... and it does not stink. Dilute the Nustock with conditioner or shampoo down to approx 5 - 10% solution. At that concentration, it smells just fine. Also try apple cidre vinegar with borax, yes, borax. You can hyper-saturate apple cidre vinegar with borax. Add that to shampoo, or put it on directly. It does not hurt. Borax is not toxic on the skin -- at least is fine for me. You might also try rosemary or thyme oil, as they are high in thymol, which has been shown in medical studies to kill ticks. Also kills demodex: citronella oil, niacinamide, Neem oil or Neem flakes (try an Indian -- not Native, Indian -- store -- this is used a lot in Ayurveda.) My problem is that although I have cleared a lot, I have thus far been unable to kill them all. The medical profession is really remiss on this, however I suspect that will change soon.

If anyone has any success with any of these, please do post back.

Thank you,


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by Betttie, Apr 03, 2015

Okay, I suspect there is more than one problem here. One person has scabies. That can be treated with ivermectin topical, ivermectin oral, eurax or permethrin. I think some people here may have white piedra, but you will know because there will be nodules along the hair shaft.
I also have these symptoms, or something similar. I have not cured this completely. I have made some headway. I believe (I have three university degrees and I have been researching this for months) that this is demodex, a common skin parasite in humans and most mammals. It is not taught in medical school so doctors ignore it. Here are a few things that HELP, not cure, at least not yet: Tea tree oil kills demodex within minutes (lots of in vitro studies out there.) You can put 10 to 25% tea tree oil in shampoo (sebcur, or a benzoyle peroxide shampoo) and leave that on your head. Sulphur helps a lot. You can order "Nustock" for horses -- yep, horses, on or .com Nustock is I think around 70% sulphur. This is good because it kills demodex and bacteria and does no harm whatsoever to you... and it does not stink. Dilute the Nustock with conditioner or shampoo down to approx 5 - 10% solution. At that concentration, it smells just fine. Also try apple cidre vinegar with borax, yes, borax. You can hyper-saturate apple cidre vinegar with borax. Add that to shampoo, or put it on directly. It does not hurt. Borax is not toxic on the skin -- at least is fine for me. You might also try rosemary or thyme oil, as they are high in thymol, which has been shown in medical studies to kill ticks. Also kills demodex: citronella oil, niacinamide, Neem oil or Neem flakes (try an Indian -- not Native, Indian -- store -- this is used a lot in Ayurveda.) My problem is that although I have cleared a lot, I have thus far been unable to kill them all. The medical profession is really remiss on this, however I suspect that will change soon.

If anyone has any success with any of these, please do post back.

Thank you,


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by Hemlock100, Apr 05, 2015
I also have this condition, and I noticed it after being on doxy for 21 days.  After that is when it showed up.  I don't usually have hair that falls out with this though.  It's just running a fingernail over the scalp until a granule comes loose.  I've tried the Nizorol and it helps a little, but it didn't solve the problem.

Also, I see a lot of talk on here about gluten.  I would propose that gluten is not the problem, but glyphosate (roundup) which is used to douse crops of wheat and corn over genetically modified crops.  They have been genetically modified to withstand being doused by glyphosate, and the roundup is used to kill the grasses and other plants that grow in the feilds with corn and wheat.  Glyphosate ends up in our food, and it's starting to be talked about that this is reason for such an increase in diabetes, Alzheimers, and the list goes on.  Either way, how can roundup be good for us?

I'm hoping over time my system balances out and this granule problem diminishes.  Good luck to all!

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by Dee1956, Apr 11, 2015
Hi, I stumbled across this journal.  I felt so bad for everyone here I did a search on google and came up with this.  It is such a coincidence that the first article is on MH.  I have not read the entire thread but thought I would share it in the hope that it will help someone

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by surfstuff, May 25, 2015
Try NEME OIL (, used by Bishnoi people in India ...i thought i had a permanent beach in my scalp from surfing ...or an infestation of termite eggs.

VINEGAR, then OLIVE OIL, helped me get lice eggs out of my hair once before too (before i came across neme oil, which is quite stinky) hair is very dry so doesn't respond well to harsh lice shampoos.

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by kdPreNursing, Jun 10, 2015
I think what you guys/girls may have is what's called disseminated porokeratosis, I was actually watching a show on TLC about rare conditions and the girl on the show had exactly the same symptoms as all of you. Unfortunately for her it spread all over her entire body including her face. A team of doctors finally realized that she has a rare condition called disseminated porokeratosis. They treated her with isotretinoin & Vitamin A supplementations which helped her recover. Unfortunately the doctors have yet to find a cure to this rare condition, but it did help to suppress the white grain like hairs to go away.

I hope this helps!
Good luck!

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by Melsa81, Jun 11, 2015
Its incredible the impact that this type of condition can cause on everyone's self confidence. To have a condition that is always brushed off by professionals is so unfair and on top off that be loosing your hair is worse!! It's all one big guess and hopefully you get a doctor that firstly listens and second actually cares!!! On top of the 6 month wait just to see a hair specialist then some outrageous cost. I've seen 2 different hair specialists, both making me wait nearly 2 hours and both telling me nothing I knew before I walked unfair. Good luck to everyone finding their answer and hopefully one day getting a real diagnosis/treatment!! Hair issues suck!!

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by Leighlucinda, Jun 17, 2015
Wow very interesting thread  I also get what feels like grains of sand mainly on the crown of my head just thought it was sand till someone in a Lyme FB group mentioned it so I went looking for info and can't say much out there , it's itritating and makes me itch and I have sever hair thinning and extreme sensitivity of scalp. my daughter 8 also gets this crystal sand a lot . I've tried every medicated shampoo their is which has not made it disappear but does help with dandruff and the itch ( Fungul yeast growth ) I have Lyme and many co infections &fibro, ME/ CFS and systemic candida and generally  very low immune system . All forms of Sugar carbs starches flare the candida basically all but meat and veg many if you are describing this issues as well.   100% not head lice ( to those who have suggested - this is totally different ( my friend is a professional head lice & nit removalit's - lice hold onto hair and move ,nits (eggs) stick to hair shaft and must be manually pulled off and they SQUISH. We are talking about grains/ crystals of what look and feel like sand or sugar granuls coming out of the skin ( not dirt ) From what I've read in this thread and of my own research into Lyme and related issues I feel that candida over growth  is definatly a big player it would cause us to be susceptiable to mites and skin parasites that feed off it as well as out dead skin, these are normal and common but when body is out of balance they can  become out of control. antibiotics lead to candida problems, morgellons ( fibres )  has a huge link with Lyme and candida, pimples and cysts is our bodies way of trying to rid it's self of toxins- the skin is a major detox organ ,  most people have massive toxin load because of crap foods,  high pestercides use, poisioned water not to mention the many toxic products we ingest /absorbe into and onto out bodies I'm sure these cause many chemical reactions in the body  ( I know I have issues with oxolates which forms crystals through out my body). The little pimple things people mentioned especially on back of arms is a sign of a essential fatty acid deffiencey . I have low vid d and vit a and zinc and mag plus others and i have many methylation and detox issues ( 23&me testing) I take lots of supplements and immune support .  Also agree drs are pretty useless (good ones are few and far between) .  I sweat very easily from head so don't think it's blocked follicules .my opinion is: I think it will probally be caused by a combination of things - my guess a  minuscule parasite of some sort  but who knows if some one knows tell us please ! Adding head produces sand as one of my many weird and wonderful symptoms

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by Fifi2015, Jun 23, 2015
Vicks vaporub helped me to solve this problem I had now for almost a year. Due to many scratches doctor refused to do chemical peel on my back. I had to find a way to stop my self from scratching . 1. Vapour rub prevents skin from damage while scratching so skin can start healing. 2. It draws bacteria and dirt out from the skin  3. When soaked in it dead skin separate easy without need of soap or scrub that was making things worse before. I rubbed it in my scalp too. It was nice to feel relief from itching but after I washed it to my surprise the itching and "sand" went away too and skin start feeling normal again, not sensitive and damp like before. My skin still sensitive specially to hard water and chemicals that's why I started rinsing my hair after every wash with boiled water + table spoon of vinegar and it seems like it works as many others reported here too. I have very thick and long hair and I started to have these problems after abusing sauna in the gym after workout, all that heat and hair products , something went wrong for me there. Anyway, my back now is scratch free so I can finally get my summer tops out , just in time.

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by josef40, Aug 16, 2015
yes i have problem all my life i have scalp problem at the age 2 i had very bad scalp disease lost hair  some part on to of my scalp  after  that was just ok but itchy up to age 17 than nightmare start my scalp was oily very flaky itchy and losing my hair like will not have hair in 1 year time i have tired everything i found on line i have seen doctors dermatologists  i had 2 scalp biopsy but found nothing now i am age 40 still losing hair i had hair transplant  few times  i have small whits things like sand on my scalp some times my scalp get worse like burning   still hopping to find treatment for it also i suffer from depredation i don't know it that making it worse  
if anyone has same problem  please share your story

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by jessfeelsblessed, Sep 21, 2015
THIS WORKED FOR ME OVERNIGHT, GUYS. AND IT WAS SHAMEFULLY EASY. I have had the grains, itchy scalp, and oily hair for seven months. It came out of nowhere. After seven months, there were still no nits, my kids and husband don't have it, nothing. I read on this thread that maybe it's a yeast overgrowth or something, and it occurred to me that I have a probiotic that I hadn't yet tried that is supposed to effectively control yeast. I took that in the evening, and BY MORNING there were NO grains. NONE! The day before when I read the thread, my head was full of them. After two more nights, there wasn't any itching either. That was pretty amazingly easy!! The specific probiotic I took is called Plexus ProBio5, in case that has ingredients that specifically fought this weird, mysterious problem. I know it's MLM, but my motive isn't to sell. God bless, guys. I hope it works for everyone and we can put an end to this dismal thread! If it works, there seriously needs to be a celebration. :P

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by josef40, Oct 01, 2015
thanks jess
that was very helpful my girl friend was asking me what is kefir i google it find more information related to probiotic  I m just going to get some kefir or the probiotic supplement

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by karthikeyan5495, Nov 09, 2015
I have the same problem with my scalp. I doubt that this condition started when I got chicken pox when I was young, because that was the first time I noticed it. Now I am living with it for more than 10 years.

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by Coloradochristine, Nov 11, 2015
I have been dealing with the grainy things for years. Also losing a lot of hair. Going sulfate free and using a tea tree shampoo for the last couple of months has helped emensly! Sulfate free, all natural skin products has also cleared up most of my cystic acne (and backne) that has been around longer than the grainy stuff! Good luck all

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by brianap101, Dec 08, 2015
I am 18 and just started noticing this not too long ago. It started out as just these little white grains in my hair that I kept pulling out. Then it progressively started to itch, and now it itches a lot. I thought it was lice because my sister had it but I know it's not. As I'm sitting here my head is itching so bad, but itching it makes it worse. I can't stand it anymore and I just want it to go away. I don't have any diseases or a lowered immune system. I need something to help make this stop.

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by mbkk, Jan 06, 2016
Wow!! I can't believe all who are experiencing same thing or at least sounds like it. Anyone else feel on shoulders too, with mild rash? It's crazy!!

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by brianap101, Jan 19, 2016
I had posted not too long ago about this and I have found something that has been working for me. I tried a shampoo and conditioner that have tea tree oil in it. It has worked wonders for me. I don't have an itch anymore and I don't pull out the white stuff as much as I used too. I definitely recommend that you use that.  

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by BlackPink03, Jan 28, 2016
Im going to try Plexus ProBio5, iv done everything from, coconut oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, Nizoral. I now believe that I have Candida and getting rid of the Candida internally is my last attempt. Also going to book a blood test to check for Candida. Also has anyone looked at their scalp under a black light ? My scalp shows lots of tiny orange dots, I believe are the hard balls of sand that I can feel when I rub my fingers through my hair.

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by TashaM83, Feb 04, 2016
My 14 year old daughter was having the same problems about a month ago. She had little sores on her body that were white and blistery soon it was in her hair. She had sores that would itch and her hair would get hard and oily. This would happen almost immediately after she would try to shower and clean her hair. We checked for headlice and found none. I took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with Impentigo and was prescribed an antibiotic (cephalexin) as well as a cream (mupirocin) for any sores on her body. For her hair she was prescribed Sklice even though there was no apparent lice the lotion like stuff helped as well without burning her already tender scalp. She is now fully recovered and does not have the problem with her scalp. So either the antibiotic healed her or the head treatment...maybe even a combination of both.  Really hope this helps.

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by delbs19, Mar 25, 2016
So after thinking I (after reading this) may have candida, I went to consult my naturopath about it. I am late 20's female with mild acne spread over the top half of my body. I thought this grainy scalp condition which I've had for years was just another stage of the acne. I wash my hair twice weekly and when I comb it out, so much hair falls out into the brush. Anyway Naturopath said I don't have candida. She reckons because I'm stressed, my gut isn't digesting food properly and these nutrients aren't getting into my blood stream and peripheral areas sufficiently, ie: my scalp. sounds complicated. So shes got me on some multivitamins ect  but I've also started using Sebizole shampoo (2% Ketoconazole) for treating sebhorric dermatitis. seems to be working okay, ie. getting less hair falling out, but it's still a lot, and still scratching out white smelly grains on my scalp but not as often). so Sebizole isn't the amazing cure.  

I hope these pics work, they're of my hair comb after I've finished brushing my hair...

Will let you know when I see the Naturopath again.

It ***** that this condition doesn't have a proper name.

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by delbs19, Mar 25, 2016
okay well pics didn't work. I'll try another type of link..

and I said 'it s u c k s that this condition doesn't have a proper name.'

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by GnrlDerpyDik, Apr 24, 2016
You guessed it! I have the same problem. It all started about 65 years ago when I was in the military. We were storming the beaches at Normandy when a big wave of hair mites came crashing down at us. You know how those French are, so you can assume the mites were created in France. After raping and pilaging the villagers, over 80% of the soldiers caught this hair mites in their junk. This is where the term "krunk junk" was founded. So fast forward to today, what i have found that works the best for me is to go outside on a nice sunny day because the hair mites HATE the sun. They also hate a lot of noise so go find a highway or busy road. And in order to get the best sun rays you are gonna want to get your head as close to the pavement as possible, so lay down in the middle of the road. It is best to also do this naked. The most skin exposure, the better. Hope this helps with you guys because I am enjoying my new skin, and my new tire mark tattoo

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by Ankim, May 03, 2016
So I've been suffering with these same symptoms for over a year now. From what I've gathered it is either Morgellons or an intestinal parasite.

What has worked best for me is to used a clarifying shampoo since it detoxes the scalp and gets all the junk off (try to keep your hair wrapped up and away from your face since the parasites will be falling out of your hair and dying off and you don't want them to re-enter your body through your face).
I also just like to shower and wash my hair separately since I never know what will be rinsed out from my hair and re-entered into my body in the process.

I also use a topical cream every night on any open wounds or dark spots infected by the parasites.

Medications I take: black walnut 250mg 3x daily, woodworm 200mg 3x daily, clove 500mg 4x daily for at least 30 days
These can be purchased on Amazon

I wash all my clothes with bleach or Clorox color save to kill all the parasite and dry naturally in the sun or if I have to in the dryer without a dryer sheet.

It's best to take on as healthy as a lifestyle as possible. The parasite live off of sugar so trying to cut that out as much as possible will be important since that is their food source.

I hope this helps others! This is a horrible sickness but try but be strong, and if you know anyone that has this please try to be as supportive as possible!! I can honestly say it can get better but it is a long and sometimes painful process, but there is hope :)

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by Name591, May 05, 2016
Here's a summation of my last year and a half.

I have a genetic mutation, which causes a low immunity.  My methylation cycle is "busted" (gene doesn't have instructions how to take up B vitamins from the blood so I take only 10% of available B vitamins).  I have to take food grade compounded injections, and I'm on my way back (doing for 3 years now).  

In the meantime, I have had Lyme disease (I live in SE Texas), and have been attacked by fleas & lice, as well as become a host for them both.  I don't know which stage was worse.  I don't wish either on anyone.  Here's what worked for me.

I was under the care of 2 doctors.  A top dermatologist and PCP in Houston.

Ivermectin 3mg, increased to 12 mg over time for several months, at 3 different times over 15 months.
Mupiricin 2% ointment - this is wonderfully powerful antibiotic ointment.  Kills ANYTHING and can be used most anywhere.
Doxycycline 100mg - 2x or 4x a day (varied over time and need)

I took baths in Baking Soda for majority of time.

I found out this, in month 14, and this totally changed things.  I think it's responsible for ending the cycle in my body, and probably if I had done sooner, things would have ended sooner.  Not for the faint of heart, and takes dedication to do it correctly:

Several baths, in succession on non-Ivermectin days (not within first 48 hours after taking it):

2 cups of A&H oure baking soda in bath water - soak for 30 mins
--rinse tub and yourself with water
4 oz of Blue DAWN (carefully poured in water to NOT SUDS up) - soak for 30 mins.
--rinse tub and yourself with water
take a nice bath with a restorative oil such as Aveda Essentials Oil, Tom's Sensitive soap bar

The results will totally release ANY and all pests floating through the burrows in your skin.
BE READY to hop out of the tub quickly - you will see somethings that are pretty gross.
If you repeat above in a short period of time, you will not see the gross nastiness again if you've done it correctly.  

I did the same with my scalp to avoid any strays trying to go there also...I used:

Aveda Salt & Sun shampoo
Dawn shampoo
Aveda Rosemary shampoo
Aveda Salt & Sun restorative Scalp conditioner

Now...after this, is where you will start seeing the crystal showers from your head....according to my master hair colorist at Aveda, the acid scalp mantle from your head is no longer in balance.  It's temperamental.  Your face and back (my thoughts - not his) can affect it I would expect...

Easy fix!!  Mine was 90% fixed with one application.  I had an extremely bad situation also.

Eucalyptus Oils (pur, essentials) - 12 drops:  allow to sit on scalp 8-10 minutes
shampoo hair as usual - don't use anything fancy (I would use something like Johnson's Baby Shampoo)
NO conditioner
WHITE VINEGAR (do NOT use Apple Cider) - White restores the Acid level quicker.  Pour this and rinse your head completely...2 to 3 cups.  Also let sit a few minutes for scalp to take benefits.  Rinse with water.

Your hair will feel very different.  It's supposed to.  

Don't style or blow dry.  Just let dry natural.  I just let mine air dry and put up in a pony tail or pull back to see.  At first, there was a few crystals, but NOTHING like before.  As time passed, even that little bit began reducing more and more.  

Once the Acide Mantle is restored, any hair fall out will stop also.  

I washed all my clothes in Tide Free, and used regular Lysol in the washer add.  I don't use dryer sheets or anything.  
I changed my sheets and pillow cases everyday.
I used clorox wipes on my swiffer mop to make sure my tile floors were clean, in addition to sweeping daily.
I vacuumed my furniture regularly.
I changed my clothes at least twice each day, and sometimes more if I just felt the need.

I already do not eat much sugar, and eat an alkaline diet, eating fresh food when I can.

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by nie1jag, Jun 02, 2016
I suffer from a similar conditions for the past two years. I have visited 4 dermatologists who have diagnosed folliculitis. The last physician was a PhD dermatology with a specialty in scalp conditions. Why 4 dermatologists? Because none of them were able to prescribe an effective therapy in ridding the scalp of the condition. The doctors all prescribed variations on a theme: anti bacterial - anti prurytic shampoos (Nizoral, Selenium Sulfide, Zinc Pyrithione, Ciclopirox Olamine, and Chlorohexadine), Light Frequency Therapy, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tee Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil for reduction in inflammation, mushroom teas, antibiotics - Clindamycin Hydrochloride (Dalacin), Lymecycline (Tetralysal), Doxycycline, and Muciprin Nasal.

I am uncertain why a sample of the scalp tissue being shed was not sent for analysis. I requested that from all of the doctors yet their self certainty precluded their willingness to wait for the results. I am suspect that there is either a lack of knowledge in the grey area of scalp conditions and their root causes (sic), a blanket approach to specific scalp presentations, or that there is a cognitive bias toward antibiotic therapy. I was on antibiotic therapy on and off for almost 2 years. During that time the condition worsened and became chronic. During that time I ate yogurt daily supplemented with various probiotics eaten at least 2x per day which is my normal custom.

I have been exceptionally fit and healthy until a health event appeared 2 years ago. I am a 60 year old male and I had a blood clot in a small vein on the right side of the heart. The clot was easily removed with an angiogram and some tracing dye. I mention this apparent unrelated event because it is relevant to a set of diagnostic markers.

Distressed at the lack of progress and the effective results of the physician(s) treatment I began months of research. Coincidentally I found a product, Eucerin Dermo-Capillaire Anti-Dandruff Treatment. I threw some more money in search of a result and found the product produced a modest improvement. I was off antibiotics for a few months as they were ineffective and I wanted to limit, as much as possible, the effects of antibiotic resistance. When I researched the three active ingredients in the product they were an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-pruritic. My previous research on folliculitis indicated 2 primary causes, bacterial and fungal. Well I had 2 years of antibacterial treatment with a wide range of medicines so I turned my reading toward fungal infections. The most helpful sites were found at the National Institutes of Health from New Zealand and Denmark. Malassezia furfur is a common fungus which resides on the skin of healthy humans along with bacteria. It has been noted that a number of circumstances will predispose one to the overgrowth of the fungus which can manifest itself in the condition of folliculitis. The fungus produces a byproduct call Azelaic Acid which is used to treat bacterial acne. The Azelaic Acid in effect kills bacteria and allows the fungus to propagate under the correct circumstances thereby disturbing the balance of "good" fungus to bacteria normally found on the healthy scalp. It may have been that all the prescriptions for antibiotics were worsening my condition. I ditched the doctors and began extensive research into the treatment all the while using the Eurcerin product with some degree of relief. I began an oral regimen of Fluconazole at 150 mg 2-3x per day. I supplement the oral treatment with a 2% Ketoconazole spray which I leave on my scalp overnight. I am entering the third week and the inflammation is almost resolved and the small hard particles and plaques with the hair hole in the middle have diminished by approximately 80%. I will continue the treatment as it appears I have a fungal infection. The diagnostic markers I found were:

- Affects men most over the age of 40
- Affects people who sweat profusely
- Affects people who live in climates with high humidity
- Affects people who have compromised immune systems

I am over 40, I live in Bangkok which is the hottest capital city in the world hence the sweating, Bangkok has high humidity, and my immune system was compromised during my cardiac event.  Right after the hospital stay I developed a permanent red rash which covered my upper chest and throat. I asked the cardiologist on a follow up visit why this rash occurred right after the coronary event and he said it was nothing, all blood and electronic tests showed I was normal. The tunnel vision of specialization, and most probably the lack of knowledge of adjacent issues which could present themselves, precluded his interest in the rash.

The key to my story and the slow path back to a normal scalp is that one person sharing a health issue should provide only clues to self evaluation. Think broadly about all the circumstances which effect your life: age, state of fitness, diet, current medication, environment, changes in your life within the past year, quarter, month, week, your immune system and any other issues related to your health. Be flexible in your viewpoint ,so that you do not adopt a bias for one thing over another, and when you feel you have at least triple verification of a potential set of markers then investigate more deeply with or without the the advice of your doctor. I would always advocate working with the doctor but unfortunately many, not all, doctors are closed minded and do not listen well. Then you decide on a course of treatment and monitor closely for results so you do not waste too much time, as I did, on letting a long term course of antibiotic treatment apparently worsen my condition. If you have a fungal condition then you should balance treatment patience with wasting time. Reasonable patience is necessary since fungal infections of the skin can be tenacious and difficult to reverse unless you are committed to the treatment which appears to produce results. Please always confer with a doctor, registered pharmacist, or reputable source regarding medication and contraindications prior to starting any medical treatment. I once read on a forum that you need to think broadly and attack the issues as if you are at war. Well the fog of war may produce the wrong results yet the implied requirement for tenacious determination and personal responsibility will eventually aid you in finding a result. Keep at it. All the best.

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by Judyml73, Jun 21, 2016
I had a severe burn from a clear liquid seeping
From my scalp after I had taken some essential
Oils recommended as a cute for parasites I had found in
my BM
  they are wrong. So I found myself alone in the battle
I took the recommended cure I found in a book
By Hulda Clark  when the liquid was coming out of
My hair follicles it was an indescribable pain. I sat in the
Shower for hours. Lukewarm water when it became
cold I got out  I found parasites coming out of my
Scalp I hope you don't think I'm crazy like the
doctors I saw felt I pulled them off there must have been
at least fifty. They were flukes as well yet much
smaller than the others   My point is this if you feel you
May have a chemical burn do a search for folliculitas
caused by a chemical burn to the scalp. The treatment
is different than any here. I'm going to try it

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by qwerty7824, Aug 04, 2016
Thank you for this thread!! I read through it for some ideas yesterday, because I was itching and loosing hair like crazy for 2 months now, and I figured out that I probably have demodex. I never even heard of it before!
So yesterday, I was putting tea tree oil on my hair, 100% strength. The whole house smells like it now. Plus I put some vinegar for good measure, and rubbing alcohol, and peroxide. I figured any kind of antiseptic would work...
So anyways, even though I still feel itchy a little today, the hair loss stopped! In one day! Such a relief!
I mean yesterday I probably lost 500 hairs, and today it's more like 20 so far.
They say you have to do the tea tree treatment for almost a month to fully get rid of them. But it's definitely working already!
So thank god this thread was here when I needed it.

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by pareshtay, Aug 22, 2016

Use any shampoo that contains Urea 5%

Cause maybe:

You may have dry skin (naturally, by allergy or by washing your hair too much) and your scalp is trying to produce oils and it is overdoing it. You actually need your scalp and hair to be moisturized, this can be done by using a shampoo that has urea 5%.

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by yitness, Dec 27, 2016
I thought I was the only one but I'm not. I don't think they've even named this condition yet. My hair seems to be falling out too. Perhaps it is some kind of pollution. We all need to get together and see what things we have in common.

I don't think it's  WHITE PIEDRA because it is on the scalp, not the hair.

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by heddr, Jan 02, 2017
I have just recently developed this. My husband thinks I am a little nuts. He sees it, though. I had brain surgery two years ago this month and a piece of my skull had to be removed. I have chiari type I malformation.I had run out of cerebral spinal  fluid in my head and the surgery restored it. I am 37, I have lost a good portion at the top part of my hair, my hair seems to be going grey when there was not a speck of it before it started. I am allergic to sulfates so my shampoo has been free of sodium laurelyl sulfates for several years and it is the same with my soap. I do not have a problem with acne nor have I ever really.
My scalp itches quite often. There are times that I wonder if I have a small leak of CSF and that is turning into a salt like substance. There is only a skin graft over my missing piece of skull.

I am glad not to be alone. I do wish my hair would come back.

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by Kboortz14, Jan 03, 2017
Wow..... I am blown away at how Many people have this issue Including me and there are no solutions. I have been dealing with this since I was a kid and I'm now 29. My niece who is 3 she is not itching and having the same issue. I believe it's hereditary and it has to do with our hormones and our diet. When I went on the 21 no sugar detox I recognized that he started to fade away in intensity. I was excited. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I should be on a strick paleo whole 30 diet. Sugar is so bad for you. Anyways, my hormones have been so bad lately and I realized a pattern.... every time I am about to have my period my head gets WORSE. I'm finding that it's def a hormone imbalance. I agree with above that we need to figure out the commons grounds. Anyone experience what I just mentioned above? Here are some other symptoms I have: I itch so bad that I get sores.stress brings it out more. When seasons change I noticed a difference. If my hair gets oily and especially if I don't touch up my roots with blonde it gets worse. It's strange when I get my hair done it feels so much better.  

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by Kboortz14, Jan 03, 2017
I typed so fast I made a ton of typos. Sorry. I also am gluten free and about 85% paleo. I do occasionally drink. So those things might be an issue. Just wanted to let some of you know that I eliminated gluten because I have to and I still have this issue.

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by JustMii32, Jan 03, 2017
I had started having the same issue but it was after being out in the sun and sweating all the time. The Dr said my body is not able to sweat properly so I started getting small tan spots & he gave me a script that cleared it up in a day! The Dr did say that I will always have this condition but it's common. I started to notice my eyes were bothering me, getting itchy, goupy, & crusty so I went in for a script for that. Then I noticed the scalp issue & it got out of contol!! The stuff my Dr prescribed me actually works & I know what it is!!

To help with the eyes & itch of both eyes & scalp take an allergy pill, whatever works best for you! Me, I like claratin.

Script I was given for my eyes I use once a day at bedtime Pataday.

Script for body, face, & shampoo I use Seleniuim(SELSUN) 2.5% Lotion/Shampoo

Good luck everyone!!! I went absolutely crazy & this helped me, just keep up with it!

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by piya97, Jan 13, 2017
i have the same problem it started 1year before it still wont stop .i have long hair and half of my hair fall down it still wont stop i tried many thing but still dont understand what is main problem can anybody rid off this please tell us

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by trmdiva, Jan 27, 2017
I have had this For quite some time. I have not eradicated it yet, but there is hope. I buy Vodka! No, not to get drunk, although that would not hurt.  I get 100 proof vodka and spray my hair every night and put on a cap. No more itching all day. If you get the biting sensation spray anywhere with vodka. Rub your skin vigorously and it will come out.  I spray places on body that dont feel clean even after shower. This may work depending on what you have. Let me know of this helps.

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by poorlittlelad, Feb 17, 2017
It is definetly a fungus condition. I have been battling this more or less for 12 years now. It all started with a fungus infection on my scalp. I took some oral pills prescribed by the doctor to combat fungi on my scalp and also used some anti-fungal shampoo. Now, even though accroding to my doc, there is no fungal infection on my scalp anymore, I still feel the same itchy, inflammatory, hot, sensetive sensations as before. Now it has been more than 10 years and I've sort of given up. I've tried many shampoos and oils. Nothing really stopped the itchy inflammatory sensation on my scalp. I feel like my scalp is constantly inflammed and I've lost most of my hair. It's alarming and worrying that it seems to be getting worse and worse for its spreading to other areas of my body - back, chest, neck, ears, eyebrows etc.

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by pareshtay, Feb 24, 2017
A couple of months ago I started using Urea Shampoo as suggested by my doctor, but it didn't help.

Now I am using Turmeric+Honey+Milk mixture. I mix the ingredients into a runny mixture and apply it to my scalp 15 mins before shower, twice a week. It gives a nice and cold sensation. I will update you guys after using it for longer time.

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by pareshtay, Feb 24, 2017
A couple of months ago I started using Urea Shampoo as suggested by my doctor, but it didn't help.

Now I am using Turmeric+Honey+Milk mixture. I mix the ingredients into a runny mixture and apply it to my scalp 15 mins before shower, twice a week. It gives a nice and cold sensation. I will update you guys after using it for longer time.

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by Water05201, Apr 08, 2017
Had this many years. Still do. Think I finally figured it out on my own (no thanks to you dermatologists!). It's not lice (husband is an RN, trust me). It's not sebaceous dermatitis (no flakes), it's not white piedra (not soft, only at base if shaft), it's not dandruff (see no flakes). It is hard, unsquishable, grains like salt, sand or sugar - well like crystals! And that's what I think they are. CRYSTALIZED sebum yes, it's a thing. And it fits. Base of follicle. Over production of sebum. Tar shampoo helps me and it's the only thing that ever helped. I wash my hair 3x a week gently massaging my scalp in the warm (not hot) shower. Why do you produce so much oil, scalp? Traitor.  

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by Water05201, Apr 08, 2017
Ps. Touching my scalp at all will cause itching that turns intense pretty quickly. So.. try not to stimulate your scalp except in the shower where you are cleaning the hair follicles anyway. I know, it's hard. Any movement, even playing with your hair (I have long hair) can stimulate the follicles to release more sebum causing more crystals and my hypothesis is that this CRYSTALIZED sebum comingboit of the follicles is what causes the itching. Best to all! This mystery is a pain to deal with!

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by Alt_med, Apr 19, 2017
Actually, most everyone here is correct.. dermatitis yes.. mites yes, candida yes, gluten sensitive yes, fungal yes, this is a lifestyle problem. GMO foods contain agrobacterium.. look up bovine digital dermatitis. We are ingesting the bacterium and with way too much sugar in the average diet it fuels its growth. Compound all this with the chemicals in make up and hair products.. which is why it's mostly women.. and you have a severely toxic environment.. your skin is the largest organ of the body and also the first to show signs that something is wrong. Petroleum derived products and bad food create skin issues and that's the source of a mites food.. larger and larger parasites will begin to invade the body. Solvents like Toluene and benzene in hair products and the pcb's in the body from petroleum products have to be completely avoided. But try to name something in new homes these days that isn't made with petroleum? When the body is cleaned from the inside out the external environment will be easier to rid of unwanted things. Look into the hulda clark protocol.. step by step a complete program to remove all of this but be prepared to spend 4-5 months doing cleanses.. I have also helped to cure people of this using Rife frequencies.. myself included.. it can be done but you must be willing to remain diligent. Good luck and god bless..

Ps - this will turn into morgellons and or Lyme if not taken care of in the early stages

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by Missy6777, Apr 25, 2017
Wow It's crazy how many people are affected by this problem, I too have been having "hair" issues for years most concerning hair loss.  I am 33 years old and wear my hair a certain way to cover a bald spot!!  Water05201 is correct at least in my case I have excess sebum, my hair is constantly oily and I have these white follicle ball looking things in my hair all the time. I know dandruff and I know lice, I'm a nurse. So I did my research and found out about sebum balls on the hair.  Alt_med GMO foods?? Maybe...I personally choose very carefully what my family and I consume I am one to buy organic and read labels.  However as for it turning into Lyme disease if not taken care of in the early stages, that's a No.  Lyme disease comes from certain ticks that are carrying the Lyme bacteria.  

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by roop_27, May 03, 2017
Simple solution for it..... Take curds in one bowel and added one lemon juice to it and mix it well and apply on your scalp and hair .... after 20min wash with luck warm water with very light shampoo ....... try once in a week and you will find result soon............................

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by pareshtay, May 09, 2017
Washing hair with sulsen blue shampoo every other day solves the problem to an extent. I am using it for more than 3 months now and the problem is way less than before.

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by TRenee89, May 17, 2017
I have also dealt with this. It started after working a job where I sweat profusely. I had gotten really itchy armpits with swollen bumps. A couple months later I noticed a bald patch at the nape of my neck. I didn't think anything of it until my scalp started to burn and had the same grainy thick stuff on my scalp even after washing and my scalp and hair did not smell too good immediately after washing. I also noticed a red mark where the bald patch was and my hair came out in clumps when I washed my hair. I was so devastated and crying everyday. I went to the doctors and they prescribed 2% ketoconzale shampoo. I used this almost everyday and let it sit on my scalp and hair for 10 mins each time. I used it until the bottle was gone then switched to head and shoulders.I also threw away and old hair clips combs hats etc. everyday I washed my pillowcases in hot water and bleach. About two months later the hair finally started to grow back. This was about 2 years ago and I started noticing my bald patches coming back. So I am now going to use  Nizoral shampoo everyday and let it sit, wash my pillowcases and sheets everyday plus combs and etc. I have started to rub tea tree oil on my scalp and let it sit as well. Hopefully since it worked the first time I can avoid another 150$ doctor visit. Will update in a few weeks if I see any difference. Addition to all of this I am no longer going to straighten my hair and let it be for the duration of this trial. I have natural bi racial curly hair boob length. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else. Just letting you know my story!

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by TRenee89, May 17, 2017
Just to add, I was diagnosed with tinea capitis. Basically scalp ringworm and the doctor herself said it is extremely hard to get rid of, almost impossible and that is may take several treatments and reoccur. UNFORTUNATELY I MAY BATTLE WITH THIS FOREVER!

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by Jpboyd, May 24, 2017
I've had this annoying sandy scalp condition for about 6 months. Not much itching but sandy feeling even right after washing my hair (even with Selsun Blue).  My daughter did some research and had me try a few things that seem to be working. What a relief! I'm not sure if it's one or both but I'm continuing both for awhile in the hopes it won't come back.
1. Apply apple cider vinegar diluted with 50% water after you wash your hair. Pour it over your scalp and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. No conditioner after. It burns a bit but well worth it.
2. Apply olive oil at night before you go to bed and wash it out in the morning. I get a jar of it and with my finger tips keep massaging it into my scalp in the evening until it is saturated.

Lastly, don't pick at your scalp! Try to get thru 3 or 4 days without touching it while you are doing these treatments so it has a chance to heal. The apple cider won't burn as much  either.  I do the treatments about 2X a week.

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by ken270, Jun 03, 2017
hi, I'm new, have almost the same problems ,  tt has bee more than 2 yrs of a nightmare since I started with things in my hair.  I first though they were morgangellans  (I cannot spell}  Been to 3 dr's 2 dermatolist, they all think I'm nuts & nee a shrink.  I'm 78 yrs old, a great grand mother an I have become a recluse I don't go out much, don't want to infect anybody,  My husband has them to, but doesn't care.  My  things leave sticky spots on my hair sometimes there are sm. bl.spots that  are alive. they cause my hair to break.  I'm going to need a wig soon.  I can scratch my head & my finger nails are full of small black mostly triangle shapes.  I have pocket magnifiers in my pocket as well as in every room.  they have taken over my life.  I think they are dust mites. got to back later

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by mikinak, Jun 20, 2017
Hi, I have the same symptoms and hair loss. I rescued a dog and have had problems since. The dog had mange (both scabies and walking dandruff) and worms. I started using coconut oil mixed with collodial silver in my hair and scalp as well as face, neck and upper body. I used this every day for 6 days and noticed improvement and also had worms being expelled. So I asked my doc for oral ivermectin and had significant improvement. But waiting to take 2nd dose. Some grains returns and hair falling out (while improved) has continued. So I am continuing with coconut oil and collodial silver mixture. I am thinking it is either fungal or dermodex mites (or both). Either way, it is working for me. I leave this in my hair overnight and then rinse the following day with apple cider vinegar. I have never used chemical shampoos or colouring so for me this is not the culprit. I have horse shampoo and noticed that the original poster used this, so I will also try it. It works amazing in my dog's hair so it can't hurt to try. I just wanted to share my success b/c I don't think anyone mentioned collodial silver. I bought mine at the pet store b/c it is way cheaper than health food store and it's basically the same. I also have taken some internally which has helped. The collodial silver works by killing bacterial, fungus, and other organisms. I really don't care as much what is causing this as much as I just want it to improve. I also have lint coming from my scalp and again, this is also improving with use. I have probably started using this about a month ago, using every day for 2 weeks and now every other day. I have tried tea tree, clove and neem oil as well, but this has been more effective. I also tried pine tar soap in my hair with an apple cider rinse. This helped at first but not with lasting effects. The other things that really helped me were cedar baths.

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by answermyquestionspls, Aug 16, 2017
Seems like this is something that's been going on for quite awhile..since 2008? 9 years!! And I'm so glad so many people can relate, I've been trying to research what this grain/sandlike stuff in my scalp is and just hate how we dont even have an official name for it yet. I'm almost 17 and I wanna say this has been going on for a little less than a year for me, and I'm constantly picking at my scalp catching each piece and flicking them out of my fingernails (very gross) and I can never stop. However, my mom always recommended the half vinegar/ half water solution which is usually used for dandruff, but I gave it a shot and there was a huge decrease in the amount of..pieces of grains on my head..? It does burn just a little, but in a satisfying way. I've been told it somehow melts dandruff and bacteria, so definitely give that a shot. But if anyone can find an actual prescribed solution instead of home remedies, please let us know! Anyways,
hope that helps!

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by Foxfire27, Aug 18, 2017
There's could be lots of different causes, it could be different for everyone, so check a bunch of different options. But I'll throw another idea out there, DEC plugs. It's overproduction of hair oil, which then dries and becomes little sand like attachments to the hair shaft. Add to that overproduction of bacteria (see below), and you get scalp and back acne. Here's what helped me:

1) Ph balanced shampoo. Your skin is supposed to be slightly acidic (pH 5.5), and if you color or chemical treat your hair, it and your skin become basic. That shampoo started reducing my scalp itch and the production of hair plugs. Also started reducing my acne, as acidic skin helps cut down on bacteria production. Rub the shampoo anywhere you get this related acne--forehead, back of neck, your back.

2) Get a new pillow, and try a different filling. I had a foam side sleeper pillow that was several yrs old. You should replace them every two years anyway, due to stuff it collects (drool, bacteria, dead mites), and I may have been allergic to the foam. I stopped using it, and the intense scalp itch I woke up with every morning went away.

3) Use a comb daily. Get a medium comb (not a nit comb equivalent, but not wide tooth either), and use it daily. It helps spread hair oil down your hair shaft where it belongs, rather than it getting stuck on your scalp. Some brushes and pics we use aren't good at that, the spikes aren't close enough together or we don't touch every inch of our scalp in brushing.

My hair sand, scalp itch, and scalp/back acne have practically disappeared now. I hope this helps someone else as well.

Avatar universal
by Foxfire27, Aug 18, 2017
A few things from above-I meant the shampoo foam on your forehead, etc., not the shampoo liquid straight. And even with just the foam, watch your eyes.  Only shampoo every other day or third, don't wash your hair daily, that can over-strip your hair. Also, people have mentioned hair loss as another symptom. While the nit-looking sand is gone off my hair shafts, I do still lose a lot of hair. Not quite as much, but there's still a lump in the drain after a  shower.  That is normal, you typically lose more hair daily then you think. If the loss is so bad you may be going bald, there is probably a different issue going on than skin that is not acidic enough. Also, weirdly, it helps with the 'hair loss' that my hair now looks more full. Odd, since I'm now better distributing my hair oil, that my hair is full rather than oily/ flat looking or starched-out straw frizzy looking, its  default prior states, but maybe it comes with the acidic territory. It's been three weeks with the shampoo, and the sand and itch are practically gone. Sauve pH balanced, it's not even expensive or fancy, and it's working. After at least five years of this nonsense, it's been such a relief. I hope it's permanent.

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by Foxfire27, Sep 02, 2017
Something else that might help. Some people with sensitive skin are allegeric to Tide. I was using Tide with 'bleach' on my sheets and towels. I switched to using my regular sensitive detergent with Lysol laundry sanitizer, which is another non-bleach sanitizer. I switched a few weeks before my symptoms started clearing so I don't know if that was a part of it, but it might help others. Don't forget to wash sheets and towels in hot water.

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by Griffin1122, Sep 08, 2017
I have suffered with a 'grainy' scalp for many years with hair loss and, I am just now finding out that it is a fungal infection, (not fungal dandruff, it is a form of candida or a yeast infection), on my scalp/in my hair, secondary to a systemic fungal/candida infection. Systemic candida affects many people and more so for people who have auto immune diseases, diabetes in any form or, someone who has taken antibiotics. I have found that spraying colloidal silver on my dry hair and messaging into my scalp, several times through out the day, over the last week has almost eliminated the 'grainy' feeling on my scalp as well as most of the itchy, tickling feeling. I am also taking colloidal silver internally as well as trying to eliminate sugars and starches. Be sure to take a good probiotic, the higher the count the better as your body is lacking in the good amount of these and this is what has allowed the candida to over grow. The majority of doctors do not look for systemic candida so often they cannot figure out what is going on and take at best an 'educated' guess. Please look into the symptoms of systemic candida and the benefits of colloidal silver, they are both eye openers. Hope this helps someone else.

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by Kzith, Oct 02, 2017
Hi I'm a 19 y/o female and I suffer from this too, except I don't have the ichiness , some times I go like four or five days without even thinking about it until I go to wash my hair and feel the odd bumps, which then make me want to dig the small 'grains' out because I'm weird haha. I only have very mild acne when Im on the ray and other than a few black heads here or there I have perfect skin. (except for small patches of eczema on my legs and upper arms) I barely leave the house, and my hair is not very oily at all so I don't have to wash it often, plus I keep it rather short so it doesn't look dirty if it is. I went to my mom about it when I was like 16 and she thought I had bugs, but its three years later and its still an issue. When I did have bugs(got them from a Stupid highschool dance lmao) I almost didn't think I did and waited quite a while to get treated because, other than the itching, everything felt the same. I mix my shampoo with Tea Tree Oil about 3 drops per oz in the bottle. Mostly because I like the sent of it mixed with a few other oils I add. (I'm one of those weirdos that use indented shampoo and adds their own sent with natural oils haha) Mostly because dented soaps are bad for my skin with the eczema. And perhaps the tea tree is what keeps me from itching? I also have always gotten these weird sores behind my ears. My mom says its from not drying behind my ears but even through drying didn't stop the sores. I might have an unrelated condition though because I've already been diagnosed with eczema

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by NewGuy13, Oct 04, 2017

Hello All,
I have been experiencing the same issues over the past 4 to 5 years and have yet to find out what is the cause or solution. I came across this thread yesterday and was pleased to see I wasn’t alone but saddened that there was no solution. With that said, I found some products that gave me immediate relief. Results in just 1 day that I would like to share.
Witch Hazel (for face and body)
Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil
Nizoral A-D Ketoconazole Shampoo
Selsun Blue Itchy Dry Scalp, Naturals fresh cent formula (Extra Hydrating)

Step 1. Wash hair with Selsun Blue 1-2 minutes then rinse

Step 2. Wash hair with Nizoral A-D Ketoconazole Shampoo 1-2 minutes comb through hair to remove the sand like stuff then rinse.

Step 3. Wash hair with Selsun Blue 1-2 minutes then rinse and pay close attention to the feel of your head while wile rinsing. You want to make sure that no part of your hair has a slimy feel.

Step 4. Wash hair with Nizoral A-D Ketoconazole Shampoo 1-2 minutes then rinse and pay close attention to the feel of your head again while wile rinsing. You want to make sure that no part of your hair has a slimy feel.

Step 5. With your hair completely rinsed (mine was still damp) pour the Witch Hazel over your head and allow it to air dry. This part actually hurt like hell but it was manageable. Fanning your head helps.

Step 6. Once you have allowed it to air dry apply a very generous amount of the Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil.

And that’s it. The next day your scalp should feel ten times better

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by NewGuy13, Oct 05, 2017
Hello again,

This is day three after the above treatment and its like night and day. No more inflammation. My head doesn’t feel like it has large areas of scab like patches anymore. Also I no longer have the slight pain or discomfort when I lean my head back. One product I forgot to mention that I used the night of the initial treatment is Scalpicin (Max Strength). I only used it a few times when my head started to itch a little in the back to keep me from scratching it. I hope what I shared works out for someone.

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by Milaad, Oct 09, 2017
Everyone stop freaking out please. This is internal related to your liver, hormones, blood etc...

You need to start eating fenugreek to start balancing your hormones.

Dihydrotestosterone a bi product of testosterone enters the blood stream and the hair follicles are a stopping point.

There is also a common denominator amongst all of you, observe your sleep patterns and your diet. You most likely stay up at night and eat oily, high in saturated fat foods or high sugar content or processed foods. Do not exercise..

Proof: Men have higher levels of testosterone and this causes male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.

Start off by going to bed early and getting 8 hours sleep.

Grind fenugreek seeds in a mortar and add it to green tea and have it before going to bed and early in the morning when you wake up.

Give it 1 month and your problem will disappear.

I do have other solutions and it is free. I am not trying to make money, I dont have time to list them all.

Contact me at auesta.***@****

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by Milaad, Oct 09, 2017
That e mail was a u e s t a. a u t o @ g m a i l . c o m

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by NewGuy13, Oct 09, 2017
Thanks, Milaad. I will be reaching out. Although what I put up offers relief it does not solve the problem. I will admit, 6 years ago is when I became less active due to a change in my career (not a good excuse) but I’m working on changing that now to include getting more sleep.  

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by TimothyTimTim, Nov 05, 2017
Most people on this comment panel have taken antibiotics and/or admit to having compromised immunity. Human bodies overloaded on toxins in our food and water (including what they are dropping from jets in the name of "geo-engineering"), contain bacteria, viruses, fungi, radiation, heavy metals and so many DNA-altering chemicals I do not have time to explain.  Gut, Gut, Gut.  Clean your guts.  They are leaking from toxins (permeating into blood steam).  The skin is our biggest organ and toxin release organ.  Buildup of toxins will manifest in the pores. Allergies and toxic die-off on the scalp is most evident because of all of the blood circulation in the head.

1.  Plan on fasting.  It will literally RESET your immune system & heal the gut using steps below.
2.  Fast on Reverse Osmosis (RO is fluoride free) water, Organic bone broth and ORGANIFY brand greens for 5 days.
3. Use Diatomaceous Earth and Braggs Apple Cider vinegar on the scalp to open up clogged pores and rid any parasites and bacteria.
4.  Ongoing, KEEP.IT.CLEAN: Meaning, organic, whole foods and RO water, shower filters removing fluoride.


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by Stellaevil, Nov 16, 2017
53, immune system is fine, health is fine, some acne on scalp and neck.
3 months ago started having an oily grainy scalp but noticed when I scratched my head over a black surface nothing seamed to come off. There also seemed to be crusty concentrations on my part lines. (Not Lice)
I started with dandruff shampoo and nothing.
After 3 months of this I shaved my head, close trim no razor and reading about fungus I starting rinsing my scalp with straight Hydrogen Peroxide.This seamed to get rid of the grainy feeling for a couple of days and then it came back again, so I decided to  go rogue. I started rinsing my scalp with dissolved Oxy-bleach but the grains would still come right back after a few hours. Reading on this post from the early years I ran across posts with exactly the same condition and comments about Dermodex mites. So after 2 days of using TTO full strength to start with (not fun) things seem to be greatly improving.    

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by kpophunty, Dec 01, 2017
I'm having the same problem, and I'm only 17. The itching was so bad on the back of my head today that I scratched it and some hair came out. I thought I was having some kind of unrelated hair loss issue, but I think it may be from the scalp condition. I'm seeing a dermatologist on Monday, so I hope I find some solutions. I've used the shampoo samples (worst), a corticosteroid liquid, and a prescription anti-fungal shampoo (I have a little bit let in both bottles) and nothing has really helped. I really hope I get a solution from the dermatologist, because my scalp is itchy and I have to change my pillow case every day because it has that "smell" and I can't stand it. My hair has gotten thinner and I think it's because the condition has gone longer without treatment, but I'm also scared that it could be the early stages of balding. I have a lot of hair that comes out when I shampoo, and my scalp just feels sore and sensitive when I shampoo. I can barely focus on anything else because this bothers me so much. Thinking that I'm beginning to bald this young completely destroys my confidence and I just want it to be fixed. I'm REALLY hoping that the thinning/loss is from the infection on my scalp and not balding. I went to a dermatologist twice before, but I live in a different state now so I'm hoping they're better and actually listen to me this time.

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by Stellaevil, Dec 11, 2017
53, immune system is fine, health is fine, some acne on scalp and neck.
3 months ago started having an oily grainy scalp but noticed when I scratched my head over a black surface nothing seamed to come off. There also seemed to be crusty concentrations on my part lines. (Not Lice)
I started with dandruff shampoo and nothing.
After 3 months of this I shaved my head, close trim no razor and reading about fungus I starting rinsing my scalp with straight Hydrogen Peroxide.This seamed to get rid of the grainy feeling for a couple of days and then it came back again, so I decided to  go rogue. I started rinsing my scalp with dissolved Oxy-bleach but the grains would still come right back after a few hours. Reading on this post from the early years I ran across posts with exactly the same condition and comments about Dermodex mites. So after 2 days of using TTO full strength to start with (not fun) things seem to be greatly improving.    

Update..... like allot of others here on this site it just keeps coming back as soon as my hair grows out just a little. Guess I will go to the Doctor but it sound like no doctor has figured this out yet.

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by tinkerbellboy, Jan 03, 2018
Hey, I'm 23 and I've been having this for at least a few years now. I have had seborrheic dermatitis since I was little, but I have had it under control for years, using anti-dandruff shampoo every time I shower, etc ,etc, sometimes it returns (mainly when I get sick and/or get overstressed), but it's mostly controlled. And yet, when there is no dermatitis showing up, I have these zit-like bumps all over my scalp, that itch and ache, in all sizes, that weep clear liquid and even blood if popped (very few seem to be infected, they are mostly like tiny blisters), and other places on the scalp, I had immense amounts of grains, basically coming out of every pore of my head, to the point a simple scalp massage brings handfuls of them out. Also, my scalp is constantly oily and itchy, and my hair is weak and shedding at a much higher pace than the normal shedding rate, and after the grains are out of the pores, it's like the pores feel humid or oily, I can't tell, all I know is that it leaves the sensation that it's weeping. I know my father also has it too (he's also got seborrheic dermatitis that he controls too with the shampoo), although he has much less of the liquid-filled bumps, and instead every pore of his sheds those grains from deep within whenever he presses or moves his scalp skin around. Anyone has yet any idea of what is this crazy thing that we both have, and how do we treat it?

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by DebWils, Jan 13, 2018
I have had itchy, sandy scalp for 3 months. I have ruled out all other causes, dandruff, lice, dermatitis, mites etc.This started right after I started getting Remicade infusions for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I believe it is a fungus caused by the medicine as Rheumatoid arthritis medicines lower the immune system and feed fungus. I am going to ask my G.P. for an oral antifungal medicine and will post here as soon as possible. I am also on oral steroids which could have exacerbated the situation;

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