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Thank you...thank you...thank you and tons of hugs!

Oct 12, 2009 - 3 comments

Sometimes I feel all alone in my battle.  I get on the pity, poor me pot, you all ever been there??? LOL...and then I come here and ask for friends and what a reaction!  WOW....I promise to get back to you all, it just will take some time....I have great ideas and intentions, I just move slowly now.

I have found that dealing with this virus is a daily battle, it does so much more than just hang out inside of me and silently destroy my body, it rears it's ugly head and makes me so tired that I do not want to get out of bed, hurt so bad, I do not want to get out of bed (you see a pattern here???)  I get frustrated by all the mixed information from the medical profession, why won't they admit they do not know for sure?  

I have learned that this is my body, my virus, and I have to gather information and learn by searching, asking others, and doing what is best for me.  My liver tells me when I have eaten something it doesn't like, so I am listening to my body.

I eat raw, frozen, nuts, beans, no chemicals, no additives, no preservatives 99% of the time.  When I eat too much protein, iron, or sugar, my liver screams at me.  I use no chemicals in my house...we mix vinegar and baking soda to clean with...use no chemicals on my body, remembering that it goes into my system.  So, my hair is turning grey now and my nails are a mess...but I am stable....not better....not worse.  I can deal with that.

I waited almost a year to get disability, we lost everything we had, but now I have disability.  So, one step forward.  Now, I have to wait until 2011 to get medicade because I make to much on my disability!  I might lose my county medical, have an appointment next month to determine my eligibility.  Then, I won't have medical help if they take that from me.  So, two steps back.  All I can do is laugh and wait, and get determined....I won't die until they do something...there has got to be someplace, someone who will say enough is enough.

This is a journey into the wilderness...I am so glad that I have others with me.  We that are infected are the voices and until we stand up and make a noise, not a lot will happen.

Stay healthy....Stay positive...Slay the Dragon

Are you 12?  Did you know that one in every 12 people are infected???


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by Marte313, Oct 13, 2009
Yeah, we have all been on the "poor me pot". Your story is among them which has touched my heart the most though. Makes me feel kinda guilty for all the times I have been and are on that carusel. You are an amazing woman.

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by maddiesmaja, Oct 13, 2009
personally I think we would throw many fewer pity parties if more people where more understanding... and that includes physicians. call me cynical. but having had sooo many negative experiences with physicians, and having heard so many negative comments in general about hep c, it's no wonder. this disease is so huge, and also so secretive so many people. i don't dare tell anyone. point being, sometimes we have to take a moment, then move on. =)

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by Captnj, Oct 18, 2009
Hang in there Kat,

We all face times when it seems like you just can't go on but God has a way of providing for people like us.
Trust in the Lord and he will get you through.

I have been loosing weight and getting closer to my goal. My hep c is holding steady and I am grateful to have more time before my transplant. I will keep you in my prayers.


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