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So you want change?

Oct 13, 2009 - 10 comments

I'm not a socialist but I do believe our government should run certain things. Whether it be big DC Government, state or local, our government already runs a few things we have become accustomed to. We would probably be horrified if these gov. offices decided to turn some of these forces over to private businesses. Imagine your Fire Dept, Police Dept. being turned over to a For Profit Business (similar to the current insurance comp.)............Reply to 911 calls (also for-profit)....."I'm sorry, but your home isn't covered for this type of fire" ...."you have people breaking into your home?, let me check your policy...sorry, you're not covered for more than 2 home invaders. If you could remove 2 of them, we'd be happy to respond. Call back later".click.
If Social Security or Medicare were turned over to For-Profit buss, where do you think they would make there profit???? Yup, cutting services etc.
How about the military being a for-profit buss? Now that's scary.
The health of this country should be in the hands of a Not For Profit entity.
We need the Government to run things's just a fact. And the country needs heath care reform and a public option.

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by flmagi, Oct 13, 2009
A real example of government selling their job.....

Many Profit from Immigrants' Misery: Imprisoning Immigrants in Private Prisons and County Jails

by Mark and Louise Zwick

From National Geographic to The New Yorker , more and more publications are featuring stories about immigrants coming to the United States, putting a human face on a group of people which are being demonized and dehumanized by our government's current policies.

The New Yorker article (Margaret Talbot, "The Lost Children: What Do Tougher Detention Policies Mean for Illegal Immigrant Families?" March 3, 2008) exposes the inhumanity of the immigration policy which has turned into big business the imprisonment of families and children in addition to tens of thousands of other immigrants, in privately-owned and run prisons. Talbot outlines the history of the mistreatment of families with children in the T. Don Hutto Detention Center in Texas, one of the detention centers run by the private corporation, the Corrections Corporation of America. Private Prisons, A Lucrative Business Talbot calls detention of immigrants the "fastest-growing form of incarceration in the country, a lucrative business."

This booming business is a windfall for the stockholders of the private prison industry, at the expense of poor people caught in this trap. For immigrants are no longer jailed for a few days until they can be deported, but rather for months and years. It is hard to understand that the huge expense of building prisons and keeping people in jail for extended periods has somehow turned into profit for the few who hold stocks in what has turned into a private busi-ness. This new, very profitable business is being built on the backs of the immigrants, but paid for by the taxpayers.

For the rest of this article:

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by flmagi, Oct 13, 2009
For-profit 911............
ring, ring, ring...
recording (to expensive to have real people=no profit)
Thank you for calling 911. Please press 1 for English, dos para espanol....
press 1 for fire, press 2 for police, press 3 for emergency medical services......
press 3
Please enter or speak your policy number....
please enter or speak the address which you are calling from......
I'm sorry we did not understand that address.......
please enter or speak the address which you are calling from......
Thank you, please wait while we access your records....musical interlude....
(holy $hit, my child is dying here!!!!!!)
Thank you for holding.
Press 1  for cardiac arrest, 2 for severed limbs, 3 for car accident with 1 injury,4 for car accident with more than 1 injury, press 5 for breathing problems, 6 for drowning, 7 for unexpected child birth, 8 for unexplained unconsciousness..etc etc...
(Press 8)
Please speak your medical emergency.......
I'm sorry, we did not understand your message..
For the main menu, press 1 or hang up to disconnect this call.

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by gofio, Oct 13, 2009
A wonderful way of encapsulating how anyone feels when confronted by ******* machines!

711224 tn?1344771687
by SophieShine, Nov 04, 2009
OMG Magy I'm lmao but I should be crying! you are soooooo right!

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by Rory_Nemo, Jan 29, 2010
People love to cast the "socialist" stone, and the "nazi" stone, oh my and the "racist" stone,,,  but do they really understand what those words mean?  Yes they may be bad things (or not), but those words don't mean "bad because I cant' think of the proper words to use".   So if you're going to call someone names, please make sure you use the names properly.

So back to the point, I agree with you 100%.  Some things are better managed by the collective whole. (ie, the government).   A few things that the government manages well, Medicare, the Postal Service, the FAA, the FBI,  the Courts, the military, etc, etc, etc,   We've recently seen the wisdom shown in allowing certain government functions to become privatized,  like that unaccountable independent private police-paramilitary force, The Infamous Blackwater Security Inc.  License to murder, steal, loot, rape their own coworkers,,,, and do these things with impunity,,,, totally unaccountable.  I think I'd rather have a "socialized" force doing the dirty work,,, at least the U.S. Army et al, are accountable for their actions.

Private for-profit gatekeepers are a ridiculous concept when it comes to health care delivery.   The bottom line will always be the profit margin, heath care will be somewhat less important than that.  CEO's and executive remuneration will be more important than providing the most care for the most people.  

If you think the insurance companies are the good guys, I've a bridge in New York to sell you,,, and two more in Eire if you like that one.

Some things the government provide in a more fair and equible way than would be done by private for-profit entities,  health care is definitely one.   Does it not bother anyone in the US that Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the US?  That even that poor little third world country's health care system is rated higher than the US?  The US is decades behind in this area, behind every other country  which makes up the collective "Western World".

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by allaboutmary, Jan 29, 2010
Couldn't agree more Rory_Nemo.

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by teko, Jan 30, 2010
Good post flmagi  and you all know where I stand on this. I am 100% in agreement. As far as wanting health care out of the governments hands, where is that post that gave a very up close and stunning account in China? telling it exactly as it would be. I we, the divided people continue on, sucking up the propaganda being handed down, we will not have to worry about anyone taking us over, a house divided against itself cannot stand. That simple....

If you all think your health insurance is so good, come back and let me know how ya feel when you get something like cancer. A friend of ours just left the hospital because his insurance ran out, on the way out the door they presented him with a 10,000 dollar bill. He was put out to pasture to die because his insurance reached the maximum. Oh yea, come back and tell me all about it. He was just diagnosed with cancer, the treatment they gave caused a stroke, now he cannot move the left side and needs more therepy. Nope, money all gone! Yep! Only in America folks!

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by jo929, Jan 30, 2010
i have a question? Why should we the people that were born here asked to press 1 for english when that is our language, anyone coming here should speak english or learn, why should we pay for their lessons we never paid for the ones that paid passage over here many years ago also the indians were required to speak english why should we have to learn another language, also in tulsa Okla many policeman were laid off after the the last mayor resigned and there were a 100 new police cars sitting in the parking lot waiting for the flashing lights to be put on what a waste of the tax payers money, most of the jails are privatly owned boy do they make the money America is going backwards, the elderly are being forgotten especially in rural areas when a storm comes they are just left with no one to call or check on them, if they die what the heck one less to feed and care for.Also I do not know what this has to do with the goverment but when a teen had a child out of wedlock or otherwise she was consedered old enough to go to work and raise it and not get a welfare check and healthcare is gettin bad if you do not have money stay home and die  jo

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by jo929, Jan 30, 2010
i should have said i do not know much about the goverment, but the politicians shoild be forced to take a drop in pay just like every one else also i do not beleive the ex president shoulf have armed guards as we pay for it, i really do not think much of our esteemed politicians some are good some are bad just like every day people  i guess i have said to much  jo

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by Rory_Nemo, Jan 30, 2010
How very true this is:

"Peggy,   If you haven't noticed, the world has changed since the 1700- 1800's. We've had advancements in so many areas, along with a population explosion. Although it sounds charming, going back to, say, the early cowboy days, when there was little government involvement, it's not realistic. Get with the times, there's no turning back."

Most people who long for the good old days would be in a real hurry to get back to the good old now if they were stuck there.  I

n the good old days of the Founding Fathers,,,,, chattel slavery was legal,,,,  women could not vote or take part in decision making,,,,  children could be bound to sweat shops receiving only bad food and poor clothing in recompense,,,,,  two men could square off in a field and settle their differences with firearms,,,,,,, average life expectancy was 40 years.  

In the good old days, a man toiled 10 to 12 hours a day, (including Saturdays) only to feed and clothe and shelter his family,, no extras, no vacations, no higher education for his child, no TV's, telephones, if he was lucky he owned a horse or mule... Yep take me back to the good olds, I really would find everything so much better there. BUT PLEASE????  LET ME COME BACK when I find it's mostly a faerie tale.....

Did anyone watch the cartoon growing up with Mr Wizard?  "Please Mr. Wizard, I want to come home!"

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