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hoping for the best

Dec 08, 2014 - 6 comments

It's so hard not to track every little thing your body does differently when you're trying to have another baby.
I, for one, I think am by far the worst for it.
If any of you guys looked at my google search history you'd tell me to back awaaaayyy from the search bar.

So far, from my psychotic mind, I've been experiencing the following since I (think) I ovulated the beginning, of the last week of November... Nov 24 mild cramps, Nov 25 a bit worse, Nov 26 felt like my uterus gained 3lbs and was about to explode out of my body.

I've had mild cramping pretty much every day
I've been SO gassy, even I don't want hang out with myself
I've cried/gotten emotional more times I can count,for almost - nothing? I legitimately cried at the movie Tangled last night.
My appetite has increased
I've had nausea like nobodies business. Not to the point where I actually throw up, but to the point I have to pause and take a minute to see. (this could also be because of the amount I have been eating lately)
My body doesn't know whether it wants to **** itself when I fart, or be constipated...
My skin broke out EVERYWHERE but my face. I can deal with pimples, but NOT when they're on my neck/behind my ear - Like, really? GTFO.
And now, today (Dec 8) I've experienced (something that happened more often than not when I was pregnant with Levi, but later on like 10+wks, but hasn't happened since losing him) LEG SWELLING.
Now, I sit on my *** all day, I get that. But I hadn't been sitting for longer than an HOUR when I got up to dump my tea out because the lady put WAY too much sugar in it. And if you guys know anything about me, or my vagina, you know that even something so simple as too much sugar in my diet, can cause me to get a bout of BV, which if any of you have had - it's not fun!!
And lastly - I've taken probably close to at least 5-6 tests, 3 being this weekend - because I'm an idiot and read too much.

OMG, 1 person got a faint positive at 12dpo? **** it, I'm taking a test. OMG, if my cycle is 28 days like it should be, I can take a test and probably get a positive!

Nevermind the fact I took a test a week late for my daughter and it said negative, and the fact I actually really have NO idea when I ovulated or not.

Ugh. Anyways, this is me.

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by Shannon79, Dec 08, 2014
Oh I think almost everyone of us has been there!

Your brain is so crazy it will create symptoms making you think you are. I've had it too on more then 1 occasion.

So my advice for now is to just take a step back. No more tests or anything and wait it out for a few more days.

There is a chance that you could still be pregnant, but there's not enough hcg in your system to pick it up.

Also as a side note, digital hpt's aren't reliable very early on. I would use a frer. Which is a first response. It has pink dye and is a lot more sensitive then the blue dye.

Hang in there!

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by ribaby15, Dec 08, 2014
Period SHOULD be here by Thursday. So I don't think I'm going to test again until I'm like a week late.
Must. Stay. Away. From. Pharmacy... lol.

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by ribaby15, Dec 08, 2014
and of course I start spotting today... *sigh, this rollercoaster $uckS!

2020005 tn?1628125976
by KTowne, Dec 08, 2014
Praying that you get a BFP! Spotting can be a sign of implantation, I had it with my 2nd child, so fingers crossed you're not out this month!

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by hansen20, Dec 08, 2014
I got a faint line at 13dpo and had a healthy daughter who is 8 months old on the 14th.

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by ribaby15, Dec 08, 2014
I started spotting brown this A.M. go figure, like 1hr after posting this, lol.
I'm hoping for the best, but I assume it's AF :(

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