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Stress and Weight Loss

Oct 14, 2009 - 2 comments

Five weeks have come and gone and actually haven't been that bad.  This week I actually lost more than I was expecting...which is always a good thing.  I even started talking to a lady at the hospital who meets the same time I do.  She is almost finished with her 12 weeks and will start transitioning next week.  She has lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks and hopes to lose 20 more.  The odd thing is she said that after 12 weeks the smell of food has actually started to nauseate her.  I think that's odd since the scent of food, even food I would never eat, smells so appetizing to me I can barely stand it.  I guess that will make it easier to transition if you don't crave anything.  I also had to go see my family doctor today because I have been experiencing some vertigo.  Apparently this is not at all diet related, and I have some misplaced crystals inside my ear.  Low and behold I have yet another illness that can't be treated.  I have to wait for this inner ear thing to straighten itself out.  Lots of fluids they say.  Although, lately I drink way more fluids than I have ever drank daily.  I'll keep you posted.

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by Emzly, Oct 15, 2009
wow, good onya for the weight loss. I cannot taste or smell and dont even eat much, but dont drink much either or excersice due to severe pain in head. I wish I could loose the weight like that. Do you have any special diet programe you are on?
I hope the pain isnt too hard for you.
I think we are all in pain together. Keep ya chin up

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by deegcoach, Oct 15, 2009
Yes, I am on an Optifast Diet.  It is highly regulated by a doctor diet that involves liquids only.  The first week is tough, but if you have enough willpower to get past that, it actually isn't too bad.  You should look into it.

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