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Panic Attack free for 2 weeks

Oct 14, 2009 - 1 comments









Panic Attack

No panic attacks since for 2 weeks... I think it's due to the fact that i started to accept anxiety is causing my symptoms so i do not get pananoid on the fact i might have something really bad happenig like a bad infections, tumor or something... I still have fear of strokes and aneurysm but it had been on control for 2 weeks... And i reduced my brozampam dose to about 2mg ( i cut my 6mg pill into 4 pieces... ).

I wish i could have a normal neck and head again =( it's always tight with spasms along with damn tension and sinus headache kind of thing ....

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by flob, Oct 17, 2009
fewer panic attacks is always a bonus.

have you tried meds for the tension headaches? midrin and fiorinal tend to work pretty well for those.

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