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Oct 15, 2009 - 6 comments


today i saw my psyc. he gave me my geodon finally; after a year of being on abilify i gained 50 lbs. maybe the new meds will help :) -scotty

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by misslollipop, Oct 15, 2009
Hope everything works out for you

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by 10356, Oct 15, 2009
Hello Drifter :) a young friend I know also gained weight on abilify. I also Hope the new meds work out for you better.. Hope Simba and your other furry friends are well :)) lesa

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by doctora, Oct 15, 2009
Good luck with the Geodon, but be very aware of any side effects.  I tried it after gaining 30lbs in one month on Quetiapine, however the Geodon made me extremely hyper, and very ill.  Be aware of heart palpatations, trouble swallowing, vision problems, vomitting, total loss of appetite, unable to sleep.

If you experience these side effects after a month on Geodon, I would suggest you get off it asap, as I had too.

It seems that some people benefit from the "speed up" Geodon provides, but in my case I need something to slow me down, and does not make you gain so much search still continues.

Good Luck & be aware.

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by doctora, Oct 16, 2009
Let me know if you try another med. than Geodon that doesnt cause weight gain.  I am at my wits end with the 30lbs I have gained, I used to be slim and now I am not, and I know it is due to the Quetiapine, but it works for me, but being overweight causes me more stress and less self esteem.

I noticed that you said you gained weight on Abilify, that was the next one I was going to try, but maybe not now. IL also mentioned Saphris and Glycine, have you tried any of these?


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by linny763, Oct 16, 2009
by linny763
One of my sisters also gained a lot of weight on that medication, her doctor changed her to something else but I'm not sure what, but she has already lost 35 lbs. I pray this helps give you hope!

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by choo_choo, Oct 21, 2009
I'm not sure what you're taking the Geodon for, but I took it for about a month and I completely lost my appetite on it.  I took Abilify and it made me hypomanic, which is totally not my problem at all, so that didn't last long.  I take Clozaril and it works very well for me, although the monthly blood tests are a drag.

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