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8th June -  stress gets worse

Jun 08, 2008 - 1 comments

downs syndrome









My son David is 19, he has Downs Syndrome and Autism. He is home this weekend on a home visit - he lives ina  residential college for autistic spectrum young people.

He got out of the shower this morning and I noticed a hard boiled egg shaped lump in his lower abdomen/pelvic area... by the time he was dry it was a tangerine size!

David feels no pain so he wouldn't have been aware of it -  so we took a trip to the A&E department and were told he has a large reducable hernia, their concern is because he does not feel pain he wont notice if it becomes strangulated so it needs to be removed, however it si not emergency medecine so has to go via his GP -  for an urgent referal to a general surgon.

So we cancelled our zoo trip today and I will be taking him back to college tonight instead of tomorrow and eh wills ee his GP tomorrow. I feel so stressed, each day something else knocks me off my path just when I am trying to stand tall and walk straight.

This morning I couldn't stop the tears, I was not sobbing or crying jsut the tears were free falling.

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by determined2beatit, Jun 08, 2008
I'm sorry to hear about your son. I know he will be o.k. with the hernia but the stress of it all is hard on you. Just let the tears flow and release!!! It seems that when things happen it's always in bunches. That's what I find in my life also. It takes incredible strength to handle all these things at once. I know if we could deal with each thing one by one and seperately we would be just fine. You are trying so very hard and I give you a lot of credit. Please know you're not alone. I'll be praying for you and the strength to get through.


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