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Deja Vu

Oct 15, 2009 - 2 comments

It was last year at this very same time that we lost msjazz, our lovely Donna.  That was the first time I realized what an impact the ladies on the forum have made on me.   I just hate to let Chris go now, but of course it is the merciful thing to want for her.  She has given this a lot of thought, some of her postings on the subject of our mortality were quite profound.
I know the ladies will find a beautiful way to memorialize our Chris in Chicago.  I only wish I could physically be there but I am totally there in spirit.
As we had our Thanksgiving this week, I gave special thanks for having found this site and all the caring individuals on it.  Chris was really right on top of the list.

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by TrudieC, Oct 16, 2009
So very well worded.  Yes, it is hard at this time as it has not been long since we've lost such wonderful ladies.  I am very excited about Chicago but do know it will be extremely emotional and vow to honor these ladies, in fact all of you who are currently struggling and who have gone before, as well as possible.  I hope that those who can't make it will feel the strength and love emanating from Chicago.  Peace.

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by lvfrogs, Oct 16, 2009
Both of you, well said. I too was thinking the same thing, Sharon. It was around this time. I hate losing Chris and I have to admit part of me gets mad at God along with the incredible sadness. I am finding it very hard. On the one hand, I am so grateful to be going to Chicago and to meet everyone but so sad that Chris will not be there when she wanted to be so badly. Like you Trudie, I will do my best to honor all of you ladies with Ovarian Cancer, both those still fighting so bravely like you Sharon and those that have passed. There will be so much love in Chicago. I only wish that love could rid the world of this horrible disease.
I wish you were there too Sharon.
Many hugs,

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