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Too Much ProgonB ??? Need To Decrease Next Cycle.

Oct 16, 2009 - 0 comments

Well, I've been thinking alot about my cycles since I peaked out on progesterone last cycle(Sept) and it only makes sense that if I finally peaked out that instead of staying at the higher dose I should decrease.  Well I tried that this cycle(Oct) and I ended up with a real early AF again, but after some research and with my Doctors help I realized that my early AF this month(Oct) was only trying to balance out what I over did the previous cycle(Sept) and the same goes for other months that were less than 28 days, less than 7 AF days, less flow and not consistent.  Now that I'm doing my BBT I can see how high my temps are and it shows that I still have lots of progesterone in my system because my BBT isn't dropping quickly.  I should see a significant drop in the next day or two because I've only been without progonb for two days now.  Also, what I thought were estrogen dominant symptoms coming back again last cycle(Sept) and this cycle(Oct) were actually too much progesterone.  Progesterone dominant symptoms are quite similiar to estrogen dominant symptoms and by recording your symptoms when they happen, along with BBT, I now know how to distinguish between the two.  By decreasing my ProgonB starting this next cycle and on Day 15(Oct 28) instead of 12, I should be able to get the right amount of progesterone to balance it out with the rest of my hormones.  Keep in mind that every months hormone needs are different, but adjustments can be made.  I'm learning so much and getting so close to getting it right.  By golly I think I've got it!!!....I  went over all my doses over the last 3 months and decided that my decreased amount should be taken on Day 15 - 26, which is 12 days total @ an amount of 2 tablets per day, taken at bedtime.  I hope this works.

UPDATE FOR:  Sat. Oct 24th, 2009.  Went to see Dr. B about my progesterone and we decided to put me on vitex drops, 30 drops/3 times a day/everyday instead of proceeding with a lesser dose of progesterone at this time because we both agree I'm topped up on hormones, but need something to stimulate them to produce on their own and balance them out now, which is what vitex does.  Also, I can continue with isocort(cortisol hormone) when needed to also help keep everything topped up and balanced.  Only add progesterone back into the picture if needed, but for now we're just going to see what happens without progesterone this next cycle.  I feel really good about this and look forward to my continued hormonal healing.

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